"Brothers and Sisters . . . (liner notes by Rob Tyner ~ "Kick Out The Jams" reissue)
If your eyes are scanning these words right now, you must have a spark of interest for a time long vanished. The cultural circumstances surrounding the creation of this music will never again occur . . . Let yourself step back to a time when muscle cars ruled the Detroit streets and Motown battled psychedelia for the airwaves. It was a time when everything was everything. A time of girls without bras and sex without rules . . .
. . . Some saw us as valiant rebels, cheerfully thumbing our noses at parental authority. Others saw us as a symptom of a sick society. We were hassled by the pigs and pushed around by both the media and the revolution. But the bullets bounced right off, and through sheer determination, we survived more death blows than any other Band in history."


MC5 timeline
Fred Smith (Sept.13,1949 - Nov.4,1994) / bass - Leo LeDuc / drums
Wayne Kramer (Apr.30,1948) / guitar - Dennis Thompson (Sept.7,1948) / drums - Billy Vargo / guit (3 guitars & drums - no bass)

W.Kramer / guit - F.Smith / bass - B.Vargo /guit - L.Leduc / drums

MC5 Timeline

W.Kramer / guit - F.Smith / guit - R.Tyner (Dec.12,1944-Sept.18,1991) / bass - Bob Gaspar / drums

W.Kramer / guit - F.Smith / guit - P.Burrrows / Bass - B.Gaspar / drums    - INTERVIEW -

First public appearance at the Lincoln Park Bandshell

MC5 timeline

W.Kramer / guit - F.Smith / guit - P.Burrrows / bass - B.Gaspar / drums - R.Tyner / vocals

MC-5, WKNR "Keener Karavan" *Plymouth High School*, Plymouth , MI
Playing in several "record hops" READ HERE
MC-5 played in Kingsville, Ont.

25 Wednesday / MC-5 *Ambassador Roller Rink*, Detroit

10 Friday / The MC-5 open for the Dave Clark Five in *Cobo Arena*, Detroit

W.Kramer / guit - F.Smith / guit - Michael Davis (June 5, 1943) / bass - B.Gaspar / drums - R.Tyner / vocals

MC-5 + The Elgins (Motown band) *Wayne State University*, Detroit

W.Kramer / guit - F.Smith / guit - M.Davis / bass - D.Thompson / drums - R.Tyner / vocals

MC-5 *Crystal Bar*, Detroit on Michigan and Central Avenue. They play there for several nights.
MC-5 (*Teen Fair*?) Bob-Lo Island an amusement park on the Detroit River.

MC5 Timeline

MC-5, Jack and the Strangers, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gay "WKNR "Keener Karavan" *Christ Church Hall*, Taylor, MI
12 Saturday / MC Five, Rationals, Prime Movers Blues Band, Bossmen, Terry Knight and the Pack, McCoys, Deon Jackson *Mother's*, Ann Arbor, MI Picture

7Sunday / MC-5, musicians and poets performances "The Festival Of People", *Detroit Artists Workshop*, Detroit Picture
MC-5 *Michigan State Fair*, Detroit, MI
7 Friday / MC-5, Chosen Few (Opening Night!) *Grande Ballroom* Picture
8 Saturday / MC-5, Chosen Few *Grande Ballroom*
14 Friday / MC-5, Woolies *Grande Ballroom* Picture
15 Saturday / MC-5, Woolies, Southbound Freeway *Grande Ballroom*
21 & 22 Fri. & Sat / MC-5, Prime Movers, ( Chosen Few, Wha?, Southbound Freeway, Gang ) ? *Grande Ballroom* Picture
28 Friday / MC-5, Southbound Freeway, Light Show by High Society *Grande Ballroom* Picture
5 Saturday / MC-5, Southbound Freeway *Grande Ballroom* Picture
12 Saturday / MC-5 *Grande Ballroom* Picture
19 Saturday / MC-5 ... plus mystery bands *Grande Ballroom* Picture
20 Sunday / MC-5, Velvet Underground "Carnaby Street Fun Festival", *Michigan State Fairgrounds*, Detroit, MI
25 Friday / Jagged Edge, MC5 *Grande Ballroom* Picture
26 Saturday / MC-5, Black & Blues Band *Grande Ballroom*
10 Saturday / MC-5, Kynde *Grande Ballroom* (Handbill design by Rob Tyner) Picture
17 Saturday / MC-5, Wha? *Grande Ballroom* (Handbill design by Rob Tyner) Picture
22 Thursday / MC-5, Green Grass Blues *Grande Ballroom* Picture
23 Friday / MC-5, Suburban Roots (The Family Medicine Chest?) *Grande Ballroom* Picture
26 Monday / MC-5, Cosmic Expanding "The Fifth Estate First Anniversary Freak Out" *Grande Ballroom* Picture
29 Thursday / MC-5, Black & Blues Band *Grande Ballroom* Picture
31 Saturday / MC-5, Cosmic Expanding, Poor Souls *Grande Ballroom* Picture

MC5 Timeline

7 Saturday / MC-5, Seventh Seal *Grande Ballroom*
14 Saturday / MC-5, Cosmic Expanding *Grande Ballroom* Picture
20 Friday / MC-5, Trees *Grande Ballroom* Picture
28 Saturday / MC-5, Vernor Highway Band *Grande Ballroom*
29 Sunday / Spike Drivers, MC-5, Livonia Tool & Die Company, Detroit Edison White Light Band, Lyman Woodard Ensemble, Joseph Jarman & The English Spangler Jazz Unit. POETS: Bill Hutton, Allan Van Newkirk, Jim Semark, Jerry Younkins, John Sinclair, Art Rosch, Don Moye & more ~ "Guerrilla Lovefare" *Benefit for Guerrilla* *Grande Ballroom* Picture (Cancelled due to January 24 Sinclair and friends drug bust) - ARTICLE -
4 Saturday / MC-5, Raven, Harvard Street Blues *Grande Ballroom* Picture
26 Sunday / MC-5, Joseph Jarman, Roscoe Mitchell Quartet, Billy C. & The Sunshine. Poets: Allen Ginsberg, Diane DiPrima, John Sinclair, Jim Semark, Don Moye, Bradley Joens, Bill Hutton, Helma Perry, Keandro Katz, Allen Van Newkirk, Jim Semark, Tom Fitzsimmons, Art Rosen & more... "Guerrilla Lovefare" *Administration Services Building*, Wayne State University, Detroit Picture
I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING / ONE OF THE GUYS (see Discography for details)
4 Saturday / MC-5, Apostles, Belshires *Grande Ballroom* Picture
17 Friday / MC-5, Sixth Street *Grande Ballroom* Picture
25 Saturday / MC-5, City Limits, Born Blues *Grande Ballroom* Picture
31 Friday /
MC-5, SRC *Teen Fair for WKNR*, Cobo Hall; Detroit
2 Sunday / MC-5, Billy C. & The Sunshine, Seventh Seal, C-Water Blues (Benefit for Senator Roger Craig) *Grande Ballroom* Picture
23 Sunday / MC-5, Billy C. & The Sunshine, Back & Back Boo Funny Music Band. POETS: John Sinclair, Jerry Younkins (Benefit for the Warren Forest Sun) *Grande Ballroom* Picture
28 Friday / "The dangerous
MC-5", Charles Moore Ensemble, Joseph Jarman Quartet, "Jazz Psychedelic" Monster Dance-concert at Cranbrook school, Lights by the Magic Veil, *Cranbrook Auditorium¨, 515 Lone Pine Road, west of Woodward, near Bloomfield Hills. Tickets $3.25
30 Sunday / MC-5, Southbound Freeway, Up, Seventh Seal or (?) MC-5, Billy C & the Sunshine, Seventh Seal "The Detroit Love~In", Belle Isle, Detroit. Organized by Trans-Love Energies Picture
21 Sunday / MC-5, Billy C. and the Sunshine 'Human Be-in' organizes by Trans-Love Energies *Byram Lake Park* Linden, MI

8 Thursday /
MC-5, a reading by John Sinclair, the Magic Veil Light Company, with Marshall Rubinoff on lead guitar and vocals and ? on organ and piano, along with Sid and Mary Carole Brown and Larry Cruse) *Community Arts Auditorium*, Wayne State University
17 Saturday / MC-5, Those Guys *Grande Ballroom* Picture
18 Sunday / Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra, MC-5, Lights by The Magic Veil *WSU / Community Arts Auditorium*, Detroit Picture
23 Friday / MC-5, Phogg *Grande Ballroom* Picture
24 Saturday / MC-5, Charles Moore Ensemble, The Spike Drivers *The See Theater*, Detroit Picture
30 Friday / MC-5, Charles Moore Ensemble *The See Theater*, Detroit Picture
30 Friday / Jefferson Airplane, Rationals, Apostles, MC-5, Ourselves *Ford Auditorium*, Detroit Picture
1 Saturday / MC-5, English Ryders *Grande Ballroom* Picture
7 Friday /
MC-5, Unrelated Segments *The Cavern*, Northville
? 21 Friday / Tim Buckley, Ourselves, MC-5 *Grande Ballroom*
23 Sunday / MC-5, Billy C. & The Sunshine, Spike Drivers *Warren and John C. Lodge (outdoor performance)*, Detroit Picture
26 Saturday / Scot Richard Case, MC-5, Certified Chalk Cyrkle *Grande Ballroom*
27 Sunday / MC-5, Spike Drivers, Billy C. & The Sunshine (Benefit for Trans Love Energies) *Grande Ballroom* Picture
1 Friday / Chambers Brothers, MC5 *Grande Ballroom* Picture
15 Friday / MC-5, Gang, Ourselves *Grande Ballroom* Picture
23 Saturday / MC-5, Buoys, F.D.A. *Grande Ballroom* Picture
24 Sunday / MC-5, Up, The Charles Moore Ensemble. POETS: John Sinclair, Jim Semark *Grande Ballroom* Picture
30 Saturday / MC-5, Spike Drivers *Grande Ballroom* Picture
1 Sunday / F.D.A., MC-5, Gang, Heard, Period, Rationals, Thyme, Ourselves, Our Mother's Children, Poor Souls ("DEVA Presents") *Grande Ballroom* Picture
7 Saturday / MC-5, Gang, Odds & Ends *Grande Ballroom* Picture
11 Wednesday / MC-5 *Canterbury House*, Ann Arbor, MI Picture
13 Friday / Cream, MC-5, The Thyme *Grande Ballroom* Picture
14 Saturday / Cream, MC-5, The Thyme *Grande Ballroom*
15 Sunday / Cream, MC-5, The Thyme *Grande Ballroom*
21 Saturday / MC-5, Billy C. & The Sunshine, Gang *Grande Ballroom* Picture
27 Friday / Rationals, MC-5 *Grande Ballroom* Picture
29 Sunday / MC-5, Gold. POETS: John Sinclair, Jim Semark (Trans Love Benefit) *Grande Ballroom* Picture
5 Sunday / Paupers, Rationals, MC-5, (The Apostles?), Thyme *Grande Ballroom* Picture
10 Friday / James Cotton Blues Band, MC-5, Thyme *Grande Ballroom* Picture
11 Saturday / MC-5, FDA and other bands... *Bloomfield Teen Center*, Birmingham, MI
23 Thursday / MC-5, Scot Richard Case "Free - Thanksgiving - Open - Recording session" Lights by Tras (sic) Love, *Grande Ballroom* Picture
24,25 - Fri.,Sat. / Fugs, MC5, Gang, Ashmollyan Quintet *Grande Ballroom* Picture
26 Sunday / Fugs, MC-5, Billy C. & The Sunshine (Benefit for John Sinclair Defense Fund) *Grande Ballroom* (88 paid admissions only) Picture
8 Friday / Thyme, MC5 *Fifth Dimension*, Ann Arbor, MI Picture
9 Saturday / Moby Grape, MC5 *Grande Ballroom* Picture
17 Sunday / Vanilla Fudge, MC5 *Grande Ballroom* Picture
22 Friday / Cream, Billy C. & The Sunshine, MC-5, Soap *Grande Ballroom* Picture
23 Saturday / Cream, Billy C. & The Sunshine, MC-5, Soap *Grande Ballroom* Advertisement
25 Monday / MC-5, Rationals, Up, Odds & Ends *Grande Ballroom*
26 Tuesday / MC5 *Club Limberlost*, Lakeville MI Picture
27 Wednesday / MC-5, Up *Grande Ballroom* Picture
29,30 Fri.,Sat. / MC-5, Up, Amboy Dukes *Crow's Nest East*, St Clair Shores
31 Sunday / MC-5, Billy C. & The Sunshine, Prime Movers, Apostles *Grande Ballroom* Picture

MC5 timeline

MC-5 Stooges, Third Power, James Gang, Bob Seger, Teegarden and VanWinkle (+ The UP ?) "The '68 Rock & Roll Revival at the Fairgrounds"
2 Friday / Beacon Street Union, MC-5, Charging Rhinoceros of Soul *Grande Ballroom* Picture
3 Saturday / Beacon Street Union, MC-5, Charging Rhinoceros of Soul *Grande Ballroom*
8 Thursday / MC-5, Up, Pink Peech Mob, Poets: J. Sinclair, J. Younkins "Mass Meat Love Feast" *Community Arts Auditorium (WSU)*, Detroit Picture
23 Friday / Jimi Hendrix Experience, Soft Machine, MC-5, Thyme (The Rationals are on the poster - they did not play & The Up were dropped from the bill) *The Masonic Temple*, Detroit Picture
LOOKING AT YOU / BORDERLINE (see Discography for details)
1st Friday / Big Brother & The Holding Company, MC-5, Pink Peech Mob *Grande Ballroom* Picture
7 Thursday / MC-5, Odds And Ends, Up, Pink Peech Mob (Proceeds to benefit the Pink Peech Mob to replace their stolen equipment & instruments) *Upper DeRoy Auditorium*, Wayne State University, Detroit Picture
17 Sunday / MC-5, Thyme *Grande Ballroom* Picture
24 Sunday / MC-5, Up, Pink Peech Mob, Odds & Ends, Gold ("Tribal Stomp") *Grande Ballroom* Picture
29 Friday / Fugs, Sly & The Family Stone, MC-5 *Grande Ballroom* Picture
31 Sunday / Fugs, Sly & The Family Stone, MC-5 ~7.00-11.00 No age limit~ *Grande Ballroom*
6 Saturday / Troggs, MC-5, Apostles *Grande Ballroom* Picture
"Detroit's police established a "protective curfew" because of Martin Luther King's assassination."
7 Sunday / Who, Troggs, MC-5, Raja *CNE Coliseum*, Toronto, Canada Picture
11 Thursday / MC-5, Psychedelic Stooges, Up *Union Ballroom*, Ann Arbor, MI Picture
17 Wednesday / MC-5, Jagged Edge, Psychedelic Stooges *Grande Ballroom* Picture
20 Saturday / MC-5, Psychedelic Midway, Wilson Mower Pursuit *Farmers Market*, Ann Arbor, MI Picture
21 Sunday / MC-5 "Love-in at Island Park" Mt Pleasant, MI
25 Thursday / MC-5, Up, Psychedelic Stooges, Pigfuckers (ex-Seventh Seal) "Freek show" *Upper DeRoy Auditorium (WSU)*, Detroit Picture (x2)
28 Sunday / MC-5 *The Shadow (Formerly TV's Hullabaloo)*, Clarkston MI Picture
28 Sunday / Mothers of Invention, Psychedelic Stooges, Charging Rhinoceros of Soul (Early Show) Mothers of Invention, MC-5, Carousel (Late Show) *Grande Ballroom* Picture
4 Saturday / MC-5, Up *Village Pub*, Birmingham, MI Picture
4 Saturday / Yardbirds, MC-5, Odds & Ends *Grande Ballroom* Picture
10 Friday / James Cotton Blues Band, MC-5, Buffey Reed Phenomena *Grande Ballroom* Programme
11 Saturday / James Cotton Blues Band, MC-5, Up *Grande Ballroom* Picture
18 Saturday / MC-5, Früt Of The Loom *Loft*, Leonard, MI Picture
21 Tuesday / MC-5, Chances R' *Hullabaloo*, Benton Harbor, MI
24,25-Frid.,Sat. / MC-5, ESP, ( Lights by Photon Energy ) *Detroit Castle*, Detroit, MI Picture
26 Sunday / Paul Butterfield Blues Band, MC-5, Psychedelic Stooges *Grande Ballroom* Picture
31 Friday / MC-5, Third Power *Hideout* Grosse Pointe (East) 400 people attending Picture
1 Saturday / MC-5 *Loft*, Leonard, MI
7 Friday / Cream, MC-5, Carousel *Grande Ballroom* 2000 people attending. Picture
12 Wednesday / MC-5 *Hullabaloo*, Lansing Rock & Roll dope #2
Concerts planned for the remainder of the month : Sarnia (Ontario) Arena, Birmimgham - Bloomfield, Michigan State Fairgrounds, Benton Harbor Scene, Grosse Pointe Hideout, Jackson Hullabaloo, Greenlawn Grove in Romulus.
13 Thursday / MC-5 Sarnia, Ontario
15 Saturday / MC-5, The Zue *Village Pub*, Birmingham, MI Picture
16 Sunday / MC-5 *Michigan State Fairgrounds*, Detroit, MI
? 21 Friday / MC-5, Chances R' *Hullaboo* at Benton Harbor, MI
? 21 Friday / MC-5 at Russ Gibb's new dancehall *Amusement Park*, Walled Lake, MI
? 22 Saturday / MC-5 Benton Harbor, MI
23 Sunday / Blue Cheer, MC-5, Psychedelic Stooges, Light Show / TransLoveLight *Grande Ballroom* 1500 people attending. Poster | Rock & Roll Dope #3
25 Thuesday / *Hulabaloo* Jackson. Cancelled.
26 Wednesday / MC-5 Tecumseh, MI
27 Thursday / MC-5 *Sturgis Armory*, Sturgis, MI Picture
28 Friday / MC-5 *Hullabaloo* Jackson, MI
29 Saturday / MC-5 *Romulus Greenlawn Grove* Romulus, MI
JULY . . . July is well documented in Rock & Roll Dope #4
4 Thursday / MC-5, Up, Tikis, Girls Inc., Finer Things, Fruit Of The Loom, Thyme, Rationals, Flock, Amboy Dukes (They had their gig cancelled out by the weather) "Saugatuck Pop Festival", Saugatuck 3000 people attending
5 Friday / MC-5 "Psychedelic Night" *Pumpkin*, Wayne, MI
6 Saturday / MC-5 *Lakeland Castle*, Caseville, MI 1500 people attending
7 Sunday / MC-5, Früt Of The Loom *Mother's*, Romeo, MI Picture
8 Monday / MC-5 *Hideout* Grosse Pointe. 400 people attending.
9 Tuesday / off
? 10 Wednesday / MC-5 *Hideout* Grosse Pointe (originally scheduled for June 26)
10 Wednesday / MC-5, Sugarcube (from Dearborn) *Hulabaloo*, Ann Arbor
14 Sunday (Bastille Day) / MC-5 *West Park*, Ann Arbor
21 Sunday / MC-5, Up *West Park*, Ann Arbor (Concert is filmed)
23 Tuesday / MC-5 *Loft*, Leonard, MI Picture | Rock & Roll Dope #5
26 Friday / MC-5 *Michigan Union Ballroom (U of M)*, Ann Arbor, MI Picture
27 Saturday / MC-5, Gray Fog *Village Pub*, Birmingham, MI Picture
28 Sunday / MC-5 "benefit of ALSAC" *University of Oakland* Cancelled
Unknown date :
MC-5 "Free Concerts series" co-ordinated by WABX *Rouge Park*, Detroit, MI (Concert is filmed)
4 Sunday / MC-5, Black & Black Boo Funny Music Band, Billy C & his Killer Blues Band *Gallup Park*, Ann Arbor see article from the Ann Arbor News
8 Thursday / MC-5, Toad *Mother's*, Romeo, MI Picture
11 Sunday / MC-5 , Wilson Mower Pursuit *Gallup Park*, Ann Arbor 100 people attending
18 Sunday / MC-5 , Up, Third Power, Dharma, G-Nova-K, Wilson Mower Pursuit *Gallup Park*, Ann Arbor
20 Tuesday / MC-5 , Frut Of The Loom *K. of C. Hall* Joy Blvd, Detroit Picture
25 Sunday / MC-5 "Festival Of Life", *Lincoln Park*, Chicago, Illinois CONCERT REPORT - Picture
27 Tuesday / MC-5 "Brother Don brings you", *Loft*, Leonard MI Picture
29 Thursday / John Sinclair, MC-5 *I.O.O.F. Hall*, Mason, Dearborn Picture
? Concert MC-5 *Delta Community College*, Bay City
1 Sunday / Procol Harum, Rationals, SRC, Thyme, MC-5, Jagged Edge, Psychedelic Stooges, Frost, Children --- Pink Floyd, Howlin' Wolf & Chrysalis did not play --- "Oakland Pop Festival", *Baldwin Pavillion*, Oakland University, Rochester, MI Picture
5 Thursday / MC-5 Allende, Mi
6,8 - Fri.,Sun. / "Dialogue'68", *First Unitarian Church*, Detroit Picture
6 Friday / Psychedelic Stooges, Up, Billy C. & The Sunshine ~
7 Saturday / MC-5, Psychedelic Stooges, Popcorn Blizzard ~
8 Sunday / MC-5, Weird Dude Employment Agency (Ron English), Wilson Mower Pursuit
21 Saturday / Amboy Dukes, MC-5, Up *Grande Ballroom* Picture
23 Monday / MC-5, Psychedelic Stooges, Up (Support of Children’s Community School) *The Union Ballroom*, U-M, Ann Arbor Picture
27 Friday / MC-5 *Crow's Nest*, Saint Claire Shores, MI
30 Monday / MC-5 *Great Hall* (?) Picture
1 Tuesday / MC-5 *Green Lantern* (?) Picture
4 Friday / MC-5 *Peek-a-boo Club*, Westland, MI
5 Saturday / MC-5 *The Cellar*, Chicago, IL
6 Sunday / MC-5 "Outdoor Festival - Festival of Life" *Little Cheyenne Ranch*, Grand Rapids, MI
8 Tuesday / MC-5, Stooges 'CeLIBRAtion - the signing of the MC5 and the Stooges - Elektra records' *5th Dimension*, Ann Arbor, MI Picture
9 Wednesday / MC-5 *Benton Harbor Hullabaloo*, Benton Harbor, MI
10 Thursday / MC-5 *Grande Ballroom*, Detroit MI
11 Friday / MC-5 *Amherstberg*, Ontario, Canada
? 11 Friday /
MC-5 , Alice Cooper, Philadelphia, PA
12 Saturday / MC-5 *Saginaw Auditorium*, Saginaw MI
? 18 Friday / MC-5 (Black Panther Benefit) *Wayne State*, Detroit
18 Friday / Kensington Market, Pacific Gas & Electric, MC-5 *Grande Ballroom* Picture
19 Saturday / MC-5, March Brothers, Third Power *Silverbell*(Hideout), Clarkston, MI Picture
25 Friday / MC-5, Sebewaing, MI
? 26 Saturday / MC-5, Findlay, Ohio
26 Saturday / MC-5, Grapes of Wrath *Pop Festival at Crazy Horse*, Kalamazoo, MI Picture
27 Sunday / MC-5, Rationals (Benefit for Senator Roger Craig) *Grande Ballroom*
30 Wednesday / MC-5, Psychedelic Stooges *Grande Ballroom* - ELEKTRA RECORDING Picture
31 Thursday / MC-5, Psychedelic Stooges *Grande Ballroom* - ELEKTRA RECORDING TESTIMONIAL
1 Friday / MC-5 *St Lawrence Catholic Church*, Utica, MI
3 Sunday / MC-5, Psychedelic Stooges, Dharma *The Silverbell*(Hideout), Clarkston, MI Picture
9 Saturday / MC-5, Psychedelic Stooges, Dharma, Jim Schwall *The Silverbell*(Hideout), Clarkston, MI Picture
15 Friday / MC-5 , Support acts ... *Grass* Muskegon, MI Picture
23 Saturday / Jeff Beck, MC-5 *Grande* Cleveland Picture
24 Sunday / MC-5 , WKNR's Ron Sherwood *Weslow Hall* , Riverview, MI Picture
27 Wednesday / MC-5, Frost, Stooges *Grande Ballroom* Picture
28 Thursday / MC-5, Frost, Stooges *Grande Ballroom*
29 Friday / MC-5, Time *Purple Haze*, Plymouth, MI Picture
30 Saturday /
MC-5, Frijid Pink, Black Sun, *Silverbell*, Clarkston, MI
12 Thursday / Velvet Underground, MC-5 *The Boston Tea Party*, Boston, MA Picture
13 Friday / Velvet Underground, MC-5 *The Boston Tea Party*, Boston, MA
14 Saturday / Velvet Underground, MC-5 *The Boston Tea Party*, Boston, MA
? 17 Tuesday / Recording session of musical performance to "Paradise Now" (The Living Theatre) at the BAM (Brooklyn academy of Music), New York
18 Wednesday / MC-5, *Fillmore East* , New York Picture
? 19 to 22 /
Recording session of musical performance to "Paradise Now" (The Living Theatre) at the BAM (Brooklyn academy of Music), New York
23 Monday / Arthur Brown, MC-5, SRC, Rationals, Poor Richard's Almanac *Olympia Stadium*, Detroit 17,000 people attending. Picture
25 Wednesday / MC-5 *The Crow's Nest*(East), Madison Heights, MI
26 Thursday / MC-5, David Peel And The Lower East Side *Fillmore East* , New York Picture
27, 28 - Frid.,Sat. / MC-5, Orient Express *The Ballroom*, Stratford, CT Picture
?29 Sunday / Farewell Party for MC-5 *Grande Ballroom* Canceled?
31 Tuesday / MC-5, Soft White Underbelly, David Peel and The Lower East Side *Broadway Central Hotel*, Greenwich Village, New York Canceled after fallout from their Fillmore East gig. Picture

MC5 Timeline

Unknown dates :
Sun Ra / MC-5 *Ann Arbor Armory* (100 people attending)
MC-5, T.Rex, Country Joe and The Fish *Kinetic Playground*, Chicago, Illinois
MC-5, UP, the Frost, Plain Brown Wrapper *Highland Lakes Campus*, Oakland Community College, 7350 Cooley Lake Road, Waterford Township, MI
KICK OUT THE JAMS / MOTOR CITY IS BURNING (see Discography for details)
8 Wednesday / Registration date of the song "Kick Out The Jams" (Reg.#EU97557)
17 Friday / MC-5, Rats *Village Pub*, Birmingham, MI Picture (Concert is filmed)
18 Saturday / MC-5, Kandle *The Crow's Nest*(East), Madison Heights, MI
24 Friday / MC-5, Train, March Brothers *Grande Ballroom* Picture
25 Saturday / MC-5, March Brothers, Piers (Tiers?) *Grande Ballroom*
26 Sunday / MC-5, Stooges, Rationals, Up 'Delta Pop Festival' 2 p.m. to midnight *Delta college* MI (concert is filmed)
Release of album KICK OUT THE JAMS (see Discography for details)
Album review: here
Unknown date : MC-5 *(Birmingham) Palladium*, Birmingham, MI
4 Tuesday / MC-5, Up, Stooges, The Oracle Ramus, Joshua Newton "Benefit for Brothers and Sisters of the Detroit Conspiracy" *Grande Ballroom*, Detroit, MI Picture
7 Friday / MC-5 *The Crow's Nest*(West), Dearborn, MI Picture
14 Friday / MC-5, Mermaid Tavern *The Crow's Nest*(East), Madison Heights, MI
15 Saturday / MC-5, Pleasure Seekers *Finch Fieldhouse* Central Michigan University, Mt Pleasant, MI
21 Friday / MC-5, Molka *Hideout #3*, Clawson, MI
22 Saturday / MC-5, H.P. & The Grass Route Movement *The Crow's Nest*(West), Dearborn, MI
25 Tuesday / MC-5, Red White Blues Band (Ann Arbor Argus Benefit) *Union Ballroom*, UMich, Ann Arbor Picture
28 Friday / MC-5 "New Worlds" Drug Symposium (LeMar) *State University of New York*, Buffalo, NY Press & Concert Report (Dope conference in Buffalo, New York, organized by Mike Aldrich of LEMAR international. Guests will be Tim Leary, Ken Kesey, Jerry Rubin, MC5, YOU, ME, everybody who goes will be guests, so let's go and get high and listen to some music, and FUCK! - Ann Arbor Sun, FLASH)
28 Friday / Registration date of the song "Come Together" (Reg.#EU100237)
I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING / I JUST DON’T KNOW (see Discography for details)
MC-5 *The Almond Cookie*, Toledo, Ohio
?1 Saturday / MC-5 *Union Ballroom*, UMich., Ann Arbor, MI
2 Sunday / MC-5, Three Dog Night, James Gang *Grande Ballroom* Picture
- West Coast Tour - ARTICLE
7/8 Frid / Sat / Jethro Tull, MC-5 *Eagles Auditorium*, Seattle Pictures
9 Sunday / MC-5 (Benefit for Helix newspaper) Seattle
13 Thursday / MC-5, Nimbus (Free Show in cooperation with the Motherfuckers) *Straight Theatre*, S.F.
14,15 - Fri.,Sat. / MC-5, Congress Of Wonders, Clover *Straight Theatre*, S.F. Picture & Advert - TESTIMONIAL
16 Sunday (noon - 5pm) / MC-5, Boogie, Crazy Horse(?), Alice Cooper(?), Birth, Last Mile, Sons Of Champlin *Speedway Meadows - Golden Gate Park*, S.F. Beetween fifteen and twenty thousand people attending. 12000 at the peak. Free concert
16 Sunday (night) / MC-5, Congress Of Wonders, Clover *Straight Theatre*, S.F.
19 Wednesday / MC-5 (Benefit for Liberation News Service) *Finnish-American Cultural Center*, Berkeley Picture
21,22 - Fri.,Sat. / MC-5, Mad River, Sky Blue, Flesh, Joy Of Cooking (Benefit for Black Panther and White Panther candidates in Berkeley's City Elections) *Finnish-American Center*, 1819 10th street (corner of Hearst), Berkeley. (Benefit dance-rally for Charles Bursey, candidate for Berkeley City Council). CANCELED ?
23 Sunday /
MC-5 *Provo Park*, Berkeley
28 Friday to Sunday 6, April / MC-5, Kaleidoscope, Mason Williams, The Fool, Black Pearl, Dr John, Buddy Miles Express, Sir Douglas Quintet, Dillard And Clark . . . "Pop Expo '69" *Hollywood Palladium*, CA Picture
28 Friday / MC-5, Janis Joplin, Lee Michaels *Swing Club*, San Bernardino CA Picture
31 Monday / MC-5, Chuck Berry, Creedence Clearwater Revival. . .*Fort Lauderdale*, Florida Picture [ Canceled - see timeline ]
4 Friday / MC-5, Pacific Gas & Electric, Wicked Religion *Grande Ballroom* Picture
5 Saturday / MC-5, Pacific Gas & Electric, The Maxx *Grande Ballroom* Advertisement from "Tales From The Ozone" #1
6 Sunday / MC-5 *Pontiac High School*, Pontiac, Mi
7 Monday / MC-5, SRC, Bob Seger System, Amboy Dukes, Rationals, Sweetwater, Dick Wagner & Frost, Frijid Pink, Mandala, Up, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Plain Brown Wrapper, Train, Früt of the Loom, Third Power, Savage Grace, Red White & Blues Band, Caste, Unrelated Segments, H.P. & The Grass Roots, & more... ~ (two stages)"Detroit Pop Festival",*Olympia Stadium*, Detroit (16000 people attending) Picture & ad
8 Tuesday / MC-5, SRC, Bob Seger System, Amboy Dukes, Rationals, Sweetwater, Frost, Frijid Pink, Mandala, Up, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Plain Brown Wrapper, Train, Früt of the Loom, Third Power, Red White & Blues Band, Caste, Unrelated Segments,H. P. & the Grass Route Movement, & more... ~ "Grand Rapids Pop Festival" , *Civic Auditorium*, Grand Rapids.  Promoters banned the MC5.
9 Wednesday / MC-5, SRC, Bob Seger System, Amboy Dukes, Rationals, Frijid Pink, Frost, Sweetwater, Plain Brown Wrapper, Frut of the Loom, HP and the Grass Roots Movement, Caste, Up, Unrelated Segments, Mandala, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Savage Grace, Red White and Blues Band, Third Power, Train "Saginaw Pop Festival", *Saginaw Auditorium*, Saginaw Picture
17 Thursday / MC-5, SRC, Commander Cody, Soul Remains "Save the Argus Benefit", *Avehicle* (Old Hullaballoo Club, 639 South Main Street near Mosley Street, Ann Arbor, MI Picture
19 Saturday / MC-5, Pleasure Seekers, Bluestrain, Big Al's Band - Light show by Whitelightning*Point Edward Arena*, Ontario Picture
20 Sunday / MC-5, Universal Family *Grandmother's*, East Lansing, MI Picture
23 Wednesday / MC-5, Rationals, Red White Blues Band (Benefit for Open City) *Grande Ballroom* Picture - Advert
26 Saturday / MC-5, Pleasure Seekers *Bowen Field House (Eastern Michigan University)*, Ypsilanti, MI Picture
29 Tuesday / MC-5, Orphic Two shows: under 18 at 6:30 and 18 yrs & over at 9:30 *The Firehouse*, Toledo, Ohio Picture
Alice Cooper, MC-5 Philadelphia (100 people attending)
1 Thursday / MC-5 *Pop Festival*, Comstock Riverside Park, Grand Rapids, MI
2 Friday / MC-5 *Edgewater Amusement Park*, Detroit, MI
3 Saturday / MC-5 *Great Neck North Junior High Gymnasium*, Great Neck, NY Picture - CONCERT REPORT
6 Tuesday / MC-5, Churls *Ungano's*, New York CONCERT REPORT
7 Wednesday / MC-5, Churls *Ungano's*, New York
8 Thursday / MC-5, Churls *Ungano's*, New York
9 Friday / MC-5 , "The Temple Free Press presents..." *Mitten Hall - Temple University*, Philadelphia, PA TESTIMONIAL
13 Tuesday / MC-5, Children of God, Pagent Players, Newsreel, Pablo Light Show "Benefit for the Liberation News Service", *Hotel Diplomat*, NYC Picture
16 Friday / MC-5, Flow, Denise Martin, Ultra-Light Show *The Crow's Nest*(East), Madison Heights, MI
17 Saturday / Sun Ra, MC-5, Golden Earing *Grande Ballroom* Picture
18 Sunday / Sun Ra, MC-5, Golden Earing, (Led Zeppelin ?) *Grande Ballroom* Advert
21Wednesday /
MC-5, Kraack, Bridge, Fred, Rail, Just another Band "First Annual Bowling Green Pop Festival", *Grand Ballroom*, Movies and a lightshow will also be shown.
23 Friday / MC-5 *Hideout #3*, Clawson, MI Picture
24 Saturday / MC-5, Owen Love *The Crow's Nest*(East), Madison Heights, MI
25 Sunday /
MC-5, Sun Ra *Ann Arbor Armory*, Ann Arbor
29 Thursday / MC-5, Orpheus *Silverbell Hideout*, Pontiac, MI Picture
30~31 Friday~Saturday / MC5 (Friday), Chuck Berry, Sun Ra, Dr. John (The Night Tripper), Johnny Winter (Friday), Stooges, Amboy Dukes, SRC, Frost, Rationals, Teegarden & Van Winkle, Lyman Woodard, Up, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Grand Funk Railroad (Michigan debut), Third Power, New York Rock & Roll Ensemble, David Peel & The Lower East Side, Red White & Blues Band, Sky, Train, Savage Grace, James Gang, Caste, Gold Brothers, Dutch Elm, Plain Brown Wrapper, Brownsville Station (opened Friday's show) ~
"First Annual Rock & Roll Revival",*Michigan State Fairgrounds*, Detroit. Picture
MC-5, Tate Blues Band, Sunday Funnies *Free concert*, Ann Arbor, MI
MC-5, Jesse Crawford emceeing *The Dells*, Lake Lansing, Haslett, MI
1st Sunday / MC-5 , The Flea Circus *Mildred's Electric Malt Shop*, Russell's Point, Ohio
4 Wed. / MC-5 *Weslow Hall*, Riverview, MI
5 Thursday / MC-5 *Lake*(?), Lansing, MI
6 Friday / MC-5, Illinois Speed Press, Stooges *Eastown Theatre*, Detroit Picture
8 Sunday /
MC-5, SRC and several other local bands presented by WABX-FM *Ford Estate*, University of Michigan, Dearborn Branch, Dearborn
7 Saturday / MC-5, Illinois Speed Press, Up *Eastown Theatre*, Detroit
8 Sunday /
MC-5, The Dust, *Cyrus Erie West*; (North) Ridgeville, OH
10 Tuesday / MC-5 'LSD Benefit' *Grande Ballroom*, Detroit
11 Wed. / MC-5 *Tompkins Square Park*, New York
13 Friday /
MC-5, Alice Cooper *Electric Factory*, Philadelphia, PA
14 Saturday / MC-5 *Peekskill Palace*, New York
16,17,18 - Mon.,Tues.,Wed / MC-5, Cloud *The Ark*, Boston Picture
19 Thur. /
MC-5, John Braden, Hamilton Face Band *Ungano's* NYC
20 Friday /
MC-5, John Braden, Hamilton Face Band *Ungano's* NYC
21 Saturday / MC-5, John Braden, Hamilton Face Band *Ungano's* NYC
22 Sunday / MC-5, John Braden, Hamilton Face Band *Ungano's* NYC
23 Monday / MC-5, Hamilton Face Band *The Scene* NYC
24 Tuesday / MC-5 *The Note*, Paw Paw, MI

27 Friday / MC-5 *The Cobra Club*, Hastings, MI
29 Sunday / MC-5, Tate Blues Band, Savage Grace, Karnal Kitchen *West Park*, Ann Arbor
1 Tuesday / MC-5 *Hullabaloo*, Fort Wayne, Indiana
2 Wedn. / MC-5, Stooges, Bob Seger System, Rationals, SRC, Amboy Dukes, Third Power, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Up ~ "Delta Pops Festival" *Delta Community College*, 1961 Delta Road, University Center, Frankenlust Township, Bay County, MI
3 Thursday / MC-5 *Bass Lake Pavillion*, Alma, Michigan
4 Friday / Savoy Brown, Pentangle, MC-5, Frost, Third Power, Brownsville Station, Sky, Bump, All the Lonely People, Sunday Funnies, Stooges ~ "Rock & Roll Revival #2", Mount Clemens Speedway, Detroit, MI
4~5 Friday~Saturday / ~ SRC, Procol Harum, MC-5, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Amboy Dukes, Rotary Connection, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Bob Seger System, Frost, Stooges, Big Mama Thorton, Savage Grace, Red White & Blues Band, Früt of the Loom, Brownsville Station, Caste "Second Annual Saugatuck Pop Festival", Pottawatamie Beach, Saugatuck, Mi (20,000 people attending) Picture
9 Wednesday / MC-5 *Rondeau Park Pavillion*, Rondeau Park, Ontario, Canada
12 Saturday / MC-5, Orphic *The State Theatre*, Toledo, Ohio Picture
13 Sunday / MC-5, Stooges, Up, films, poetry reading, people's trial "Legal Self Defense presents", *Eastown Theatre*, Detroit Picture
21-25 Monday-Friday / Pre-production of BACK IN THE USA (rehearsals) at GM Studios, East Detroit, ( Album/Total Energy NER2001/10)
23 Wednesday / MC-5, Stooges, Tate Blues Band (Benefit for the "John Sinclair Defense Fund") *Grande Ballroom* Picture
25 Friday /
MC-5 , The Taxmen *Mildred's Electric Malt Shop*, Russell's Point, Ohio
26 Saturday / Shag, SRC, MC-5, Taste, John Mayall & Bluesbreakers, Blind Faith, Delaney and Bonnie "Midwest Rock Festival" , *Wisconsin State Fairgrounds* ,West Allis, Winsconsin Picture
27 Sunday / Jeff Beck Group, Johnny Winter, Joe Cocker and the Grease Band, Jethro Tull, Bob Seger, Jim Schwall, MC-5, Zephyr, Litter, Shag, SRC "Midwest Rock Festival" , *Wisconsin State Fairgrounds* ,West Allis, Winsconsin
1~2/Friday~Saturday / John Mayall, SRC, Muddy Waters, Big Mama Thorton, MC-5, Frost, Spencer Davis Group, Bob Seger System, Savage Grace, Red White & Blues Band, Third Power, Dutch Elm, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Pig Iron "Petoskey Rock Concert & Jive Fest", *Emmet County Fairgrounds*, Petoskey MI Picture
3 Sunday / Country Joe & The Fish, MC-5, John Mayall, Muddy Waters, T~Bone Walker, Alice Cooper, Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys, McCoys, Stooges, Up, Rush, Früt of the Loom, Red White & Blues Band, Savage Grace, Ted Lucas, Pleasure Seekers, Mainline, Charlie Latimer, Frijid Pink, Owen Love, Attack "Mt. Clemens Pop Festival", *Sportsman's Park*, Mt. Clemens, MI Picture
15 Friday /
MC-5, Amboy Dukes, The Pleasure Seekers, Mitch Ryder, Motherlode, Stooges, Rationals, Fruit of the Loom, Frijid Pink, The Tea, Whiskey Howl, Big Al's Band, Scarborough Fair, Sound Spectrum, Jackie Graham Society, "Sarnia Music Festival", *Kenwick-on-the-Lake*, Brights Grove, ON, Canada
16 Saturday /
MC-5, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
17 Sunday / Amboy Dukes, Savage Grace, Up, MC-5, Lyman Woodard Trio, Gold Brothers, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Stooges, Kraak ("Festival of Life" - "Michigan Music Supports the John Sinclair Defense Fund") Milan, MI
26 Tuesday / MC-5, Rationals, Frijid Pink, Rush, Früt "Second Annual Saginaw Pop Festival", *State Park Roll-Air-Rink*, Saginaw Picture
28 Thursd. / "Presented here is WFMU's final night on the air featuring DJ's Kevin Taylor and MC5 manager Danny Fields"
29 Friday / (?) MC-5, Stooges
, David Peel *State Pavilion*, World's Fairground, Queens, New York City.
1 Monday / MC-5, Stooges, Gold Brothers "Benefit fot the Fifth Estate" *Grande Ballroom*
3 Wednesday / (?) MC-5, Stooges , David Peel & the Lower East side *Pavilion* , Flushing Meadow Park, New York Picture - CONCERT REPORT
6 Saturday / MC-5, Stooges , Mollock , David Peel & the Lower East side *Pavilion* , Flushing Meadow Park, New York Picture
14 Sunday / Turtles, MC-5, Amboys Dukes, Alice Cooper, Frost, SRC, Rationals, Life, Rush (not the same Rush from Canada that would gain fame in the 70s), Früt, Ohio Power *Toledo Pop Festival*, Toledo Raceway Park, Toledo, Ohio Picture
19,20 - Fri.,Sat. / MC-5, Charley Musslewhite, Wilson Mower Pursuit *Grande Ballroom*, Detroit Picture
21 Sunday / MC-5, Cottonwood *Labor Temple*, Minneapolis, Minnesota Picture
Probably after Sunday 21
/ The Turtles, MC-5, Amboy Dukes, The Frost, The Rationals *Max's Kansas City*, New York
1 Wednesday / MC-5 *Westfield Highschool*, Westfield, NJ
4 Thursday / MC-5, Flock, Joy Of Cooking, Abdullah, Ed Sanders of The Fugs (MC) *Brooklyn Academy Of Music*, Brooklyn Picture
15 Wednesday / TONIGHT / LOOKING AT YOU (see Discography for details)
18 Saturday / Led Zeppelin, Lee Michaels, MC-5, Grand Funk Railroad, Magic Veil Light Show *Olympia Stadium*, Detroit Picture
19 Sunday / MC-5 *Sherwood Forest* (Grand Opening), Davison, MI ARTICLE
25 Saturday / Led Zeppelin, MC-5, Johnny Winter "Narragansett's First Tribal Rock Festival" *Boston Garden*, Boston, MA (17000 people attending) TESTIMONIAL - Picture
26 Sunday / Joe Cocker, Grand Funk Railroad, MC-5, Sun Ra, Stooges, Up, Brat, Milky the Clown, The Mechanical Man & various animal acts!! "Cosmic Circus", *King's Animal Land*, Richmond Picture
31 Friday / "Black Magic & Rock 'n' Roll Festival, Halloween Night " also billed as "Black Arts Festival" *Olympia Stadium*, Detroit. Name MC-5 is striped from the bill. Picture
11 Tuesday / MC-5, SRC, Frost, Parliaments (with Funkadelic), Detroit (with Mitch Ryder), Stooges, Frijid Pink, Amboy Dukes, Day & Night Dealers Blues Band, The Magic Veil Light Show & more... "A Day of Peace", *Olympia Stadium*, Detroit - Cancelled due to a RIOT at The Black Magic Festival -
20 Thursday / Jethro Tull, MC-5, Sanpaku *Fillmore West*, San Fransisco, CA Picture
21 Friday / Jethro Tull, MC-5, Sanpaku *Fillmore West*, San Fransisco, CA
22 Saturday / Jethro Tull, MC-5, Sanpaku *Fillmore West*, San Fransisco, CA
23 sunday / Jethro Tull, MC-5, Sanpaku *Fillmore West*, San Fransisco, CA
13 Sat. /
MC-5, Marquette, MI (Concert is recorded)
20 Saturday / MC-5 *Borderline*, Monroe, MI Picture
28 Sunday / Stooges, MC-5, Love Sculpture, Frut, Haymarket Riot *Toledo Sports Arena*, Toledo, Ohio
29 Monday / Pacific Gas & Electric, MC-5, Litter, John Lee Hooker, Bob Seger, Howlin' Wolf, Stooges, Alice Cooper, Masson Proffit, Rotary Connection.... "Chicago pop Festival" *Aragon Ballroom*, Chicago, Illinois Picture

MC5 Timeline

? MC-5, Fever Tree, Ides Of March, Albert King *The Cellar*
? MC-5 *Gilligans*, Buffalo, N.Y. (2000 people attending)
? MC-5 w/ Ted Nugent - Alice Cooper - Johnny Winter - Led Zeppelin
1 Thursday / MC-5 *Saginaw Auditorium* , Saginaw , MI
3 Saturday / MC-5, Sunday Funnies *The Silverbell*(Hideout), Clarkston, MI (or December 1969 / recorded live?)
9 Friday / MC-5, Kaleidescope(?), Mr. Clean(?) *Eastown Theater Show*, Detroit (MC-5 set cut short by fire)
10 Saturday / MC-5, Kaleidescope(?), Mr. Clean(?) *Eastown Theater Show*, Detroit (Show canceled due to previous night's fire, MC-5 played the Grande)
15 Thursday / BACK IN THE USA Picture (see Discography for details) Album review here
? MC-5, Dogs *Crystal Lake Palladium*
16,17 - Fri.,Sat. / MC-5, Sunday Funnies *Ludlow Garage* Cincinnati, Ohio Picture
20 Tuesday /
MC-5 *Ungano's*, NYC
21 Wedn. / MC-5 *Ungano's*, NYC
22 Thursd.  / MC-5 *Ungano's*, NYC
23 Friday
/ MC-5 *Ungano's*, NYC
24 Saturday (*Grande Ballroom*) / 25 Sunday ( *Grande Ballroom* / *Eastown Theater*) MC-5, SRC, Up, Stooges, Scorpion, Amboy Dukes, Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels, Virgin Dawn, Jagged Edge, Richmond, Sky, Brownsville Station, Floating Circus, Sunday Funnies, Shaky Jake, Blues Train, Third Power, Rationals, Bob Seger System, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Commander Cody, All the Lonely People. SPEAKERS: Ed Sanders, Skip Taube ("Free John Sinclair Fund" benefit). A STP (Serve The People) Coalition production. Picture | TESTIMONIAL
24 Saturday / *Grande Ballroom*, Detroit (afternoon at 2 P.M., 1600 people attending at 8P.M.) : Shiva, Up, SPEAKERS : M.C. Dan Carlisle , M.C. Jesse Crawford
25 Sunday / *Grande Ballroom* (900 people attending) : SRC, Amboy Dukes, Brownsville Station, Speakers: Ken Cockrel, Skip Taube, Genie Plamondon - Ed Sanders, Abbie Hoffman & Jerry Rubin did not show up.
25 Sunday / *Eastown Theater*, Detroit Picture (1000 people attending) Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, MC-5, Früt, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen, Rationals, SPEAKERS : M.C. Jesse Crawford, Genie Plamondon.
29,30,31 - Thur.,Fri.,Sat. / Staple Singers, MC-5, Rhinoceros *Boston Tea Party*, Boston, MA Picture
6 Friday / MC-5, Slag, Vale *Woodrose*, Springfield, MA Picture
7,8 Sat.,Sun. /
MC-5 *the Warehouse*? in Rhode Island
10 Tuesday / MC-5, Foul Grundle *Woodrose*, Springfield, MA
13 Friday / MC-5, Flamin' Groovies, Shakey Jake *Grande Ballroom* Picture
14 Saturday / MC-5, Flamin' Groovies, Virgin Dawn *Grande Ballroom*
15 Sunday / MC-5, Flamin' Groovies (Russ Gibb ceases operations at the Grande forever!) *Grande Ballroom*
20 Friday / MC-5 *Daniel's Den / The Den*, Saginaw, MI
22 Sunday / MC-5 *Bay City Armory*, Bay City, MI
27,28 Frid.,Sat. / MC-5, Frijid Pink, The Rumor, Screening of the W.C.Fields movie 'THE BANK DICK" *Michigan Theater*, Detroit, MI Picture
1 Sunday / MC-5, Frijid Pink, The Rumor, Screening of the W.C.Fields movie 'THE BANK DICK" *Michigan Theater*, Detroit, MI Picture
5 Thursday / MC-5, Family, Stone The Crow *Boston Tea Party*, Boston, MA Picture
6 Friday / MC-5, Family, Stone The Crow *Boston Tea Party*, Boston, MA
7 Saturday / MC-5, Family, Stone The Crow *Boston Tea Party*, Boston, MA
13,14 - Fri.,Sat. / MC-5, Stone The Crow, Elizabeth, Stooges *Ludlow Garage*, Cincinnati,Ohio Picture
13 Friday / SHAKIN STREET / AMERICAN RUSE (see Discography for details)
25 Wednesday / Small Faces, Canned Heat, MC-5 *Varsity Arena*, Toronto, Canada
26 Thursday / MC5, Joe Cocker, Mountain, Amboy Dukes, Brownsville Station, Stooges, Frigid Pink, Pleasure Seekers, Cradle, Savoy Brown, Whalefeathers, Balderdash, East Orange Express, Bitter Blood Street Theatre, Westfauster, Glass Wall "Cincinnati Pop Festival" *Cincinnati Gardens*, Cincinnati, OH Picture
27 Friday / MC-5, Michael Brody, Foul Grundle *Palace Theatre*, Danbury, CT Picture
10 Friday / MC-5*Rainy Daze Club*, St Louis, Missouri
10 Friday / MC-5, Foul Grundle *Woodrose*, Springfield, Mass. Picture #1 - Picture #2
16 Thursday / MC-5 *Point Edward*, Ontario
24 Friday / MC-5, Mogan *The Cellar*, Arlington Heights, Illinois Picture
29 Wednesday / MC-5 *Rainy Daze Club*, St Louis, Missouri
16-Sat. / MC-5, Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Steve Miller Band, Jam Factory, Cactus replaced the MC-5 at the last minute "Temple Outdoor Festival", *Temple University Stadium*, Philadelphia, PA Picture
30,31-Sat.,Sun. / MC-5, Bob Seger System, Alice Cooper, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry, Youngbloods, Brownsville Station, Buckinghams, Ides Of March, Mason Proffit, It's A Beautiful Day, Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes "The Festival of Man/Earth", *Thunderbird Beach*, Baton Rouge, LA
? Concert / MC-5, Detroit, Catfish, SRC *Cinderella Ballroom*, Detroit
1st Monday / MC-5, Bob Seger System, Alice Cooper, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry, Youngbloods, Brownsville Station, Buckinghams, Ides Of March, Mason Proffit, It's A Beautiful Day, Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes "The Festival of Man/Earth", *Thunderbird Beach*, Baton Rouge, LA Picture
13 Saturday / Grand Funk Railroad, MC-5 *Ocean Ice Palace*, Brick Town, NJ The MC5 cancelled. Picture
21Sunday / MC-5, Touchstone, Ginger Valley "Living the Revolution" *Sunken Gardens*, San Antonio, TX Picture
24 Wednesday / Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, MC-5, Rationals, Brownsville Station, Alice Cooper, Frijid Pink, Teegarden & Van Winkle, Dream Delight... "Wild Wednesday - 12 groups in 12 hours - Twin Concert Stages" *Sherwood Forest*, Davison, MI
26 Friday / MC-5, Tackle Box, Brownsville Station - "Mid-Summer Night Rock Festival" - Opening Night) *State Fairgrounds Grandstand*, Detroit
27 Saturday / Third Power, Rationals, MC-5, Frijid Pink, Blues Train, Shakey Jake, Wesselfox, All the Lonely People, Virgin Dawn, Poison Oak, Mighty Quick, Up, Springwell, Sunday Funnies, MC-Jesse Crawford ~ "First Detroit~Windsor Pop Festival", *Windsor Arena* Picture
3 Friday / Ten Years After, MC-5, Stalk Forrest Group *Gymnasium - Stony Brook University*, Stony Brook, NY Picture
18 Saturday / Chicago, Illinois Speed Press, Illusion, It Doesn't Matter, Happy Day, Pig Iron, Stooges, MC5, Leon Russell, Dreams, Funkadelic, Joe Kelley (Former Shadows Of Knight Original Member), Mason Proffit, Bloomsbury People "WCFL'S BIG 10 Summer Music Festival" (Co-sponsored by 22nd Century Productions), *Soldier Field*, Chicago, Illinois Picture (Concert is recorded)
19 Sunday / Savage Grace, MC-5, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, Catfish, Frut of the Loom (WABX Free Concert) *Tartar Field*, WSU, Detroit
For their first European appearance, four shows are planned in England
25 Saturday / MC-5 , Edgar Broughton Band, Kevin Ayers, Pink Fairies, Steve Peregrine Took & Shagrat, Mighty Baby, Humblebums, Cochise, Demon Fuzz, Legs Larry Smith. *Phun City Festival*, Worthing , UK  Picture & Press Report
26 Sunday / MC-5 , Matthew's Southern Comfort, Humble Pie (unexpected appearance), May Blitz *The Roundhouse*, London , UK  Press Report
31 Friday / MC-5 , Grail *Marquee*, London , UK  Picture

5 Wednesday / MC-5, Kevin Ayers & The Whole World, Pink Floyd, Keith Tippett, Derek and the Dominoes, Joan Baez, Alan Price, Spencer Davis, Country Joe, East of Eden, Edgar Broughton, Champion Jack Dupree, Arrival, Chris Barber and Balls, ELP *Festival Maudit de Biot*, Le Biot, France. Live RTL Radio Broadcast
? Concert / MC-5, Up *Aquinas High School*, Southgate, MI
7 Friday / Mighty Quick, John Drake's Shakedown, SRC, New York Rock Ensemble, Flying Burrito Brothers, John Sebastian, MC-5, Chicago, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Ten Years After *The Goose Lake International Music Festival*, Jackson, MI Alice Cooper, Joe Cocker and Savoy Brown were listed but did not play. The MC-5 and Rod Stewart were added late. Picture
29 Saturday / MC-5 *Sound Storm II, Big Country Ranch Resort*, West Finley, PA (CANCELED)
Recording of the album "HIGH TIME"
5,6,7 - Sat,Sun,Mon, / MC-5, Amboy Dukes, Stooges, Ike & Tina Turner, James Cotton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chambers Brothers, Alice Cooper, Freddie King, Eric Burdon & War and many more... 'Central Texas Music Festival', Highway 95 between Elgin and Bastrop, TX Picture
7 Monday / MC-5 *Gilligan's*, Cheektowaga, N.Y.
11,12 - Frid.,Sat. / MC-5, Swallow *Capitol Theater*, Springfield, MA Picture
16 Wedn. /
MC-5, Jacksonville, FL
19 Sat. /
MC-5, Alice Cooper, (Stooges canceled) * The Warehouse*, New Orleans, Louisiana
2 Friday / MC-5 *Action House* NY
18 Sunday / MC-5 *Früt Palace* Mt. Clemens
28 - 30 Wed - Frid / MC-5 *Ungano's* NY
31 Saturday / MC-5, Stooges *Ritz Theatre* NY
27 Friday /
MC-5, Alice Cooper °Syndrome*, Chicago, IL
28,29 - Sat.,Sun. / MC-5, La Paz, Lorien *Of Our Own*, Houston, TX Picture
MC-5, Brownsville Station, Mutzie(?) *East Detroit High School*, Eastpointe, MI Photos
29 Tuesday / MC-5, Amboy Dukes, Bob Seger System *Municipal Auditorium*, Atlanta, GA Picture
31 Thursday / MC-5, Amboy Dukes, SRC, Cradle, Jam Band. MC: Dave Miller *Grande Ballroom* Picture

MC5 timeline

15,16 - Frid.,Sat. / MC-5, Alice Cooper, Brownsville Station *Pirates World*, Dania, Florida Picture
29 Friday / Canned Heat, MC-5, Third Power *Eastown Theater Show*, Detroit
30 Saturday / Paul Butterfield Blues Band, MC-5, Third Power *Eastown Theater Show*, Detroit
? Concert / MC-5 *Birmingham Palladium*, Birmingham, MI
19 Friday / MC-5, Forrest (?) *Sherwood Lodge*, Loves Park, Illinois Picture
? 21 Sunday /
MC-5, Flamin' Red (?), Virgin Dawn *Golden Glow Ballroom*, located near Saginaw, MI
23 & 24(?) Tuesday & Wednesday / Contemporary Jazz Quintet, MC-5 *Strata Concert Gallery*, Detroit
24 Wednesday / MC-5, Sugarloaf *Multi-Purpose Building , University of Missouri*, Rolla, Missouri 2 Photos
28 Sunday / Cactus, MC-5, Brownsville Station *Panther Hall*, Fort Worth, Texas Picture
24 Wedn. /
MC-5 *The Psyche-Dilly Lounge*, McKees Rocks, PA
13 Tuesday / MC-5, The Stooges, Jam Band, The Frut of the Loom, The Werks *The Vanity Ballroom*, Detroit (Grand opening) Picture
30 Friday /
, MC-5 + 12 other bands "Ohio Staters presents Ohio State's First Annual May Day Music Festival" *Agora*
1st Sat. / MC-5 Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
7 Fri. / MC-5 Roanoke, Virginia
14 Fri. / MC-5 Rockford, Illinois
15 Sat. / MC-5 *Rollaire Skating Rink* , Bay City, Michigan
15 Sat. / MC-5 *Dewey's* Madison, Wisconsin Picture
16 Sun. / MC-5 Appleton, Wisconsin
17 Mon. / MC-5 Oshkosh, Wisconsin
19 Wed. / MC-5 Ontario, Canada
? Concert / MC-5 *Cinderella Ballroom*, Detroit
15 Tuesd. /
, MC-5, Cradle *Roll Air* Bay City
25 Friday / MC-5, Z.T.Peacock *Auditorium*, Bloomington Picture
? MC-5, SRC *The Armory*, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2 Friday / MC-5, SRC, Mutzie *Vanity Ballroom*, Detroit
6 Tuesday / HIGH TIME (see Discography for details)
Album review here
14 Wednesday / MC-5, Ontario *Masonic Temple*, Windsor, Ontario Picture
29 Thursday / MC-5, Frijid Pink, The Up, Carnal Kitchen, Trunion Brothers (Benefit for the "John Sinclair Freedom Fund") *Grande Ballroom* Pictures
31 Saturday / MC-5, Julia, Coming *Wampler's Lake Pavilion*, Irish Hills, MI
5 Thursday / "Jam Night" with Individual members of Brat, MC-5, SRC, Guardian Angel, Carnal Kitchen & Savage Grace *The Alley*, Ann Arbor, MI Picture
8 Sunday /
, MC-5, Amboy Dukes, Brownsville Station, Bob Seger, Bob Catfish Hodge, Teegarden & Van Winkle "Rock Show" *The Park*, New Baltimore, OH
21 Saturday / MC-5 *The Arena*, Commack , New York
22 Sunday / MC-5 *Civic Center*, Baltimore , Maryland
12 Sunday / Alice Cooper, MC-5 & others *Sportatorium*, Miami, Florida Picture
Then they played w/ A.Cooper in Hollywood, Florida (?)
18 Saturday / MC-5, Guardian Angel, Suite Charity *(Birmingham) Palladium*, Birmingham, MI Picture
16 Saturday / Detroit, MC-5 *Cinderella Concert Hall*, Detroit Picture
17,18 - Frid.,Sat. / MC-5, Mitch Ryder & Detroit, Teegarden & Vanwinkle with Bob Seger on vocals, Brownsville Station *Fenway Theater*, Boston, MA
? MC-5, Mitch Ryder & Detroit, Teegarden & Vanwinkle with Bob Seger on vocals, Brownsville Station *Paramount Theater*, Springfield, MA
21 Tuesd. /
, MC-5, Amboy Dukes, Mitch Ryder, Bob Seger System, Teegarden & Van Winkle, Jonathan Round *Loew's State Theater*, Providence, RI (Concert is recorded?)
31 Friday / Mylon, MC-5, Pacific Gas Electric, Crabby Appleton *Grande Ballroom*

MC5 Timeline

1 Saturday / Mylon, MC-5, Pacific Gas Electric, Crabby Appleton *Grande Ballroom*
Feb.4 to March 25 : MC5 is managed by "Buffalo Management Agency" (European tour)
5 Saturday / MC-5, The Houseshakers & DJ Andy Dunkley *The London School of Economics* , London (UK)
11 Friday / MC-5 , Skin Alley & Willy Barrett *Friars*, Aylesbury (UK) Concert is filmed.
12 Saturday / MC-5 *The Mardi Gras Club*, Liverpool (UK)
13 Sunday / MC-5, Barabbas *The Greyhound / The Fox* , Croydon (UK) CONCERT REPORT
MICHAEL DAVIS quits the MC5.
[Probably] 14-15-16 / Recording (in London) of "TRAIN MUSIC"," INSIDE OUT","GOLD" for the film soundtrack GOLD (see Discography & Advertisement for details) See also a sequence of film GOLD featuring MC5's original soundtrack.
English bassist STEVE "Annapurna" MOORHOUSE fills in for the remainder of the tour.
17-22 / MC-5 are touring France :
MC-5 *MJC Drouot*, Mulhouse, France
MC-5 *Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC)*, Jouy-en-Josas , France
MC-5 *Gibus*, Paris, France
MC-5 *Piblokto*, Dourges, France
24 Thursday / MC-5, Stars w/ Syd Barrett , Skin Alley *The Corn Exchange*, Cambridge (UK) Picture
25 Friday / MC-5 *Lanchester Polytechnic*, Coventry , UK
27 Sunday / MC-5 *The Roundhouse* , Chalk Farm , UK
28 Monday / MC-5 *Seymour Hall* , London , UK
3 Friday / MC-5 , Pink Fairies, Third Ear Band, Magic Michael - "Fun An' Games" at *Seymour Hall* , London , UK Picture
? 4 Saturday / MC-5 *Thomas Hall* , Canterbury , UK
4 Saturday / MC-5 , Steve Peregrine Took *Canterbury Odeon* , Canterbury , UK
? 5 Sunday / MC-5 , Stooges *The Roundhouse* , London , UK
~ Rehearsals at Herouville Castle (in France) Picture A film for the TV is made for the program "Rock en Stock" - 'Thunder Express' non official album -
~ Radio broadcast for the program "Carré Bleu" at Europe n°1 radio, Paris. (Radio broadcast live in the "Europe 1"studio)
STEVE MOORHOUSE quits. Bassist DEREK HUGHES replaces him. After touring England they're going to Germany for a few dates.
9 Thursd. / , MC-5 *Technische Universität (TU)*, Berlin, Germany
19 Sunday / MC-5 'Polit Rock Festival' *Audi Max der TU* , West Berlin , Germany
25 Sat. /
, MC-5 *Beat Club*, Bremen, Germany (Concert "in the studio" is filmed)
Back to the USA, RAY CRAIG is the new bassist for the MC5 untill they eventually return to Europe in June.
7 Friday / MC-5, Ice *The Früt Cellar* Mount Clemens, MI
8 Saturday / MC-5, Ice *The Früt Cellar* Mount Clemens, MI
29 Saturday / MC-5, Freddie King, Amboy Dukes, Mitch Ryder, Iggy Pop *Parkway Field* Louisville, Kentucky Picture
13 Sat. / Broadcast on french TV of the "POP 2" TV show with the MC5 at Friars, Aylesbury, UK

GEMINI Management from USA touring (MC5) June-July and Oct.-Nov.
European tour with DEREK HUGHES on bass.
1st Thursday / MC-5 *City Hall*, Leeds , UK
2 Friday (or Friday 23) / MC-5 *Penthouse*, Scarborough , UK  Press Report
3 Saturday / MC-5 *Clitheroe Festival*, Clitheroe , UK  Press Report
5 Monday / MC-5*Magee University*, Londonderry , UK
7 Wednesday / MC-5 *Liverpool Stadium*, Liverpool , UK
9 Friday / MC-5 *Guil Hall*, Northampton , UK
10 Saturday / MC-5, Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come + film 'Monterey Pop' *Kings Cross Cinema*, London, UK Picture & Press Report
11 Sunday / MC-5 *Letchworth Youth Centre*, Letchworth , UK
12 Monday / MC-5 *Trinity College*, Cambridge , UK
16 Friday / MC-5, East Of Eden, Skin Alley, Chariot *Edge Hill College Rag Ball*, Liverpool, UK Picture
18 Sunday / MC-5 *Wake Arms*, Epping, UK Picture
30 Friday / MC-5, Brotherhood Of Breath, Bitch, Jake Thackray, Champion Jack Dupree *Bedford College*,London, UK Picture
1st Saturday / MC-5, Super Tramp *St.Albans City Hall*, St Albans, UK Picture
12 Wednesday / MC-5 Gorinchem, Holland
13 Thursday / MC-5 *Paradiso* Amsterdam, Netherlands Picture
15 Sat. /
MC-5, Alquin *De Prins van Oranje¨, Goes, Netherlands
22 Saturday / MC-5, Matching Mole, If, Jericho, Brainbox, Sweet, Mungo Jerry, Pebbles, Speed, Dizzy Mans Band *Media Center Hall*, Ostend, Belgium
5 Saturday / MC-5, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Lord Sutch, Gary Glitter, Move, Platters, Drifters, Coasters 'First Annual London Rock'n'Roll Revival', *Wembley Stadium*, London, England. 60000 people attending. Picture & Press Report
12 Sat. / MC-5, Uriah Heep, Lindisfarne, Osibisa, Jake Holmes, Tasavallan Presidentti, *Ruisrock Festival*, Turku, Finland Press Report
19 Saturday / MC-5, Catfish, Mojo Boogie Band, Ruby Lee (really known as 'Ruby Dee') *The Park*, North Baltimore, Ohio Picture (Cancelled?)
19 Saturday / MC-5, Capability Brown, Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, Bond & Brown, Stray; Brewers Droop, Roy Wood é Wizzard "Bilzen Jazz Festival" 8th Edition, Bilzen, Belgium
15 Friday / MC-5, The Association, Siegel-Schwall Band, New Colony Six, Black Society, Hound Dog Band *Wisconsin International Raceway*, Kaukauna, Wi. Picture
16 Saturday / MC-5, Bitch *Pier Pavilion*, Felixstowe, England (Cancelled)
23 Saturday / MC-5, Hawkwind, Quicksilver, Pink Fairies, Home, Renaissance, Brewers Droop, Mottleigh 'Windsor Arts Festival' *Home Park*, Windsor, England Cancelled Picture
30 Sat. /
MC-5, Amboy Dukes, The Mutants "Re-opening of the Grande", *Grande Ballroom*, Detroit
Unknown date :
MC-5 *The Stoneground*, Birch Street, Gorton, Manchester, UK
4 Sat. / Broadcast on french TV show "POP 2 presents" : "Rock-en-stock" / "The Herouville studio session"
10 Friday / MC-5, Dogs *Grande Ballroom*
11 Saturday / MC-5, Rusty Slug, Yak *Volkshaus*, Zürich, Switzerland Cancelled Picture
DENNIS THOMPSON quits the group. ROB TYNER follows.
Drummer RITCHIE DHARMA is recruited in England. Derek Hughes is still on bass. Wayne & Fred sing the songs.
16 Thursday / MC-5, Kingdom Come *Sundown (Mile End E3)*, London, UK Picture
17 Friday / MC-5 concert is filmed for "Pop Konsertti" at Kulttuuritalo in Finland.
18 Sat. /
MC-5 *Kino-Palatsi*; Tampere, Finland
19 Sunday / MC-5, Rock´n roll Showband, Uffa, Smirnoff Färjestad Totohallen, Karlstad, Sweden
23 Thursday / MC-5, Alrune Rod "Beat Forum" *Kennedy School Gym*, Gladsaxe, Denmark Picture & TESTIMONIAL "Kick Copenhagen Live 1972" (Bootleg/Album)
29 Wednesday / MC-5 *Bataclan*, Paris, France. Filmed for TV Pop 2
( End of the England / Scandinavia tour )
15 days in Italy are cancelled when the bookers learn that the group is not complete.
2 Saturday / MC-5, Flesh *Epsom Baths Hall*, Epsom, UK Picture
? 9 Sat. /
MC-5, Dr Ross *London School Of Economics*, London, UK
31 Sunday / MC-5, Roy Buchannan, Jett Black *Grande Ballroom* LAST SHOW EVER

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