MC-5 , Brownsville Station , Mutzie(?)

*East Detroit High School*

Eastpointe , MI

Photos courtesy of Ken Bush - See testimonial below

Rob Tyner at East Detroit High School 1970Wayne Kramer at East Detroit High School 1970
Dennis Thompson - Fred Smith - Rob Tyner - - - (right)Wayne Kramer

The MC5 played a concert, believe it or not, in my high school gymnasium.
I was in high school from 1970 to 1973. 
They shared the stage with  Brownsville Station and one other band, possibly Mutzie.
It was East Detroit High School. Does anyone else remember or have any evidence for this event?

The photolab stamp reads "Jan 71" and I had written "MC5 Dec 1970 EDHS" on each.
I was only 15 years old. Some notes on these pictures: They were taken with my Dad's cheapo instamatic
(Kodachrome slides) and somehow I accidentally got a multiple exposure which miraculously turned out pretty good.
The other picture of (is it Wayne Kramer?) raising his guitar over his head faintly shows a scoreboard
in the background, proving that the band was playing in a gymnasium.

This show at East Detroit High School was in 1970, about 37 years ago, and I was only 15.
To tell you the truth, about all I remember is that the MC5 was LOUD, sweaty, and very exciting.... KEN BUSH

Acknowledgement to Ken Bush for providing us with these beautiful pictures