'Living The Revolution'
MC5 in San Antonio , TX 1970


JUNE 1970

21 Sunday /

MC-5 , Touchstone

Ginger Valley

*Sunken Gardens*

San Antonio , Texas


Poster Design by
John Witherspoon


original Touchstone's
drummer Leon Oehlers
testimonial . . .

Back in the summer of 1970 in San Antonio, Texas at the outdoor Sunken Gardens amphitheatre we (TOUCHSTONE) had the distinct pleasure of playing the MC5 touring show. I was drumming for the Texas regional group TOUCHSTONE. Also on the bill was GINGER VALLEY.

What a show....un-frickin' believable....turned our whole musical universe over, under, sideways and down. All for a whoppin' $2.00.

(Above is the poster from 1970 that I still have in my personal collection from the show in those very "heady" days.)

The poster was the artwork of San Antonio's premier graphic artists of the era... John Witherspoon.

Members of TOUCHSTONE were myself (Leon "Pete" Oehlers – drums), Louis Siedlecki – vocals, Suzy Jenson – vocals, David Poehlmen – guitars, John Fonte – bass, guitars and harps.

Got to know and hang with the boys of MC5.....still a highlight of my professional drumming and music career.

Leon "Psychodaddy" Oehlers

currently drummer w/ TRASH ROCKETS in Austin, Texas

Acknowledgement to Leon Oehlers for providing us with this nice poster