Poster Design???

MARCH 1966

12 Sat. /

MC-5 , Rationals , Prime Movers Blues Band

Bossmen , Terry Knight & the Pack , McCoys

Deon Jackson

*Mother's*, Ann Arbor , MI

KATHY ASHETON "The first time I saw Iggy's band, the Prime Movers, was at a club in Ann Arbor called Mother's. I was fourteen, still in my innocent, virginal days, and the very next night the MC5 played. They were from Detroit and no one knew who they were.
The MC5 were Detroit hoods. Greasers. Wayne Kramer was completely greased out, but Fred had long hair, which was rare at that time. So I instantly got a crush on Fred. He actually came offstage and asked me if I wanted to slow dance, while the rest of the band played on. I told him, 'NO!'
Fred was sort of taken aback by that, like he thought I was just going to leap at him. Anyway, he convinced me to dance - a slow dance.

After the MC5 show at Mother's, Fred Smith gave me a ride home. I was with a girlfriend, who was spending the night at my house, so I told her to go inside first, since I wanted some time alone with Fred.
I said, 'Just go break the news that I'm right behind you.'
Fred turned out to be a great kisser. In fact, he's probably one of the best kissers that I ever had.
Of course my brothers were flipping that I was out front with this total stranger. My mom found out and she was furious. I was only fourteen. But when Fred walked me to the door, my brother Ronnie came popping out, and Ronnie had long hair at that time, and so did Fred, so it was instantly like, 'Well, it's and okay kind of thing.'
But I was flipped. I had the girl crush kind of thing on Fred. I definitely had a TV eye on him."

(Taken from "PLEASE KILL ME - The Uncensored Oral History Of Punk" by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain / Abacus book, a division of Little, Brown and Company, UK -