Poster Design?

MARCH 1969

30,31 - Sun.,Mon & APRIL 1st

MC-5 ,

Creedence Clearwater Revival ,

Chuck Berry etc...

*Easter Rock Festival*

Fort Lauderdale , FL

MC5 CANCELED - see below -


[Excerpt from MC5 timeline]  . . . During a self-financed promotional West Coast Tour (March,7~22) and while in L.A., the MC5 begin to work on their second album at the Elektra studios with producer/engineer Bruce Botnick.
   On this occasion Sinclair and Dennis Frawley visit the distributor of the Elektra discs to San Francisco where they note the modifications of the contents of all the albums of the MC-5 (censored liner notes and " Kick out the jams, motherfuckers " replaced by " Kick out the jams, brothers & sisters ").
   Whereas sessions of "Back In The USA" in L.A. with Bruce Botnick (right before their departure from Elektra) are recorded, including the following titles: CALL ME ANIMAL - TEENAGE LUST - HUMAN BEING LAWNMOWER, Sinclair flies away to New York to meet Elektra management. The contract is broken by mutual agreement between Sinclair and Elektra and the sessions are abandoned.
    From New York, Sinclair wants to go to Florida and to join the group at the Easter Rock Festival in FORT LAUDERDALE (w/Chuck Berry & Creedence Clearwater). Their booking agent in Michigan announces that the state of Florida has just issued a warrant for the arrest of the group if they try to cross the borders of the state. Sinclair sends word for them to return directly to Ann Arbor from California.
   The reason why they can not enter Florida is reported in the press: "MC5 were taken off the bill of the mammoth Ft. Lauderdale Pop Festival, because of an allegedly "filthy" picture of the group at play which appeared in the Berkeley Barb." Get the PICTURE!
   The next month, President of Elektra records J.Holtzman puts a term at the contract of the MC-5 through a letter sent to the band (dated April 16, 1969)