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Wayne Kramer

Michael Davis

Rob Tyner

Dennis Thompson

Fred Smith

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Wayne Kambes (Kramer), 14, Dennis A.Tomich (Thompson), 14, and Frederick Dewey Smith, 13 are students at Lincoln Park High School. Lincoln Park, Mi - a blue-collar town downriver from Rouge automotive manufacturing complex and Ford Motor Company's main plant.
Wayne and Dennis are freshmen, Fred is in 8th grade.
Wayne also shares his passion for drag racing with a buddy, whose brother is Robert W. Derminer (Tyner), 17. Rob is a beatnik and listens to jazz.
Michael Davis, 18, finishes Cass Tech High School and enters WSU, which he leaves to travel first to Florida, then to New York.
John Sinclair, 21, attends the University of Michigan, Flint College . . .
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At Lincoln Park High School, Wayne Kramer meets Fred Smith. Wayne teaches Fred some chords on guitar and together they spend weeks listening to and copying rock’n’roll songs at Wayne’s house.
Dennis Thompson also makes their acquaintance at school (and through them, meets Rob)

They play in rival groups - The Vibratones (Fred Smith/bass - Leo Leduc/drums) , The Bounty Hunters (Wayne Kramer/guitar - Dennis Thompson/drums - Billy Vargo/guitar) , The Raydells?, Jeff and the Atlantics? -INTERVIEW-

Dennis Thompson quits the Bounty Hunters to play with Jeff Hardy and the Paramounts.
Wayne and Rob have known each other for six months. When they talk about music and the Rolling Stones in particular, Tyner admits that they are a revelation. Rob is still not interested in playing in a rock’n’roll band, but agrees to become the manager of Wayne and Fred’s band, The Bounty Hunters
(inspired by the name of Conrad "Connie" Kalitta’s dragster).
Bounty Hunters (#2) is: Wayne Kramer/guitar - Fred Smith/guitar - Leo LeDuc/drums - Billy Vargo/guitar
Emil Bacilla graduates (Lincoln Park) High School
Rob Tyner graduates high school.
Dennis and Wayne are sophomores, Fred a freshman at Lincoln Park.
Michael Davis returns to Wayne State University, where he studies painting.
Rob Tyner is attending WSU.
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Billy Vargo quits first. Then Leo LeDuc is fired from the Bounty Hunters. See the LEGENDS OF THE MC5
Leo LeDuc is replaced by Bob Gaspar on drums.
Bounty Hunters (#3) then Motor City Five is: Wayne Kramer/guitar - Fred Smith/guitar - Rob Tyner/bass - Bob Gaspar/drums
John Sinclair finishes studies he began in 1962 at the University of Michigan (UMich), Flint, where he obtains a bachelor’s degree in American Literature. He moves to Detroit.
J.Sinclair meets Leni Arndt (Sinclair) while continuing his studies of American literature at WSU to obtain a master’s degree. The subject of his thesis is W. Burroughs’ "Naked Lunch"
Mid-July : Michael Davis attends a Bob Dylan concert at * Masonic Temple Auditorium * which convinces him to become a musician. He's still in Art School at WSU.
Dennis and Wayne are juniors at Lincoln Park High, while J.Sinclair gives up WSU to continue his activities within the community of jazz musicians and poets in Detroit.
On October,7 Sinclair is busted on a drugs charge for the first time ... "when he and two friends were 'set up' in a Detroit police sting operation ... Detroit's Red Squad immediately opened files on him and his associates, and began to take special interest in the beatnik community."
The group will be called the Motor City Five. Tyner named the band before leaving. He is still at WSU. .
Wayne tried to teach Rob Tyner bass, but the day before a show, Rob announces that he will not play and leaves the group.

1st or 4 (?) Creation of Artists' Workshop by J.Sinclair, Magdalene Arndt (Leni Sinclair), the trumpet player Charles Moore and the screenwriter Robin Eichele +12 other poets, musicians, photographers, screenwriters, painters, actors, type-setters.
Pat Burrows replaces Rob Tyner on bass. - PAT BURROWS INTERVIEW -
Motor City Five (#2) is: Wayne Kramer/guitar - Fred Smith/guitar - Pat Burrows/bass - Bob Gaspar/drums
The first public appearance of the MC5 is at the *Lincoln Park Bandshell* Around that time they also play at a *Southgate High School* (see CALENDAR)


After Sinclair was arrested for sale and possession of marijuana, he pleads guilty to only one of these charges, possession of marijuana. He got out of it for $250 and 2 years probation.
US release of the album " Beatles 65 "
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Tyner returns to the group and becomes its singer.
Motor City Five (#3) is: Wayne Kramer/guitar - Fred Smith/guitar - Rob Tyner/lead singer - Pat Burrows/bass - Bob Gaspar/drums
Dennis is a junior at Lincoln Park High.
Assassination of Malcom X
Sinclair writes a column ("The Coatpuller" 1965-68) in Detroit’s Fifth Estate (editors Harvey Ovshinsky & Peter Werbe), one of the five newspapers of the Underground Press Syndicate (UPS).
In 1965, they will play in several "record hops".
Jerry Goodwin (Dj at WKNR in Detroit) uses the MC-5 in the Keener Karavan on a regular basis  JERRY GOODWIN recalls
Release of the album " Rolling Stones, Now "
16 Monday / Sinclair is arrested a second time for a same reason: marijuana
25 Wednesday / MC-5 *Ambassador Roller Rink*, Detroit w/ Gaspar on Drums and Burrows on Bass .
Dave Clark Five, MC-5 *Cobo Hall*, Detroit (see CALENDAR) w/ Gaspar and Burrows.
M.Davis and Rob Tyner meet at Wayne State University.
Tyner invited Davis to come to see his band, then called the Motor City Five. Davis quickly becomes friendly with Kramer, still in High School. Kramer forces out the bass player (P.Burrows) to make a place for Davis, who doesn’t yet know how to play bass. He learns from recordings of the Stones, Kinks and blues at W.Kramer’s (the MC-5 being a cover band), plus more one original piece: " BLACK TO COMM ". See the LEGENDS OF THE MC5
Dennis enters his senior year, while Sinclair drops out of WSU.
P.Burrows is the first to leave the group.
Motor City Five (#4) is: Wayne Kramer/guitar - Fred Smith/guitar - Rob Tyner/lead singer - Michael Davis/bass - Bob Gaspar/drums
Fifteen days after joining the band, Michael Davis plays his first gig : (MC-5) + The Elgins (Motown group) *Wayne State University*, Detroit (see CALENDAR)


The MC-5 get a job for several nights in the *Crystal Bar* on Michigan and Central Avenue in Detroit just when B.Gaspar cracks and leaves the band.
They ask to former Bounty Hunter's drummer Dennis Thompson to fill in for him. D.Thompson already used to replace B.Gaspar on various occasions. He plays his 1st concert with the MC-5 at the Crystal Bar. See the LEGENDS OF THE MC5
Motor City Five (#5) is: Wayne Kramer/guitar - Fred Smith/guitar - Rob Tyner/lead singer - Michael Davis/bass - Dennis Thompson/drums
The MC-5 play Bob-Lo Island (*Teen Fair* ?) an amusement park on the Detroit River. They also play on the boat on the way back to the city. (see CALENDAR)
Sinclair pleads guilty once again to the charge of possession of marijuana.
He is arrested for violation of his probation for sale and possession of marijuana.
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Sinclair and Allen Van Newkirk found the newspaper Guerrilla (1966 to 67)
Dennis is a Senior. Then he begins 2 years at WSU (studying Physics & engeneering).
The MC-5 come to live in the district of Warren Forest (CASS CORRIDOR) where Rob and Michael live, close to Wayne State. Smith and Davis share the same apartment there.
They live in an old dentist’s office above the Artists' Workshop, where poetry readings and jazz concerts take place on the weekend.
22 Tuesday / John Sinclair is convicted of second offense marijuana possession.
24 Thursday / Sinclair is imprisoned in the House Of Correction of Detroit (DeHoCo) for 6 months following his arrest in August 65. He pleads guilty (for the second time) to possession of marijuana.
End of the Artists Workshop.
Song BORDERLINE was written by Wayne Kramer and Michael Davis around that time... READ
Dennis graduates high school.
28 Thursday / Press article :

* Their music is called Avant Rock.
* Line up: M.Davis-bass / B.Gaspar (Southgate High graduate) - drummer / W.Kramer (senior At Cooley) - lead guitar / F.Smith - rhythm guitar & R.Tyner - lead singer. Both previous students of Lincoln Park High.
* The greatest moment of their career is their appearance with the Dave Clark Five


Russ Gibb (he teaches English in Dearborn and is a D.J. in a local radio) returns from San Francisco, where he saw what Bill Graham was doing with his Ballrooms. Gibb will apply this new formula in Detroit.

4 Monday or previous weekend / opening of Plum Street
The group discovers the district of Wayne State and Plum Street.
6 Saturday / MC-5, musicians and poets performances "The Festival Of People", *Detroit Artists Workshop*, Detroit
J.Sinclair is released from jail. To celebrate, Leni Sinclair organizes The Festival Of People where the MC-5 make their first appearance within Sinclair’s orbit. They start to play at 3 in the morning but Leni stops them because it is late.
After reading an article of Sinclair’s ( "The Coatpuller" ) in the Fifth Estate where he disparages rock’n’roll, the MC-5 responds, defending its cause. Sinclair answers in turn that Coltrane and Miles Davis are the musicians who count for him.
Gary Grimshaw "THE VISUAL ARCHITECT OF THE DETROIT SIXTIES..." leaves San Francisco and returns to Michigan, where he moves in with his old school buddy Rob Tyner.
At the end of the current month, Rob Tyner and Frank Bach come to the Fifth Estate office on Plum Street to deliver the MC-5 letter in response to Sinclair's article.
Official inauguration of the new commercial district of Plum Street.
Five weeks after their exchange of mail between the MC-5 and Sinclair, Kramer knocks on the gate of Artists Workshop, looking for a place to rehearse. J.Sinclair agrees to accommodate them if they only play during the day. J.Sinclair is won over by the group and starts to write laudatory columns about them. Rob Tyner and John Sinclair knew each other already. The MC5 rehearse at Trans-Love Energies in Warren-Forest, which also includes Plum Street.
The MC-5 play a teen band showcase for deejay Jerry Goodwin at the *Michigan State Fair*, Detroit, Mi (see CALENDAR) John Sinclair sees them on stage for the first time(?).
Russ Gibb opens the Grande Ballroom and seeks a house band.
J.Goodwin and Russ Gibb work with radio station WKNR. Gibb intends to copy the example of the Fillmore of the West Coast. He comes to see the MC-5 playing at Trans-Love Energies and decides that they will be the Grande house band. (The building is rented from a certain Gabe Glantz). He announces that he will not be able to pay the group. They will play there approximately 2 weeks without being paid.
With this occasion and thanks to Rob Tyner, Gary Grimshaw makes his for posters for Grande Ballroom.
J.Sinclair forms an association with the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, located near the intersection of Grand River and Beverly, a block south of Joy Road.
The connection is established between Artists Workshop / Grande Ballroom / 5th Estate / Mixed Media (Plum Street)
6 Thursday
/ The federal government declares that LSD is illegal.
7 Friday / MC-5, The Chosen Few (Opening Night) *Grande Ballroom*


Recording of titles "I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING" "ONE OF THE GUYS" "I JUST DON'T KNOW" at United Sound, Detroit and (?)Tera Shirma Studios, Detroit - "I JUST DON'T KNOW" is heralded as the first experimental use by the MC5 of feedback.

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Beginning of the month: creation of 67 STEERING COMMITTEE by J.Sinclair, G.Grimshaw, E.Bacilla, R.Tyner, Allen Van Newkirk (Guerrilla) and Jim Semark (of the Workshop)
24 Tuesday / Big dope raid in Detroit targets the Artists Workshop, musicians, poets, the Magic Veil Light Show, LEMAR (LEgalise MARijuana), the journalists of Guerrilla, Plum Street craftsmen. A total of 56 are arrested, including J.&L.Sinclair.
Only J.Sinclair is not released. He will be sentenced to 9 1/2 -10 years (on July, 28 1969).
Beginning of Legal Self Defense Group (Sinclair & Co) under the auspices of LEMAR.
Sinclair and Grimshaw begin the newspaper Trans-Love.
John and Leni Sinclair and G.Grimshaw form Trans-Love Energies Unlimited which is introduced as an extension of Artists Workshop and 67 Steering Commitee. Trans-love is "named after a line in a song by folk-rock artist Donovan, urging listeners to 'Fly Translove Airways, get you there on time'." (JAH)
Trans-Love is a coalition of activists from the Workshop, LeMar, Guerrilla, 5th Estate, Mixed Media, Magic Veil Light Show, Plum Street, MC-5, Billy C & The Sunshine, designers, poets, screenwriters, photographers, printers, merchants and craftsmen.
Trans-Love Energies Unlimited produced rock’n’roll concerts, light shows, books, pamphlets, posters, the newspaper Warren-Forest Sun (founded and published by Sinclair and Grimshaw) and is used as booking agency for the MC-5, Psychedelic Stooges and Billy C & the Sunshine.
17 Friday / Article published in Detroit Free Press :

* They define their music by the term New Music.
* The formation is complete. They have been together for 2 1/2 years.
* They cite the Who and Yardbirds as the leaders of New Sound.
* They will release their first 7inch in a few weeks. The recorded titles will be the following : ONE OF THE GUYS / I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING

Creation of the newspaper The Sun and many free services thanks to Trans-Love Energies an information agency on groups activities, a telephone message center, a daily newspaper, a community meeting place and refuge, a free store, a free shuttle service, a rehearsal space for the groups, financing events for the benefit of the release fund, the payment of bails and lawyers, formation of Psychedelic Rangers which ensure the safety in the free gatherings such as Belle Isle Love-In, the opening of a concert hall as an alternative to the Grande Ballroom ( this last attempt failed )
PROD. by J.sinclair / Arnold Mark Geller / ? Larry Benjamin. 500 copies made. Recorded at United Sound Studios, Detroit, MI
30 Sunday / MC-5, The Southbound Freeway, The Up, Seventh Seal or (?) MC-5, Billy C & the Sunshine, Seven Seal "The Detroit Love-In", Belle Isle, Detroit. Organized by Trans-Love Energies  (see CALENDAR)
1st week / R.Tyner is interviewed by J.Sinclair, who is not yet the manager of the group - INTERVIEW -


The Sun Interview :
* "Tyner is writing a book of exercises for lead singers which will be published soon by the Artists' Workshop Press/Detroit"
* 2 years before the MC-5 played at Betty Conn a 45-minute version of HANG ON SLOOPY during which Tyner lost his voice, then played harmonica until his lips bleed and finally stuck his microphone in front of the P.A. speakers. A few evenings later in Dearborn they test their discovery of feedback on BLACK TO COMM (a piece written in the basement at W.Kramer’s). F.Smith also discovered the power of a Super Beatle amp with volume on 11 on the first notes of BLACK TO COMM !!...
* B.Gaspar (future Endless Chain) and P.Burrows were still in the group at this time.
* Sinclair asks if they played BLACK TO COMM when they play the GUERRILLA LOVEFARE during that winter (January, 24).
? did they play this last concert.
* Tyner says that the single I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING has just come out.
* The first song that Tyner wrote is Long-Haired Angels Screaming.
* Sinclair announces at the end of the interview a concert of the MC5 with Sun Ra & his Myth-Science Arkestra in Detroit Saturday June 10 in * Upper DeRoy Auditorium *, WSU organized by Trans-Love Energies Unlimited and The Sun, the light show will be provided by The The Magic Veil Light Co.
In fact the concert took place on Sunday 18 of June. End of the interview
24 - 31 / Race riots in Detroit > See Pun PLamondon's extensive testimonial in his book "LOST FROM THE OTTAWA"
The MC-5 live at the corner of Warren and Forest, above Committee to End the War in Vietnam and the 5th Estate. First is burnt; Kramer is arrested at his place and is mistakenly put in jail, then released.
Trans-Love Energies distributes clothing and food to the victims of the uprising.
Pun Plamondon, Genie Johnson (Plamondon), Dave Sinclair join Trans-Love Energies
J.Sinclair becomes the manager of the MC-5
11 Friday / Grateful Dead plays at the *Grande Ballroom*. J.Sinclair meets their managers Rock Scully and Danny Rifkin. This meeting is decisive for him because he wants to follow their example of success and decides to take the MC-5 in hand.
Trans-Love Energies start to work full-time with the MC-5 and Up and move the Workshop, which becomes the place where the MC5 play regularly.
A Community information center is opened at the new address, another at the Grande Ballroom where the light show is brought.
A female fan base is tagged Stompers, THE HIGHLAND PARK STOMPERS about one year after starting to follow the MC5 at gigs wherever they would play. Later the MC5 Social and Athletic Club - which has nothing to do with the Stompers - will be create as the official MC5 fan club, run by Genie Plamondon and Darlene Pond
TV appearance of the MC-5 where they play " BLACK TO COMM " ( at WTVS in "Conversations in Depth" with Seymour Rickling )
"The MC5 will be recording their second single, "Looking At You" / "Borderline" next week -- release should be shortly after the first of the year, on Jeep Holland's A-Square label." (Fifth Estate Dec. 15-31). John Sinclair will produce the new sides for Trans-Love Productions.

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4 Thursday / Recording of titles " BORDERLINE / LOOKING AT YOU " at United Sound Studios, Detroit, MI
BORDERLINE is written by W.Kramer.
Ed Sanders and Paul Krassner create Youth International Party (YIP)

* Financed by Russ Gibb
* Edition of 500 copies (It cost $500)
* It took one four-hour session of studio time and one short mix session (W.Kramer and J.Sinclair mixed the single)
* Recording engineer - Danny Dallas
* Design by Gary Grimshaw, featuring J.Coltrane in the center of a photo-collage
* On the back: " live " photo of the group at Masonic Temple in Detroit (with Jimi Hendrix)
* Produced by J.Sinclair in United Sound Studios of Detroit
* Released on Jeep Holland’s A-Square Record-ref. 45-333
* Design reproduced on MC5 Looking At You Total Energy NER3005/10
* Promo with the fanzines and the majors to be started with APPLE Records


4 Thursday / Assassination of Martin Luther King. "Detroit's police, fearing another major riot, establishes a "protective curfew" in the city after dark."
Motor City is burning. In 15 days the collective’s economy is destroyed ... "since Sinclair's group earns most of its operating funds producing MC-5 concerts and related events, which usually took place during the evenings, the curfew threatens their very livelihood." (JAH)
6 Saturday / Arson of the Sinclair house that evening.

The entire organization relocates to Ann Arbor (1510 Hill Street) because of police harassment and two cases of arson aimed at the community. Dave Sinclair, the Up and its community rent 1520 Hill Street: two turn of the century mansions – the old residence of the Mayor of Ann Arbor.
Soon after, Plamondon and Grimshaw are arrested by the Traverse City police (charge:marijuana possession). Plamondon spends 3 months in prison of Traverse County (bail of $20,000). Grimshaw leaves the state for 2 years.

31 Friday / MC-5, The Third Power *Hideout* Grosse Pointe (East) 400 people attending. (see CALENDAR) The design of the ticket is by Grimshaw with the slogan " Break Through American Stasis With The MC5 "


19 Wednesday / Publication of ROCK & ROLL DOPE #2 article in Fifth Estate reporting the facts of 31 May, June 7, and of June 12 - ARTICLE -
23 Sunday / Blue Cheer, MC-5, The Psychedelic Stooges, Light Show / TransLoveLight
*Grande Ballroom*, Detroit 1500 people attending (see CALENDAR)
4 Thursday / MC-5, The Up & more ( Rationals, Amboy Dukes, The Flock ) "Saugatuck Pop Festival", Saugatuck 3000 people attending. Wayne Kramer had had his new Stratocaster decorated (by Robin Sommers of Trans-Love) for the Independence Day festivities: red and white striped body, blue pick-guard with white stars, a flag hanging from the tuning pegs. ROCK & ROLL DOPE # 3, article published in the 5th Estate reporting the facts of the 23 and 25 June.
10 Wednesday / MC-5, Sugarcube *Hulabaloo*, Ann Arbor (First concert of the MC5 in Ann Arbor?) (see CALENDAR)
18 Thursday / Rock’n’Roll Dope # 4, article published in the 5th Estate reporting the facts of Tecumseh, of July 4, July 8, July 10
23 Tuesday / MC-5 *Loft*, Leonard, MI (where MC-5 played twice during the previous months) J.Sinclair and F.Smith got arrested in Oakland County. 30 days in jail for Sinclair (he was later acquitted) and 4 days for Smith and $2500 bail for each one.
26 Friday / Arrest of the five members of the group following the concert of *West Park* $125 of bail for each one.
27 Saturday / Publication of Ann Arbor SUN reporting the facts of the 14, 21, 26 July and of 28 July (last minute).
28 Sunday / MC-5 for the benefit of ALSAC / Assistance to the American Children with Leukemia *University of Oakland* Concert cancelled because of arrest warrants going back to 1966 against Tyner, Kramer and Davis.
29 Monday / The City Council of Ann Arbor prohibits any concert in West Park (after two years of activity). Gallup Park is selected for an alternate location - See The ANN ARBOR NEWS, Friday, August,16 1968 -
"The most influencial and widely read paper served by the web is New York's East Village Other (EVO) ... and it was reprinting some of the MC5's exploits ... Sinclair, on a trip east to hustle up work for the band, takes the record (Looking At You / Borderline) to EVO columnists Bob Rudnick and Dennis Frawley, who also host a weekly radio show, "Kokaine Karma" on WFMU, Upsala College's station ... There Sinclair meets Danny Fields, who happens to be the ' house hippie ' for Elektra Records."
Plamondon released from prison on bond. He wants to create an organization similar to the Black Panther Party: the White Panther Party.
1 Thursday / Rock’n’Roll Dopes #5 article published in the 5th Estate reporting the facts of July 23. .

7 Wednesday / Publication of an article in the Ann Arbor Sun reporting the facts of Gallup Park and announcing the Festival Of Life on Sunday 25 of August in *Lincoln Park*, Chicago
(see CALENDAR) The MC-5 would appear in a concert with the UP and Psychedelic Stooges.
25 Sunday / Norman Mailer writes some lines about the MC5 appearance at the Democratic Convention in Chicago - ARTICLE -
Release of Pun Plamondon. There is dissension in the ranks between John Sinclair and the MC-5. They are tired of living with the Trans Love Energies crowd.
6,8 Fri.,Sun. / "Dialogue'68" MC-5, Psychedelic Stooges etc. *First Unitarian Church* Detroit. Probably first meeting with J.C. Crawford and Panther White?
21 Saturday / The Amboy Dukes, MC-5, The Up *Grande Ballroom* Danny Fields, director of publicity for Elektra is present.
Danny Fields tries to get Jon Landau on the phone and finally send him a mysterious message "I have found it. Call me"...

22 Sunday / MC-5, The Psychedelic Stooges, The Up (Support of Children’s Community School) *The Union Ballroom*, U-M, Ann Arbor. Danny Fields is attending the show. Later he would asked Jon Landau to come and see the MC5 and finally to write a ten-page critique - "an individual assessment of each member of the group and his musical ability and also his opinion about their potential popularity and how they should re-structure their live performances and how they should record." Elektra gets the memo as well as Danny Fields who sends it out to the group...


26 Thursday / in New York : signature of the long-term contract ELEKTRA / MC-5 & Stooges. Elektra makes an advance of $50,000 to the MC-5 .
27 Friday / MC-5 *Crow's Nest*, Saint Claire Shores, Mi where the band announces the signing of the Elektra contract from the stage that night! (see CALENDAR)
3 Thursday / Publication of an article in the 5th Estate announcing the Elektra contract with the MC-5 .
30 Wednesday / MC-5, The Psychedelic Stooges *Grande Ballroom* - ELEKTRA RECORDING -

31 Thursday / MC-5, The Psychedelic Stooges *Grande Ballroom* - ELEKTRA RECORDING -
Produced by Jac Holzman and Bruce Botnick

Engineered by B.Botnick with Wally Heider's mobile. "Some of that live album ... is recorded in the afternoon with no audience there, just in the Grande Ballroom, empty ... Jac Holzman is standing there - he has a copy of Landau's memo - and he makes some suggestion and Wayne is saying to him, "We don't want to do it like Landau"...
They were attending the Elektra Recordings: Danny Fields, Jon Landau, Richard Goldstein (TESTIMONIAL)
30-31 / Leni Sinclair films KICK OUT THE JAMS (Super 8 camera)
? Film 16 mm color W / KICK OUT THE JAMS - MOTOR CITY IS BURNING by Trans Love Energies .
The group is disappointed with the live recording (24 tracks / mobile studio). At the beginning, J.Holzman had announced to them that they could re-record the songs if they were not satisfied with the result. They want to re-record the whole album in the studio. Holzman and Sinclair decide differently.
1st Friday / J.Sinclair and P.Plamondon announce the creation of the White Panther Party. Drafting of " White Panther : State/meant " / Program in 10 points by J.Sinclair published in the 5th Estate of November 14-27, 68. Fusion of the program of assault on the culture (Rock’n’Roll, Dope & Fucking in the streets) with the program of the Legal Self-Defense Group.
Skip Taube (of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) of Ann Arbor), Jack Forrest (of the SDS then collective Yippie of Detroit / 1st White Panther recruited in Detroit) integrate the collective.
5 Thursday / Declaration of J.Sinclair : the White Panthers are on the face of action; "White Panthers on the move" in the 5th Estate of December 12-24, 1968.
"To stoke the interest in the album (Kick Out The Jams), Elektra organizes a short East Cost tour. The idea is to establish the MC5 in three of the most important markets: Boston, Cleveland, and New York."
13 Friday / Publication of " Separation is doom " by J.Sinclair : liner notes intended to be reproduced on album KICK OUT THE JAMS (Elektra). In fact the first edition profits from it but they will be removed from the next editions under music industry pressure.
12-14 ; Thur.-Sat. / Velvet Underground, MC-5 *The Boston Tea Party*, Boston, MA
(see CALENDAR) On Saturday, Sinclair is approached by a member of the Motherfuckers, who asked if he might have a minute or two of the band's stage time to appeal for funds to aid in the defense of another Motherfucker who was in jail for stabbing a sailor ... so they make their plea ... before advocating the destruction of the club. (Mojo sept02)
16 Monday / Arrival in New York.
17 Tuesday / Sinclair, J.C.Crawford and assorted roadies and pals trooped up to the Elektra office to check on the progress of their impending album / Copies of the 7" "Kick Out The Jams - Motor City Is Burning" is specially pressed to be given away at the Fillmore concert (Dec.26) / Sinclair had committed 500 tickets for the MC5 show to the Motherfuckers for distribution to the Lower East Side community / The Rolling Stone cover story hits the newsstands / The White Panthers meet up with the home office of the Motherfuckers. Sinclair agrees to have the MC5 play the next night at the community's Wednesday free Fillmore freakout. (Mojo sept02)
18 Wednesday / MC-5 *Fillmore East*, N.Y. Last free Wednesday at the Fillmore ARTICLE
26 Thursday / MC-5 "Elektra free concert" *Fillmore East*, N.Y. Fights between Bill Graham's security staff and the Motherfuckers and the Pagans motorcycle gang. Finally, they make the MC5 the target of their attacks.
The MC5 are banned from both Don Law's Boston Tea Party club and Bill Graham's Fillmores.
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4 Saturday / The MC-5 are as a cover for Rolling Stone Magazine.
10 Thursday / Billboard criticizes the album severely.

Release of album KICK OUT THE JAMS (see DISCOGRAPHY for details) [ALBUM REVIEW]
The album is #2 in the Top 40 station CKLW, Detroit.
Hudson's Department Store in Detroit refuses to sell the album Kick Out The Jams due to obscenity. Handleman Co. refuses to handle the album while Cadet recalls unsold albums from stores after learning of the lyric and liner note phrase
The group places an ad in the Ann Arbor Argus (editor Ken Kelley / vol.1 #2 13-27 February) with the slogan " Kick out the jams, Motherfuckers! and kick in the door if the store won’t sell you the album on Elektra " with the logo of the Elektra label + below: " Fuck Hudson's " + live photo of the group and the logo of Trans Love energies. The ad is designed by Robin Sommers - art director at Trans Love. Also they send the bill to Elektra. PICTURE
The store withdraws all the Elektra product from its shelves.
26 Wednesday / Plaster casting of the MC-5. Casting #00010: Dennis Thompson. Casting #00011: Wayne Kramer.
Arnie Geller rereleases the 7inch AMG I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING / I JUST DON’T KNOW
" I JUST DON'T KNOW " is 1 new of the original session. (see DISCOGRAPHY for details)
"Kick Out The Jams" enters the Top LP's and Hot 100 in the Billboard charts.
Billboard Magazine (March,15): Elektra is changing a cut on its first MC5 album because of complaints about the lyrics ... new copies of the album would be available for dealers this week ... these albums will contain the single version, which says, "Kick out the jams, brothers ans sisters ... Armen Boladian, president of Detroit's Record Distributors Corp., reported the album had registred more than 20,000 sales in the Detroit area since its release last month, with most of these at full retail list..."
Self-financed promotional West Coast Tour (March,7~22)- ARTICLE -
8 Sat / "Kick Out The Jams" is #178 (Top Lp's) on the Billboard charts
14-15-16 Wed/Sat/Sun / MC-5, Congress of wonders, Clover *Straight Theater*, S.F.
15 Sat / "Kick Out The Jams" is #108 (Top Lp's) and #90 (Hot 100) on the Billboard charts. (#30 in Billboard a few weeks later.)
18 Tuesday / The Five are arrested in San Francisco and spend the night in jail - ARTICLE - for driving under the influence of alcohol and resisting arrest
While in L.A., they begin to work on their second album at the Elektra studios with producer/engineer Bruce Botnick


On this occasion Sinclair and Dennis Frawley visit the distributor of the Elektra discs to San Francisco where they note the modifications of the contents of all the albums of the MC-5 (censored liner notes and " Kick out the jams, motherfuckers " replaced by " Kick out the jams, brothers & sisters ").
Whereas sessions of "Back In The USA" in L.A. with Bruce Botnick (right before their departure from Elektra) are recorded, including the following titles: CALL ME ANIMAL - TEENAGE LUST - HUMAN BEING LAWNMOWER, Sinclair flies away to New York to meet Elektra management.
The contract is broken by mutual agreement between Sinclair and Elektra and the sessions are abandoned.
From New York, Sinclair wants to go to Florida and to join the group at the Easter Rock Festival in Fort Lauderdale (w/Chuck Berry & Creedence Clearwater). Their booking agent in Michigan announces that the state of Florida has just issued a warrant for the arrest of the group if they try to cross the borders of the state. Sinclair sends word for them to return directly to Ann Arbor from California.
Press article: "MC5 were taken off the bill of the mammoth Ft. Lauderdale Pop Festival, because of an allegedly "filthy" picture of the group at play which appeared in the Berkeley Barb." >>> Get the PICTURE !
J.Holzman puts a term at the contract of the MC-5 through a letter sent to the band and dated April 16, 1969.
/ court case in Pontiac,Mi where Fred Smith is acquitted and John Sinclair is found guilty. They've been arrested for assaulting a police officer at The Loft in Leonard, Mi on July 23, 1968.
5 Saturday / Publication of Lester Bangs's review of 'Kick Out The Jams' in Rolling Stone magazine.
Following the breaking of the contract with Elektra: Danny Fields informs J.Sinclair that Jerry Wexler (Atlantic Records) is interested in signing the MC-5 as of their disengagement with Elektra. Jon Landau would act as the band's intermediary. Sinclair goes back to New York where he meets Fields and Wexler. They quickly find an arrangement which gives to the MC-5 the total control of their recording, production, plus a money advance. Sinclair returns to Ann Arbor in time to face trial with Fred Smith for the assault charges from Oakland County July 23, 1968. He is acquitted but spends the night in jail. The following day he flies to Philadelphia where the MC-5 play with Alice Cooper (100 people attending)
"So the day they got the release [from Elektra] Wayne called Danny and Danny said to Wayne, why don't you call me [Landau] and Danny was not friendly with Wexler at this point, didn't know him that well. So I called Jerry and I said, " Look, I just got the word that the MC5 received an unconditional release from Elektra. Would you be interested in discussing it with them ? " And he said he would, to tell Danny to call Sinclair and Danny went and saw him and they set up a deal" (Jon Landau in fusion70)
Then they play at Ungano's Club ,
N.Y.C. (May,6) Meeting with members of the Living Theater for possible involvement of the MC-5 in their project " Paradise Now "
17 Saturday / Article in Billboard (by Fred Kirby) MC5 concert (at Ungano's) report . See link above.
19 Monday / Article in Newsweek (by Hubert Saal) MC5 concert (at Ungano's) report. See link above.
7 Saturday / MC-5, Illinois Speed Press, The Stooges *Eastown Theater Show* Mike Davis is charged with larceny from a building in Ann Arbor. ( FE June 12-25)
Ron Asheton
is asked to fill in for him (on Bass) and plays with the MC-5 at the *Eastown Theater* that day.
Signature of the contract with ATLANTIC. PICTURE
The band receive a $50,000 advance from Atlantic. The band is at this time at least $30,000 in debt. "The 5 are now based on a ten-acre hideout near Hamburg, Michigan ... they have now signed with Atlantic Records. The band will begin recording their next album at GM studios in Detroit this week and it should be released by mid-July." ( FE June 12-25)
Return to Hamburg, close to Ann Arbor where the MC5 settled and started to work (rehearsals) with Jon Landau, producer of the 2nd album, who was unimpressed by the first album of the MC-5.
"I [Landau] went out there in the early part of June and the MC5 had already left the White Panther Party physically. They moved out of the central location at Ann Arbor, and with the advance money Atlantic had given them had acquired a large house where they all lived in Hamburg, Michigan, almost in the country" (Jon Landau fusion70)
Jon Landau lives in the house for 4 months with the band and Rob's wife and his son and Wayne's lady Chris and Sigrid [Dobat], who is now Fred Smith's wife, and various other people from time to time.
John Sinclair sill lives in Ann Arbor and is still complete and sole manager of the band.
Second week : Pre-production of BACK IN THE USA (rehearsals) at GM Studios, East Detroit. The pre-productions correspond to the 3/4 of the material released on the Atlantic album: TONIGHT - THE HUMAN BEING LAWNMOWER - LOOKING AT YOU - THE AMERICAN RUSE- CALL ME ANIMAL - TUTTI FRUTTI - TEENAGE LUST - HIGH SCHOOL - BACK IN THE USA -
"...About the second or third day you know I realized we hadn't done anything yet musically. We just rapped ... So I was there for two weeks at first and I concentrated almost entirely on just building rapport with the band and gradually making my feelings known. And we practiced and practice for three, four or five days. And we weren't ready for making records but decided that we weren't gonna go anywhere until we went to a studio and everybody heard the results and could decide for themselves whether the way things were was the way things should be. And of course we went in and it was fairly disastrous in the sense that it was not musically good and we came out of that, and they were leaving to go on a two or three week tour and I was going to go home, they were coming to Boston and we were going to have a big meeting Boston to discuss it. So that's what happened..." (Jon Landau fusion70)
When they are recording Back In The USA, they all wish they can have re-done some of the tunes on the first album but legally that isn't possible because Elektra owns the rights to the songs for five years (fusion70).
16-18 / "'Ann Arbor Riots' which featured three days of pitched battles between rock-throwing "freeks" and a massive contingent of riot-trained police. For FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover, who had been incensed by what he termed "filthy" and "obscene" lyrics by the MC-5, the mere presence of White Panthers at the riots was proof that they had coordinated the revolt. After reading reports on the riot, Hoover ordered that actions be taken to monitor, disrupt, and damage the WPP." (JAH) Note, during these 3 days the MC5 were playing gigs at the The Ark in Boston.
16,17,18 - Mon.,Tues.,Wed / MC-5, Good Clean Fun, Cloud
*The Ark*, Boston "They came to Boston and John and I got together for a while and we both had a long rap ... Many of the things I was pointing out, weaknesses particularly in the rhythm section, I felt were things that were bothering Wayne specifically for a long time ... And to varying degrees Fred and Rob could accept things you know. And most of my criticism was focused on Michael and Dennis at this particular time ... In Boston Dennis and Rob really got together. Rob could accept some of the things I said but he was really against other things. He thought that I was definitely going to conservatise things and slow things down ... We had a big thing one night and Dennis said to me, " Well look, I'm not gonna play any fascist marching music. " I said, " well look, I'll tell ya' what " - I made this statement first. I said to him - " You can play whatever you want on this record. It's not my job to tell you what kind of music to play. But the only condition that I am going to insist on as a producer in this situation is that whatever it is you're gonna play I think it should be right musically. I mean I think it should be together. If you want to play jazz, if you want to play something that's far out musically, that's fine. And if it's something I can't handle I'll leave. " I never considered my job to make them play something I had on my mind. The only thing I said to him was, " Whatever it is, it's gonna be right. " There were certain things I would not accept and I outlined it to him. And I think that we established and understanding there ... " (Jon Landau fusion70)
"When I [Landau] got out there [Detroit]it was like a different situation altogether. I felt that the comments and direction that I had been talking about were taken seriously, that they were into it and the musical growth they made was unbelievable." (Jon Landau fusion70)
Interview with David Walley for Jazz & Pop Magazine -INTERVIEW-
? Jon Landau warns the group to separate from J.Sinclair and their political entourage.
12 Sat / "Kick Out The Jams" is #120 (Top Lp's) on the Billboard charts
Mid July / The MC5 and Jon Landau decide to have a meeting with John Sinclair to clarify the situation. "Well, the thing to do is to have a concrete proposal. " and what they [MC5] proposed was to modify their relationship with John and to split the management between John and Danny and divide the money accordingly ... And the MC5 proposed that he receive a certain percentage [15%] in the future and it would be less than what he was getting and certain responsibilities would be transferred to Danny Fields and this type of thing ... there was no signing an agreement ... I was not getting any percentage from the MC5. I had a separate agreement from Atlantic so there was nothing that I was getting that was being taken away from them. I was supposed to be paid by Atlantic ..." (Jon Landau fusion70)
19 Sat / "Kick Out The Jams" is #137 (Top Lp's) on the Billboard charts
21 Monday / John Sinclair's trial for possession of marijuana, Recorder's Court Building, Detroit, 9:00am.
25 Friday / John Sinclair has been found guilty of possession of two joints of marijuana. Sentencing is set for Monday, July 28th. John Sinclair faces a ten-year sentence for parole violation in addition to his sentence of mandatory twenty to life on his third marijuana effense. He is taken to State Prison of Southern Michigan.
28 Monday / J.Sinclair is condemned to 9 ˝ years of prison for the charge of possession of marijuana ( see January 24, 1967 ). He is sent to the penitentiary of Jackson. While there, he writes the book Guitar Army (Douglas/World) and Music & Politics (World) with coauthor Robert Levin.
Plamondon becomes leader of the WPP.
On Monday,28 Creem Mag. announces "Look for an Atlantic single release for the MC5 real soon. According to their record company it will be released prior to the album. The A side of the 45 will be "Tonight" by Fred Smith backed with "Looking at You". This is the third time "Looking at You" has been recorded and "This time i think we've got it," says Rob Tyner."
2 Sat / "Kick Out The Jams" is #159 (Top Lp's) on the Billboard charts
9 Sat / "Kick Out The Jams" is #158 (Top Lp's) on the Billboard charts
The MC5 play benefits ; in the first month $3,000 or $4,000 go to John Sinclair's Fund.
Bill Rowe becomes MC5's new accountant.
John Sinclair starts writing negative letters about the MC5 and Wayne Kramer - in the Village Voice, Rolling Stone...
Landau's suggestion is that the MC5 take upon itself the legal expense of John Sinclair's defense.
Over a period of time it becomes impractical and impossible for the MC5 to make these payments because even the day to day expenses for running the band are not being paid for. The company takes its two rented cars back. There are thousands of dollars worth of bills involved, there are thousands of dollars worth of gasoline bills, there are thousands of dollars of equipment bills. Plus at Landau's urging, the band drastically curtailed its [too many] gigs to work on the music and to record it.
Danny Fields is being put forward as a possible manager. And eventually, for a brief period of time, he manages the band - and for most of the summer Landau is involved in a lot of their activities that go beyond just recording.
Early October : Album Back In The USA is finished.
The situation of the WPP is as follows: J.Sinclair is in prison at Marquette.
Grimshaw is on the run. Plamondon faces charges in 3 states. G.Plamondon and L.Sinclair accused in the New Jersey for possession of marijuana on their return from Woodstock.
8 Wednesday / the Grand Federal Jury of Detroit accuses J.Sinclair, P.Plamondon and J.Forrest of having plotted " the destruction of the head office of the CIA in Ann Arbor and shows Plamondon to have carried out the plan one year before. This one immediately takes to the " maquis " ("underground", a myth at this time). S.Taube becomes the most significant member of the party.
15 Wednesday / TONIGHT / LOOKING AT YOU (see DISCOGRAPHY for details)

19 Sunday
/ MC-5 *Sherwood Forest* (Grand Opening), Davison, Mi - ARTICLE -
The situation with John just continues to deteriorate until eventually, after Landau refuses to become their manager (a job which they offered him several times), the band hires a professional manager. By the time Jon Landau left he had gotten the band an association with Frank Barsalona. "That in turn got them associated with a very powerful manager in N.Y. But unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, these things didn't work out either." (Jon Landau fusion70)
Danny Fields(?) gets the MC-5 connected with Dee Anthony and Frank Barsalona ( From the booking agency Premier Talent ) who becomes their agent.
25 Saturday
/ MC-5 *Narragansett's First Tribal Rock Festival*, Boston, MA - TESTIMONIAL -
Concert Dates * TESTIFY ! * TOP
KICK M---------------------C-------------- FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUT THE JAMS M---- O ------ - - -T-----H ----E -----R --  --- F--U--C-K-E-R    ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!! THE---------
The film "Kick Out The Jams" by Leni Sinclair is recognized at the Ann Arbor Film Festival.
15 Thursday / album BACK IN THE USA (see DISCOGRAPHY for details)  [ALBUM REVIEW]
Produced by Jon Landau
Engineered by Jim Bruzzese
Recorded at GM Studios, East Detroit, Mi.


The album "Back In The USA" peaks at #137 on the (Billboard) charts.
23 Thursday / Arrest of P.Plamondon (bail $100,000), S.Taube (bail $30,000) and J.Forrest (bail $30,000). Taube and Forrest take 5 years firm.
For their first European appearance, four shows are planned in England (see CALENDAR)
On that occasion they meet Ronan O'Rahilly (Founder of Radio Caroline)
26-31, Sun.-Frid. / The producer for Atlantic Geoff Haslam have a team of English technicians with him so one title of the forthcoming album is recorded in England (SISTER ANNE). The song is recorded for the most part in London at Landsdowne Studios ( Assistant engineer Ashley Howe ) and Pye Studios ( Assistant engineer Larry Bartlett ).
Chris Hodenfield interviews the MC-5 in London.
Publication of Caroline Boucher's article MC5 Problem in UK magazine Disc & Music Echo
Recording of the album "HIGH TIME"
Article by C.Hodenfield for Strange Days Mag. issue #1, Sept 11th-25th - ARTICLE -
8,9 - Sat.,Sun. / a rehearsal session for the album "HIGH TIME" is recorded including title "Head Sounds" at Head Sound Studio, Ypsilanti, MI
Concert Dates * TESTIFY ! * TOP
KICK M---------------------C-------------- FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUT THE JAMS M---- O ------ - - -T-----H ----E -----R --  --- F--U--C-K-E-R    ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!! THE---------

The White Panther Party is officially dissolved.

6 Tuesday / album HIGH TIME (see DISCOGRAPHY for details)  [ALBUM REVIEW]
Produced by the MC-5 and Geoffrey Haslam
Engineered by Geoffrey Haslam.
Recorded at Artie Fields Studios.
Sinclair finishes the foreword of his book Guitar Army.

10 Friday / MC-5 not invited to "Free John Now" Benefit Concert, *Crisler Arena*, Ann Arbor . 15 000 people attending
13 Monday / J.Sinclair is free; The Supreme Court of Michigan declares the state’s laws on marijuana unconstitutional.

Concert Dates TOP
KICK M---------------------C-------------- FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUT THE JAMS M---- O ------ - - -T-----H ----E -----R --  --- F--U--C-K-E-R    ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!! THE---------

Interview of the MC5 by Ben Fong-Torres published in Rolling Stone June 8, 1972.
The MC-5 are touring Europe
"Controversial American rock band MC5 arrive in Britain on Thursday to begin a series of concerts arranged at the last minute by promoter Ronan O'Rahilly. They will be in Europe until the end of March and are also planning concerts in France and Denmark. They are hoping to record a live album [Live On Saturn] during the British concerts and are writing and performing the music for a film entitled GOLD which O'Rahilly is producing in April." (press article)

5 Saturday / MC-5, The Houseshakers & DJ Andy Dunkley *The London School of Economics* , London (UK)
Michael Davis misses this significant concert : Airport security in Detroit would not let him board his plane for England. He takes another flight the following day and D.Thompson comes to meet him.

13 Sunday / The MC-5 at *The Fox*, Croydon, England - ARTICLE -
The group plays some concerts and a week later Michael Davis is fired from the MC-5.

[Probably] 14-15-16 / Recording (in London) of the following titles: TRAIN MUSIC, INSIDE OUT and GOLD for the film soundtrack GOLD produced by Ronan O'Rahilly. (Title 'Gold' appears on ROIR release 'Babes In Arms' in 1983). W.Kramer plays the bass on those titles. The players on that are : Fred on guitar, Wayne on bass & guitar, and Dennis on drums. The last of the MC-5. The piano is dubbed in on the tune Gold by Wayne. (see DISCOGRAPHY for details) See also a presentation of film GOLD (incl. a downloadable sequence) featuring MC5's original soundtrack.

An English bass player (Steve 'Annapurna' Moorhouse) fills in for the remainder of the tour. Steve plays his first gig with the MC5 in France.
17-22 / MC-5 are touring France.
A radio broadcast is scheduled for the program "Carré Bleu" at Europe n°1, Paris.
During an interview to a French mag, Rob announces the recording of a live album [Live on Saturn] at the Town Hall in New York when they are back home around early April. The album will contain new songs exclusively.
Unfortunately "Live On Saturn" will never see the light.
Around the same period of time, their European manager Ronan O'Rahilly is discussing a possible deal with label Roulette Records. This latter attempt will eventually fail.

Rehearsals at Herouville Castle (in France) / sound engineer : Dominique Blanc-Francard . A film for the T V is made by Pierre Lates and Gerard Jourd'hui (for the program "Rock en Stock") See the non official album "Thunder Express"


31 Friday / Publication of an MC-5 interview by Nick Kent for Frendz mag. issue #24 - INTERVIEW -
After touring England they're going to Germany for a few dates.
Steve Moorhouse quits. In Stuttgart, Germany, they meet an English bassist, Derek Hughes
who will finish the European tour.

8 Saturday / Broadcasting of the Herouville sessions on French TV. The program is entitled "Rock en stock."
Ronan O ' Rahilly produces the film Gold " The Story Of The New American Dream " after the realisation of Universal Soldier.
Back to the USA, Ray Craig is the new bassist for the MC5 untill they eventually return to Europe in June.
"MC5 tagged as the "last of the truly underground bands" in America, will visit Britain next month for appearances coinciding with the premiere of a political satire film called 'Gold,' produced by former Radio Caroline chief Ronan O'Rahilly. The group are featured on its soundtrack." (Record Mirror 20th May 1972)
Mid-JUNE to JULY / European tour with Derek Hughes on bass.
The premičre of GOLD by Ronan O'Rahilly would take place in West End (London). No advertising campaign is committed on account of the budget.
Dennis Thompson quits the group. Rob Tyner follows.
Kramer and Smith fly to Europe to play some gigs with Derek Hughes on bass and a drummer (Ritchie Dharma) recruited there. The rhythm section is recruited in England. Remain W.Kramer and F.Smith. They sing the songs, some for the first time.
23 Thursday / MC-5, Alrune Rod "Beat Forum" *Kennedy School Gym* Gladsaxe (Denmark) - ARTICLE -


The MC-5 are filmed for "Pop Konsertti" at Kulttuuritalo in Finland.
29 Wednesday / MC-5 *Bataclan* Paris (France) - Filmed for TV Pop 2 .
( End of the England / Scandinavia tour )
15 days in Italy are cancelled when the organizers learn that the group is not complete.
31 Sunday / MC-5 *Grande Ballroom* LAST SHOW EVER

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