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June 2009
New references of MC5 books in the library. Included one essential to any MC5 fan!

March 2009
- February 1969 MC5's 'Kick Out The Jams' was rising to n°1 status on Michigan college radio stations, Wayne Kramer and Dennis Thompson were in the hands of Cynthia Plaster Caster, and soon on the way to kick out the jams at the upcoming Drug Symposium held by LeMar (LEgalize MARijuana) in the State University of New York, Buffalo. The late journalist and photographer Alain Dister was there to testify.

- The MC5 Recorded Legacy section is temporarily offline in order to not interfere with another project - however still in progress.

- MC5 DRUMMER ROCK CONTROVERSIAL ATTACK STYLE! ... '' is a new blog supplied by Dennis Thompson himself and Kim Maki.

September 2008
- MC5 RECORDED LEGACY - Welcome to MC5 recorded legacy section, this is an attempt to give a complete picture of the recorded and filmed MC5 legacy : RECORDING SESSIONS , LIVE PERFORMANCES , TV APPEARANCES , FILMED MATERIAL , DEMOS & TAPES & BOOTLEGS - 
Still a work in progress...

August 2008
- Wayne Kramer interview from fanzine Swill - 1994

July 2008
- New additions to the Poster Gallery and Concert Dates section

January 2008
*"Real Cool Time - MC5 and the Stooges" by Chris Hodenfield - GO magazine 1969
Concert report of the MC5 Stooges David Peel Mollock at the Pavilion, Flushing Meadow, NY

* 'MC5 Muddle - Kick Out The Jams' album review by Mick Farren (1969)

Available late January 2008 - 224 pages!!!

Previously UNPUBLISHED INTERVIEW with ROB TYNER and some incredible rare photos.
Interview by Doug Sheppard.

I encourage every MC5 fan to purchase this fanzine - Another great effort by Mike Stax.

Don't miss it!!!

website :
contact :

December 2007
- New in the Library "Dave Marsh on the MC5 - Interview" - M.C.Five Gateway

November 2007
- New in the Library "Michael Davis Interview" by Eric Lorey - End Times 1986

June 2007 - New in the Library (check the Articles, Testimonials & Live Reviews section) : "Dennis 'KOKAINE' Frawley, Bob 'KARMA' Rudnick and The MC5"

January 2007
What's new :
- a couple of new posters in the gallery
- coming soon, a new section compiling the MC5 FILMED MATERIAL
- Ken Bush provides us with 2 great & never seen photos of the MC5 at East Detroit High School 1970
- On the shelves : MC5 BIOGRAPHY by BRETT CALLWOOD
- GUITAR ARMY by JOHN SINCLAIR w/ intro by Michael Simmons

January 2007
- Previously unbroacasted video of the MC5 at the Beat Club (Germany 1972) Title is Motor City Is Burning. On

May 2006
- New in the library : "Edge Of The Switchblade : To Hell, and Back, with the MC5" by Ralph Heibutzki - 1995 - DISCoveries magazine

March 2006
- Read Don McLeese's album review of 'KICK OUT THE JAMS' extracted from his book (see below)
- A new section in the MC5 Library : DVDs/Spoken Words
- Peter C. Cavanaugh, a big noise on the radio in Flint back in the rockin' late '60s and early '70s, wrote a book about his experiences called "Local DJ." [see an excerpt / MC5 chapter here]
PCC says he has signed film option rights to Kathleen Glynn and her new production company, Blue Lake Entertainment. Familiar ring to it? She is married to filmmaker Michael Moore and has produced all of his efforts to date.
- In his book "KICK OUT THE JAMS" (2005 - Continuum - 33 1/3 Series) "Don McLeese tells the story of one of the most hyped, controversial, and polarizing albums in the history of American rock music."
- New Posters in the GALLERY and Concert Dates
- Have you checked the new MC5 LIBRARY yet? There you'll find all the INTERVIEWS , ARTICLES TESTIMONIALS & LIVE REVIEWS , ALBUM REVIEWS , a BIBLIOGRAPHY...
DVD by Michael McNamara : "It's about a radio station called CKLW - hugely influential in Detroit and the American mid west during the 60s and 70s. CKLW was the first top 40 station to add Kick Out the Jams to their playlist, and was largely responsible for helping it get into the charts."

January 2006
- In the last past months, the Gateway did not develop that much because of lack of time. See you soon in 2006 with news and new features. Meanwhile, I wish you ALL A COOL NEW YEAR !

July 2005
- Out this month : David A. Carson's book GRIT, NOISE & REVOLUTION - The Birth Of Detroit Rock'n'Roll (University of Michigan Press) Several chapters are dedicated to the MC5.
A DVD by Leni Sinclair and Cary Loren : "MC5 KICK OUT THE JAMS" (

June 2005
- The White Panther Party (WPP) of Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan was a radical counterculture group which became a major target for the FBI's counter-intelligence (or "COINTELPRO") program between 1968 and 1971....
[ "THE WHITE PANTERS' Total Assault On The Culture" by Jeff A.Hale, Ph.D. - a vey well-informed essay and other stories on the Detroit Artists' Workshop, Tran-love Energies and the MC5. Rare pictures of the MC5 join the original article....] HERE

April 2005
- In 1972, the MC5 recorded 3 songs for film soundtrack GOLD. For your pleasure, here is a downloadable sequence of the film featuring MC5's original soundtrack & title GOLD. HERE
December 2004

- New phtos in the Gallery : by Leni Sinclair, Emil Bacilla, Joe Stevens . . . Rare pictures

November 2004
- Paperback magazine COUNTDOWN, associate member of the Underground Press Syndicate PRESENTS : 'MC5' by Richard Goldstein , 'THE MC5 IS A WHOLE THING' by John Sinclair , 'BROTHER JOHN SINCLAIR IN DARKEST AMERICA' by Dean Latimer - 1970
- New in the library : 'MC5 : Kickin' out the jams' by JAMES THOMPSON - 2000

October 2004
- Addition of 36 MC5 concert posters to the GALLERY

August 2004
- A testimonial from our sisters - THE STORY OF MC5 GROUPIES : THE HIGLAND PARK STOMPERS - 2004

May 2004
- A dozen more concert dates and a couple of handbills >>> Concert dates Handbills&Posters
And a special thank you to Tom Brinkmann

April 2004
- Press Report Finland August 1972
- Correct lyrics to 'STARSHIP' Courtesy of Dennis 'Lost In Space' Thomspon
- VIDEOS are back in the MC5 Gateway - to Download - in the Gallery
- Correct Lyrics to "TONIGHT" courtesy of Dennis Thompson

March 2004
- More pictures in the GAllery - #9
- More Five's pictures in the GALLERY - see #8

February 2004
- in the Library : MC5 PROBLEM by Caroline Boucher - 1970
- Additions of original Press Reports to various Concert Poster links. More to come in the future.

January 2004
- Additions to the Concert Poster Gallery - Gary Grimshaw corrected various pages from the Poster Gallery
- More Concert dates

December 2003
'We are happy to announce the launching of the all-MC5 webguide WWW.MC5.ORG to you. Now and in the future will be THE PLACE for anybody seeking information on this legendary American band whose history forever remains an inseparable part of the history of the city of Detroit and the turbulent life and times of America in the late sixties. We will be happy to hear from you should you have comments, criticism or suggested additions to the site. Otherwise please take a look and welcome - with us - from Detroit, Rock City the mighty mighty MC5!'

November 2003
- ROB TYNER interview by John SINCLAIR - 1967
- Lyircs: One Of The Guys
- MC5 at Narragansett's First Tribal Rock Festival, Boston, 1969 - Tom Brinkmann - 2003

October 2003
- Gallup Park - - Where The Sunday Action Is - Doug Fulton - 1968
- Lyrics: Call Me Animal
- More concert posters HERE

September 2003
- Rock & Roll Dope #5 ©1968 by JOHN SINCLAIR
- The MC5 now : A Brief Muse by IAN R. FINES- 2003
- MC5 discography : TAPES

August 2003
- Holidays....
- Rock & Roll Dope #4 ©1968 by JOHN SINCLAIR
- Here's a link to MC5 INSTRUMENTS TABS . First entry is SKUNK (Sonicly Speaking)

July 2003
- Rock & Roll Dope #3 ©1968 by JOHN SINCLAIR
- Rock & Roll Dope #2 ©1968 by JOHN SINCLAIR - A testimonial from J.Sinslair's legendary book GUITAR ARMY / Street Writings
- More Concert Dates
- Here is a cool tribute to Detroit rock'n'roll - "Kick Out The Jams" next to T. Nugent tatoo. The MC5 Gateway appeals to any MC5 tatooed boys and girls to show their own MC5 TATOO in its new section - kind of a gallery of MC5 art.
If you are interested in contact us

June 2003
- New section : MC5 GEAR MC5's MICHAEL DAVIS' GEAR - 2003
- Interview : Jon LANDAU ©1970 by Robert Somma
- Testimonial : GRANDE BALROOM - Zenta New Year ©1968 by Richard Goldstein

May 2003
- Lyrics: Borderline

April 2003
- 19 more handbills and concert posters in the gallery
- Dennis 'Machine Gun' Thompson gives the correct version of the lyrics to "American Ruse" - "High School" - "Gotta Keep Movin'" -
- Rob Tyner Collage Gallery #7
- En vrac... more concert dates, concert posters, additions to the Legends Of The MC5.
- MC5 at the Grande Ballroom, May 10 & 11, 1968 - Programme

March 2003
- More concert posters
- Straight to the point : MC5 biography - 2003
- From Detroit Inner City Blues to Zen and the Art of the Studio: An Interview with the MC5’s Wayne Kramer by David Ensminger

February 2003
- More concert dates / more posters in the gallery
- Downloading of the MC5 Singles Collection pictures is improved - it's 4 times as fast.
- Have you ever heard of eGroups!? Here is one for you... Click here " This list group is for those people that hold the MC5 near and dear to their hearts. If you lived through the actual experience or would have liked to then this is for you. Discussion is open to ANYTHING MC5. Got real stories to tell, things MC5 related to sell or just want to hangout, then JOIN NOW and lets "Kick Out The Jams!"."
- Testimonial: "Riots I Have Known And Loved" by Wayne Kramer - 2002

January 2003
- Very rare photos of Rob Tyner added to the excerpts from 'LOCAL DJ'
- Lyrics - Ramblin' Rose
- Concert report: Rock and Roll Revival by Dennis Frawley (1969) w/ pictures
- " Legends Of The MC-5 / Updates " is a new monthly page wherein one can read all the lastest new entries and testimonials of the current month. Any new addition is added to the whole story - the Legends Of The MC-5. Read the whole story Here

December 2002
- More Concert Dates (England 1972)
- New section: MC-5 Concert Posters, Handbills & Advertisements Database (w/ pictures and details)

November 2002
On Wednesday 30, film makers Laurel Legler and David Thomas presented MC5*A TRUE TESTIMONIAL in London. The auditorium was sold out. Ronan O'Rahilly, Geoffrey Haslam, Derek Hugues, all closely involved in the MC-5 story were there. Next screening next month in Amsterdam.

In the meantime, check out " THE LEGENDS OF THE MC-5 " !!!
"The LEGENDS project tells the story through edited contemporary and temporary printed sources combined with new material from various people not necessarily involved closely with the band. MC5 seen from the audience side too.
The LEGENDS project will be a collection of entertaining concert reminiscences and other nice anecdotes, an entertaining piece as well as a fine handbook for anybody interested in information on the MC5. Un hommage aux MC5." [Anders Röder]


In the making:
- "MC-5 & Detroit Scene Family Tree"
- "MC-5 studio / live Gear & Sound" Contributors are welcome to discuss the MC-5 sound in particular!
- "MC-5 Filmed Material" database

- Addition to the "Legends. . . " : Jerry Goodwin's recollections.
- New section: "Where To Buy MC5" [no more online now]

October 2002
- 67 Steering Committe: the foundations of Trans Love Energies Unlimited
- Album review: Aaron Duchan discusses the sound of the MC5 Live recordings and makes relevant observations on the three original album reviews (2002). HERE
- Lyrics - Miss X

September 2002
- Pat Burrows: An Interview With The Original MC5 Bassplayer by Ken Shimamoto (2002)
- FINALLY OUT! The Chicago Underground Film Festival presents the World Premiere of local filmmakers [warn.dead link>] Dave Thomas and Laurel Legler's documentary MC5*A TRUE TESTIONIAL on Thursday August 22, 7:00 and 10:30 PM at Landmark's Century Centre Cinemas
- The 27th Toronto International Film Festival has announced the screening times for MC5*A TRUE TESTIONIAL: Wednesday, September 11 & Friday, September 13
- Wayne Kramer Collage Gallery #6
- Motor City Madness by Art Johnson (1969)
- More concert dates

August 2002
- Fred 'sonic' Smith Collage Gallery #5
- Holidays . .

July 2002
- Album Review: "Kick Out The Jams" by Chris Stigliano HERE
- Concert report MC5 in Great Neck by William Aronstein (1969)
- Concert report MC5 at Ungano's, NYC by Fred Kirby and by Hubert Saal (1969)

June 2002
- A comic strip to read on line! "Armed Love" by Jay Kinney and Ned Sonntag click here
- Former DJ at WKNR in Detroit Jerry Goodwin recalls. See the Timeline or click here
- Concert dates

May 2002
- New photos in the GALLERY #4
- Album Review: "MC5 Revisited" by Anders Röder HERE

April 2002
- Lyrics - "High School" - "Back In The USA" - "Tutti-Frutti" - "Let Me Try"
- More concert dates

March 2002
- Lyrics "Motor City Is Burning"
- Concert dates
- MC-5 in San Francisco by Art Johnson (Fifth Estate / 1969)

February 2002
- Anything new this month?
Yes, many of our pages were boosted but no big changes !
Except that January, the 14th saw the birth of Martin, my second son . . . but you probably don't give a damn about that !!?
Check a new video in the Gallery in a few days. KOTJ!
- Album Review: "Back In The USA" by Wayne Davis (1972)
- MC5 video "Kick Out The Jams" #2

January 2002
- Album Reviews: MC5 Bootleg Legacy by Ken Shimamoto Here
- New pictures in the Gallery #3
- MC5 music VIDEO from 1969 on line in the Gallery. Play it LOUD!!!
- More concert dates
- Discography by song title

December 2001
- Concert Report: Teen Outrage In Croydon, UK 1972 Here
- A new section here : Album Reviews
- More concert dates
- Lyrics - "Come Together"
- Lyrics - "Black To Comm #2" here

November 2001
- Concert dates
- Review of the MC-5 appearance at the Democratic Convention of Chicago by Norman Mailer

October 2001
- Review: MC5 Live at Beat Forum 23rd of November 1972, Gladsaxe, Denmark by Anders Röder.
- New section : the MC-5 Library
- Lyrics - "Baby Won't Ya"
- Gary Grimshaw enriches the Library. Once upon a time, Lincoln Park, Rob Tyner...
- New section : the Gallery Here

Sept. 2001
- 1968 Fact Sheet made up by Elektra - answers are supplied by W.Kramer Click here
- Concert dates
- Lyrics - "Looking At You" - "Tonight"
- Ckeck out the David Thomas (FutureNow Films) interview by K.Shimamoto at i94bar Here
- MC-5 at the "Straight Theater" (March 1969) ~ Story by Mike Walter Here ~ Thanks to Stephan Petersen at Clover infopage
- The Timeline is under re-construction but still on line.

August 2001
- Holidays...
- Concert dates

July 2001
- Concert dates (New York City, London...)
- A new section : the Press Release Click Here
- Lyrics - "Starship" - "Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)" - "Thunder Express"

June 2001
- A comic strip to read on line! "Armed Love" by Jay Kinney and Ned Sonntag Click here
- Former DJ at WKNR in Detroit Jerry Goodwin recalls. See the Timeline or click here
- Concert dates

May 2001
- Lyrics - "Future/Now" "The Human Being Lawnmower"
- Concert dates

April 2001
- Lyrics - "Gotta Keep Movin'" - "Over And Over" - "Shakin' Street"
- Concert dates

March 2001
- MC5 Discography
- More concert dates
- MC-5 article by Chris Hodenfield : " Rough trade from Venus " (1970)
- MC-5 interview by Nick Kent (1972)
- The "Songs The MC-5 Taught Us" / Miscellaneous page is opened - Here
- Lyrics - "Sister Anne" "Teenage Lust"

Feb. 2001
- MC-5 interview by D. Walley (1969)
- Excerpts from P. Cavanaugh's book "Local DJ"
- MC-5 article by C. Hodenfield (1970) (Excerpts but more to come)
- More concert dates
- The MC-5 Lyrics page is opened - "Poison" - "Black To Comm" - "The American Ruse" - "Rocket Reducer n°62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)" - "Kick Out The Jams" - More later ...