Here is a two pages hand-written fact sheet which was found incidentally and recently in the gatefold sleeve of an original copy of the MC-5 album "Kick Out The Jams". The former owner of that album has written up the original fact sheet somewhere between Summer 1969 and 1972.

The following fact sheet was made up by Elektra (They're now with Atlantic) and the answers are supplied by Wayne Kramer, guitar player for the MC5.
Real Name : Wayne Kramer
Birthplace : Detroit, Michigan
Birthdate : 4/30/48 Taurus - Leo rising
Hair : brown
Eyes : hazel
Height : 5' 11" Weight : 160-65
Mother's name : Mable Baggett
Father's name : Stanley Kambes
Brothers & Sisters : Peggy (6), Kathy (16)
Present home : Ann Arbor, Mich. (moved recently)
Instruments played : guitar, drums, bass, all keyboards, occasional saxophones, and i'm starting on brass.
Where educated : I moved once a year the 12 years i was in school (except for 4 years in Lincoln Park)
Age entered show business : 11
First public appearance : Lincoln Park Bandshell
First professional appearance : the Crystal Bar on Michigan & Central Avenue, in Detroit, in Winter '65.
Biggest break in career : I get bigger breaks everyday
Biggest disapointment,etc : Too many to go into
Music likes : Reality, i.e. real and natural, i.e. down in the all & people who are the solution
Music dislikes : equipment breakdown, bogue tuning, people who are the problem
Fav. band : Stooges, Sun Ra, Shepp, Trane
Fav. instrumentalist : Tyner et al., Trane & group, Shepp & group, Sanders & group, Ra & ditto
Fav. songwriter : Tyner et al.
Fav. food : home made pie
Fav. drink : water, beer, whisky & coke, wine, ---, et al.
Fav. clothes : custom made
Fav. actor : Arthur Jones (?)
Fav. actress : Chris Hovnanian
Fav. singer : Ituri forrest Pygmies (?), James Brown, Pharoah Sanders
Fav. color : all
Personal manager : John Sinclair
Musical direction : for fuckin out record prod! "el supremo" (subj to change)
Composition : we all write our own parts.
Former occupation : door to door salesman (mags, cards, etc), car washer, laborer.
Hobbies : I'm on full time hobbie.
Best friends : 5, Brother J.C. Crawford, Stooges, Rationals, Steve, Ron, John Sinclair, Jac, Danny, Bruce, Bill Sommers, Pun, Panther, Harvey, Chris, Sigrid, ---, Ed, Frank, Bill, Winston & all the cool kids at Dearborn High.
Pets : cats, birds
Car : none

Professional & personal ambition : I haven't fully realize my personal & professional ambitions because I try to keep my ambitions in line with my means, so as my means become greater I'm constantly realizing my ambitions. It goes on forever. "


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