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JULY 1970

25 Saturday /

MC-5 , Edgar Broughton Band ,
Kevin Ayers , Pink Fairies ,
Steve Peregrine Took & Shagrat ,
Mighty Baby , Humblebums , Cochise ,
Demon Fuzz , Legs Larry Smith

*Phun City Festival* Worthing , UK

Posters Design by Edward Barker

Melody Maker ~ July 18, 1970
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PHUN CITY IS COMING - Record Mirror - 13.6.70

   A new three day festival called Phun City is to be held at Worthing in Sussex from July 24.
   Phun City will cover a hundred acre site four miles from the town, and architect Cedric Price is designing large inflatable domes and other experimental structures to house a film festival, a theatre and poetry readings.
   The major part of Phun City will be a rock auditorium. Bands and artists so far booked include Kevin Ayres, Edgar Broughton, Clarke-Hutchinson, Colosseum, Cochise, Free, Matthews Southern Comfort, Mighty Baby, Michael Chapman, Pink Fairies, Quintessence, Renaissance and the Third Ear Band.
   Negotiations and underway for the Grateful Dead, the Who, the Pink Floyd, Country Joe McDonald and the MC5.
   Other attractions at the festival include a motorcycle exhibition a nightly light-show and a giant market place. The site also includes a large camping area.
   Tickets are £1 per day and £2 for three days.


NOT SO PHUNNY CITY - Record Mirror - 11.8.70

   Phun City proved to be a financial disaster last weekend when less than 10,000 rain bedraggled people attended the three-day festival at Worthing, Sussex.
   The trouble, however, started a few days before, when a film company withdrew its backing after the local authorities tried to get a court injunction to stop the festival.
   Phun City's only other source of finance - it cost about £8,000 to run the festival - came from £4,000 promised in guarantees from Ronan O'Rahilly and the various concessions to caterers. Some of the rock groups also donated money.
The Phun City organisers blamed the weather and the lack of well-known groups for the low attendance. Topping the bill was the American revolutionary group, the MC5.