JUNE 1972

3 Saturday / MC-5 , Trees , Bridget St John , UFO

Third Ear Band , Brinsley Schwarz

*Clitheroe Festival*, Clitheroe , UK

Line up : Rob Tyner , Dennis Thompson , Wayne Kramer , Fred Smith , Derek Hugues (bass)

by Penny Bosworth -
Melody Maker - 6.10.72

Suddenly upon a lonely castle keep, came a wandering band of nomads and all day they listened to funky minstrels, and at the end of the day the friendly council paid the bill.
No - it's not a fairy story. Clitheroe Castle '72 (June 3) might have been a festival-goers dream. The council gave the Clitheroe Young People's Recreation Committee the grand sum of £1,500 to set up an extravaganza in the castle grounds and they spent their money wisely to give a balanced show in which everyone could find something to enjoy.
Trees started the show and played folk songs and jigs for an hour and a half on the town's little green painted bandstand.
Bridget St John unfortunately suffered from under-amplification, but there was plenty of room at the front for those who wanted to hear her. She sang pretty songs to suit the day and ended with her single "It's Real" and the title track from her new LP "Thank You For."
UFO burst on the stage with all the dignity of a third world war and proceeded to thrust their sexual organs at anyone interested, whilst playing at full power a bit of Trogg-type innvendo-ladden rock. Still, a lot of people liked them.
Coming on at the freaky hour of twilight, the Third Ear Band bewitched everybody with music from Polanski's MacBeth. With swallows swooping above them they produced a more melodic sound than of yore.
Brinsley Schwarz played their own set then offered to carry on when the MC5 didn't arrive on time. Like wine, they improve with time and towards the end people were leaping about among the bushes. But they seemed to lack some vital ingredient - the music was pleasant enough but never reached a peak though Bob Andrew's work on electric piano was excellent.
Because everything was supposed to be unplugged by midnight MC5 could only play for half an hour but they came right out front and gave everyone a rocking finish to the day with good strong guitar breaks interspersed with corny phrases like "We've just got in from Detroit in the US of A."