MC5 at the University of Missouri , Rolla

Photos by ?

left to right :
Wayne Kramer (in the shade) , Rob Tyner (front) , Michael Davis , Dennis Thompson , Fred Smith



24 wdnesday/



*U.of Missouri*

Rolla , MO


"On Wednesday, Feb.24, the MC-5 filled the Multi-Purpose Building with their expressive acid-rock music. Perhaps it is a tribute to their Detroit background that a Missouri Miner article reported the smell of LDO [Liquid Diesel Oil]drifting through the crowd during the performance. In any event, the MC-5 provided a fantastic performance for all the "undesirables" present. SUGARLOAF finished out the year's General Lectures with a performance featuring pre-released music as well as hits from their past two albums."
(From RollaMo 1971 yearbook , U.of Missouri, Rolla)