ROB TYNER interview - by John Sinclair - 1967 - The Warren-Forest Sun
The following interview with ROBIN TYNER, the lead singer of the MC5, the major Detroit avant-rock band, was recorded by JOHN SINCLAIR in the first week of May, 1967, for THE SUN

MC-5 interview - by David G.Walley - 1969 - Jazz&Pop magazine
This interview took place in the New York apartment of the MC5's press agent Danny Fields, the day after the Detroit band signed their new contract with Atlantic Records.

FUSION interview : JON LANDAU - by Robert Somma - 1970 - Fusion
"In October of '68 Danny [Fields] was out in Detroit. He saw the 5 and totally freaked, and he tried to get me on the phone and I was away for awhile, and he finally sent me a letter : " I have found it. Please call."

MC5 interview - by Nick Kent - 1972 - Frendz
- Firstly, why the move to Europe? - Basically there are some people we want to work with over here like Ronan O'Rahilly, we have a few projects going with him

Michael Davis From The MC5 - by Eric Lorey - 1986 - MC5 Gateway
From the mid-60's to the early 70's, the Motor City 5 rampaged through the musical world like a locomotive gone wild. Their blistering assault of ideas and music, their freshness, substance, and drive have never been equalled.

Wayne Kramer interview - by Mighty High - 1994 - Swill fanzine
Here’s another oldie from the Swill fanzine archives. In November, 1994 I got a call from Dalton, the editor of Swill to see if I’d be interested in interviewing Wayne Kramer of the MC5 with him. His first solo album, The Hard Stuff, was about to come out on Epitaph Records

Open Up The Limits - an int. w/ DENNIS THOMPSON - by Mike Johnston - 1995
We went to high school together. When we were in junior high, four of us had a band called the Bounty Hunters. That was Rob, Fred, Wayne and myself

MC-5 MICHAEL DAVIS interview - by Jason Gross - 1998 - Perfect Sound Forever
- You met the rest of the band while you were in school? - They went to school together and I was kind of separate from their growing up. I was about 22 when I met those guys so I was a little older

MC5 - WAYNE KRAMER interview - by Jason Gross - 1998 - Perfect Sound Forever
When we first met, I was trying to put a band together. I asked around at school for other guys who wanted to play in a band. Someone told me about a juvenile delinquent they knew who played bongos

MC5 - BEN EDMONDS interview - by Jason Gross - 1998 - Perfect Sound Forever
In 1968, I was going to college in Ohio and heading back to Boston for the Christmas holiday I stopped in New York to see some friends of mine who were signed to Elektra

MC5 - JOHN SINCLAIR interview - by Jason Gross - 1998 - Perfect Sound Forever
When I first saw them, I thought they were incredible. Just totally fucking great. They were trying to extend rock and roll into something that had more space for creativity and improvisation

MC5 - DENNIS THOMPSON interview - by Jason Gross - 1998 - Perfect Sound Forever
I started playing drums when I was four. When I was 8 or 9, my family would get together - my brother would play guitar and my sister would play piano so we'd play together

MICHAEL DAVIS at the Center of the Universe - by Ken Shimamoto - 1998 - i94bar
When I met those guys, I was not a bass player. What I did was play acoustic guitar and harmonica and sing Bob Dylan songs. When I heard Bob Dylan about 1962 or '63, it completely changed the direction of my life

LENI SINCLAIR: Through The Camera's Eye - by Ken Shimamoto - 1998 - i94bar
I met John [Sinclair] when we were both students at Wayne State University. We started living together and we became the nucleus of the group of people who loosely called themselves the Detroit Artists Workshop

DENNIS THOMPSON: Phamtom Patriot - by Ken Shimamoto - 1998 - i94bar
Lately I've been trying to become a priest, but they won't let me. I've got a CD coming out called Phamtom Patriots, Volume One. I'm shopping a label. There are two or three labels that I'm courting

Working To A Plan : BROTHER WAYNE KRAMER - by Ken Shimamoto - 1999 - i94bar
It's been quite an odyssey for Wayne Kramer. From 1964 to 1972, he was point man and Fender guitar terrorist for the legendary MC5, the Ur-American garage band turned psychedelic radicals whose high-energy jams prefigured much of the 30 years of rock and roll dementia

MC5 : Kickin' out the jams - by James Thompson - 2000 - MC5 Gateway
Formed in about 1965, the Motor City Five - soon shortened to MC5 - began as yet another British Invasion

Dave Marsh on The MC5 - Interview - M.C.Five Gateway - 2000 - MC5 Gateway
This Q/A was conducted via email someday in 2000. "Ultraveteran rock critic/journalist/biographer" Dave Marsh was patient and kind enough to enlighten some points of history as the MC5 Gateway was about to tell the story of the MC5 - still an untold story at that time

Politics Of Celluloid : DAVID THOMAS Of Future Now Films on "MC5: A TRUE TESTIMONIAL" - by Ken Shimamoto - 2001 - i94bar
Filmmaker David C.Thomas' might not be a name commonly known to fans of Rock Action - but it should be. For the past half-decade, he and his wife/partner Laurel Legler have been pursuing a vision: a feature-length documentary film telling the story of the MC5

Interview with MC 5's WAYNE KRAMER - by David Ensminger - 2001 - Left Of The Dial
From Detroit Inner City Blues to Zen and the Art of the Studio: An Interview with the MC5's Wayne Kramer

PAT BURROWS : an interview with the original MC5 bassplayer - by Ken Shimamoto - 2002 - MC5 Japan , I94bar , MC5 Gateway
When Wayne Kramer played Dallas in July 2002, he dedicated the show to "all bassplayers, past, present, and future" then introduced a slight, grey-haired man standing near the stage as Pat Burrows, the original bassplayer from the MC5

MC5 : Sonic Revolution 2004 - by Jack Lefelt - 2004 - VH1
After their first tour in over 30 years, the surviving members of MC5 sat down to discuss reunion, rebellion and their role as the "it" band of the '60s revolution

Interview with JOANNA of the HIGHLAND PARK STOMPERS - The Story of MC5 Groupies - 2004 - MC5 Gateway
My sister, Lilli and I were part of a group of girls that loved you guys. Remember the "Stompers". We hitch hiked all over Michigan, Windsor, Ohio, and Illinois to get to your gigs