Rock & Roll Dope #5 - by John Sinclair - 1968 - Fifth Estate
Poet-MC5 manager John Sinclair and MC5 guitarist Fred Smith were brutally assaulted, beaten, MACEd, and arrested by members of the National Security Police, the Oakland County Sheriff's Department, and the Michigan State Police while performing...

Rock & Roll Dope #4 - by John Sinclair - 1968 - Fifth Estate
In the past two weeks since the last issue of this paper a bunch of new developments have taken place: Almost every job for the MC5 brings a new and different creep scene into being

Rock & Roll Dope #3 - by John Sinclair - 1968 - Fifth Estate
I promised you when I started this column that I'd take you behind the scenes in the rock and roll industry so you can see what your bands have to go through just to be able to do their thing on stage

Rock & Roll Dope #2 - by John Sinclair - 1968 - Fifth Estate
A strange polarization seems to be happening with rock and roll fans right now, with white teen-age audiences turning toward either total freek scenes or greasy reactionary hostility when confronted with the revolutionary guerrilla tactics of the MC5

Kick Out The Jams - by Richard Goldstein - 1968 - Village Voice
The MC5 and their people share a rambling twenty room house near the University of Michigan campus. The floors are clean, the stereo system is in good condition, and the dope facilities are excellent

Had The Horns Of The Huns Ever Had Noise To Compare? - by Norman Mailer - 1968 - Miami & The Siege Of Chicago
There was no stage - the entrance of a flatbed truck from which the entertainers could have played had not been permitted. So the musicians were half hidden, the public address system was not particularly clear

The Continuing Saga of the MC-5 - by Robert Christgau - 1969 - Village Voice
I first encountered the MC-5 in Detroit, two weeks after missing them in Lincoln Park, where they were the only rock band to brave Mayor Daley's blue vibrations. That means more to me than to those who regard Chicago

Rock and Roll Revival - by Dennis Frawley - 1969 - Fifth Estate
Detroit's 1st Rock and Roll Revival held Memorial Day weekend at the Fairgrounds significantly began the summer's slew of pop festivals across the country

Motor City Madness - by Art Johnson - 1969 - Berkeley Barb
Coming home late at night from the Fifth Estate office back in '68, I could hear the Five blasting the primitive atonality into the glass-littered streets outside what was then their home, the Artist's Workshop

THE MC5 at Ungano's, NYC - by Fred Kirby - 1969 - Billboard
NEW YORK - Ungano's vibrated with excitement and sound on Tuesday (6) as the MC5 opened a three - night stand

THE MC5 at Ungano's, NYC - by Hubert Saal - 1969 - Newsweek
The souped-up music of the MC5 starts off in high and never throttles down. Until recently, pop music from Detroit was all Motown, the slick manufactured charm symbolized by the Supremes

Kicking The Great Neck Jams - by William Aronstein - 1969 - Changes
Out of all of the nation's bands, the MC5 is one of the very few who will perform at a high school even though there is more money in a club

MC-5 in San Francisco - by Art Johnson - 1969 - Fifth Estate
SAN FRANCISCO - The MC5 have blasted their way out of the grease pits of FoMoCo city, resolved their feud with the Motherfuckers of New York's lower east side, and wound up in the San Francisco jailhouse after a near street fight with a squad of TACs

MC-5 at the "Straight Theater" Story - by Mike Walter - 1969 - Clover Infopage
We had never heard of the MC5 before the Straight Theater gig. After that one night we never forgot them. I was a roadie for Clover at the time and was one of the first to arrive to set-up the equipment for the night

"Rough Trade From Venus" - by Chris Hodenfield - 1970 - Strange Days
Wayne Kramer had been drinking. Dennis Thompson, the drummer, was leaning against the wall of the hall in the Marquee, and Fred Smith the guitar came up and told him

You've Come A Long Way, Baby - by Connie White - 1970 - Creem, Motor City Music Archives
The MC5 returned to Detroit, at the Eastown Theater January 9 -10, for their first appearance of 1970, with a drastically changed stage show and performance. It was radically different even from their last previous local appearance with Led Zeppelin in November

MC5 - by Richard Goldstein , The MC5 is a Whole Thing - by John Sinclair , Brother John Sinclair in Darkest America - by Dean Latimer - 1970 - MC5 Gateway
from paperback magazine 'COUNTDOWN' , an associate member of the Undergound Press Syndicate , first printing by the New American Library

Teen Outrage In Croydon - by Charles Shaar Murray - 1972 - Cream magazine
The gig was chronically under-advertised, and there was every reason to doubt that any significant proportion of the audience knew who the MC5 were

MC5 : No More Violence - by Steve Turner - 1972 - Beat Instrumental , Rock's Backpages
MC5 decided to conduct their interview with me in one of their cupboard-size hotel bedrooms. On the door was a poster of Chairman Mao, on the wall a centre-page spread from Penthouse

Edge Of The Swtichblade : to Hell, and Back, with the MC5 - by Ralph Heibutzki - 1995 - DISCoveries
Nothing strikes closer to home than run-ins with missed opportunities. While some might say "time heals all wounds," such words offer cold comfort in the high-stakes rock'n'roll game, whose meanest mercenaries are all too eager to spit out the bones

The MC5 : How the Jams Were Kicked Out! - by John Sinclair - 1977 - ZigZag , Rock's Backpages
When I first started working with the MC5 as their official manager in the late summer of 1967, they had just had all their equipment repossessed (all except for Dennis Thompson's drums), due to their failure to make any payments on it for an eight-month period

FRED "Sonic" SMITH - by C. Ross - 1996 - Oceanstar
As guitar heroes go, Fred "Sonic" Smith was one of the best, his musical legacy firmly established by his time spent as one half of the dual guitar arsenal that fueled the legendary MC5

The MC5 : The Lost Chapter In Rock & Roll History - by Mike Cusimano - 1998 - Lollipop Magazine
The old airplane hangar called Gilligans in Buffalo is rocking with excitement in 1969. The long haired musicians have bullet holsters thrown over their shoulders. The Motor City Five jump right into their controversial song "Kick Out The Jams"

MC5 - A True Testimonial - by David C.Thomas - 1998 - Perfect Sound Forever
The film will place the story of the MC5 in its historic context, exploring the tension between the idealistic goals of an exploding counterculture and the demands of a commercial marketplace, celebrating the band's accomplishments and high-energy aesthetic, examining the factors that contributed to the rise and fall of the MC5

MC5- Live at the Grande - by Eric Rairigh - 1998 - Perfect Sound Forever
You could see the stage about 250 to 300 ft. away, not a chair in sight. Did we like to dance or what! Around the perimeter, we would troll, lookin' for our cocktail of choice for the night

Sonic's Rendezvous - by Freddie Brooks - 1998 - Perfect Sound Forever
I first heard of the MC5 while a teenager and living in Texas. Got the Kick Out The Jams record and flipped. There was an address inside for the White Panther Party began corresponding and soon opened a WPP chapter in Fort Worth

The Rise and the Fall of the MC5 - by Ian Fines - 1998 - Perfect Sound Forever
It is Halloween night, 1968. An anticipatory excitement is building within the eager crowd at Detroit's Grande Ballroom. There is something extraordinary in the air, beyond the smell of incense and marijuana

Rob Tyner - A Four Part Tribute Interrogations - conducted by Jason Gross - 1998 - Perfect Sound Forever
Who was the person who was the voice of the MC5? We wondered this ourselves so we got the word from Tyner's bandmates, friends, fans about who this PERSON really was other than what we've heard on the records

Rocket Reducer - by Wayne Kramer - 1998 - LAWeekly
You don't think there's something hilarious about tripping your brains out and having the police kick in your door and getting your van firebombed by right-wing fanatics and having more sex than you could ever have dreamed of?

MC5 - The Motor City Visits Chemical Valley - by Christopher Skelton - 2001 - Classicrockpage
I'd like to share with you all some very fond memories about the MC5. I hope that you enjoy it. In the words of their manager John Sinclair, "I give you a testimonial. The MC5!"

GARY GRIMSHAW on the MC5 - 2001 - MC5 Gateway
We called it "Stinkin' Park". We were myself, Rob Tyner, Kelly Martinsen and Carl Schigelone. The four of us were the core of a gang of sorts, an Art Gang

MC5 Live at Beat Forum Nov.23 1972, Gladsaxe, Denmark - by Anders Röder - 2001 - MC5 Gateway
Around 1000 people attended the concert held by Beat Forum in Hoeje Gladsaxe salen also known as The Kennedy Gym. The doors opened at 7.30 pm

Former DJ at WKNR in Detroit JERRY GOODWIN recalls - 2001 - MC5 Gateway
As a DJ at WKNR-AM in Detroit in '65 I did regular "record hops" on a weekly basis. I used a band at that time called "Jack and the Misfits." When that band broke up I then picked up "The Motor City Five"

Excerpts from PETER CAVANAUGH'S book "LOCAL D.J." - 2001 - MC5 Gateway
I had seen the band initially at Delta College outside the Tri-City airport near Saginaw in late January. I worked with them for the first time at the "Foxy Lady" in Bay City a few months later

THE WHITE PANTHERS' "Total Assault on the Culture" - by Jeff A.Hale - 2001 - MC5 Gateway
The White Panther Party (WPP) of Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan was a radical counterculture group which became a major target for the FBI's counter-intelligence (or "COINTELPRO") program between 1968 and 1971

Riots I Have Known And Loved - by Wayne Kramer - 2002 - Left Of The Dial
Usually, when the band stops playing and the mob doesn't have anything to focus on, the riot starts. At least that's the way it generally went down with my band: The MC5

MC5 at Narragansett's Festival, Boston, 1969 - by Tom Brinkmann - 2003 - Headpress
it had the infamous "motherfucker" line uncensored. By the time I bought my copy, the line had been changed to "brothers and sisters". I also heard you could steam off the inside fold-out sleeve where the original liner notes had been pasted over and censored - which I promptly did

THE MC5 now : A Brief Muse - by Ian Fines - 2003 - MC5 Gateway
What has become of the MC5 legacy? is some bitch from Friends or other tv crap show going to be the official band rep of the day? a hipster thing is it?

MC5's MICHAEL DAVIS' Gear - by Michael Davis - 2003 - MC5 Gateway
What you have is an overview of the gear that Michael used during the MC5 days from 1965 to 72

DENNIS 'Kokaine' FRAWLEY, BOB 'Karma' RUDNICK & The MC5 - 2007 - MC5 Gateway
After the MC5 released their second 7" Looking at you b/w Borderline in 1968, manager "John Sinclair, on a trip east to hustle up work for the band, took the record to East Village Other columnists Bob Rudnick and Dennis Frawley

REAL COOL TIME - MC5 and the Stooges - by Chris Hodenfield - 2008 - MC5 Gateway
Concert report of the MC5 & Stooges & David Peel & Mollock at the Pavilion, Flushing Meadow, NY, 9/1969

JANUARY 1969 MC5 (kick out the jams) - by Alain Dister - 1977 - MC5 Gateway
The 5 plays in Buffalo the last evening of these eventful days, at first organized for LEMAR, movement to legalize marijuana, but soon implied in student fight. Their concert hall: a sport place stuffed with a very young audience