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MAKEMYDAY - makemyday@free.fr
21-12-2003 11:40:39
BROTHERS & SISTERS, We are happy to announce the launching of the all-MC5 webguide WWW.MC5.ORG to you. Now and in the future mc5.org will be THE PLACE for anybody seeking information on this legendary American band whose history forever remains an inseparable part of the history of the city of Detroit and the turbulent life and times of America in the late sixties. We will be happy to hear from you should you have comments, criticism or suggested additions to the site. Otherwise please take a look and welcome - with us - from Detroit, Rock City the mighty mighty MC5! Enjoy - Brother Anders Roder. Greetings From Mauro Bozzi and Francois Hostal

MARK STAYCER - jstaycer@chartermi.net
20-12-2003 15:28:11
It's been over 3 decades. We now have instant communication via the internet, satellite television, radio. And it still takes 5 seconds of decision to realise your purpose here on the planet. Over 3 decades ago, I chose to be part of the solution. Peace, my brothers and sisters. Stay alive with the MC5!

Tom - t_d_t_m@hotmail.com
15-12-2003 19:40:31
Hi The DVD is actually 4.5hours long. The guy from Future/Now was interviewed recently for Carbon 14. It's in issue 23 and can be obtained on the net. He mentioned about sealing a distribution deal and putting the film out on more film festivles. It looks very realistic that the film will be released in Spring 2004. I hope it's out by March but it looks set to be either March or April. I think they used some of the footage from the DVD stuff on the Sonic Revolution programme on channel four. Anyone know what's happening with the Dodge Main live album? It's taking ages to be released. Wayne said he's got the stuff for it and I think he's going to release it on Muscle Tone but it's taking far too long. Cheers Tom

Jean Pierre -
15-12-2003 08:13:47
Site formidable et trčs bien conçu

Sulphur Fury - sulfurfury@aol.com
09-12-2003 18:29:42
Just wanted to say as a fan of John Lennon I discovered the MC5 due to the concert Lennon put on in 1971 in Ann Arbor to legalize marijuana and to free John Sinclair, the MC5's manager, from jail. Not because I was there, I was born much later. But as I grow older I understand better the time period I just missed and how everything fits in to the big picture. Being from Chicago puts a local spin on everything. Thanks to brother Wayne Kramer for his excellent choice on the Songs From The Material World CD from 2002...!!!

rusty - the02ripper@yahoo.co.uk
09-12-2003 17:26:38
whats the story on the movie?

Chris Doll -
30-11-2003 19:16:00
Hello francois we having the gratest time in our lives here in Los Angeles ... on monday we begin to record the album with michael =)thank you !!

henrik - henrikholmgren666@hotmail.com
30-11-2003 12:01:43
Thank you for your music MC5 !!!

RICK RIECKHOFF - rrieckhoff@homeinteriors.com
28-11-2003 21:44:58
Does any body out there have a copy of the Fifth Estate that had the cover feature on the MC5 Tartar field show? I was on the cover of that issue wearing a black kimono with a dragon on it doing my best Wayne Kramer air guitar pose. Sure would like a copy of that cover and the accomanying article.Also, saw Wayne last week open for Cheap Trick. Wayne and I talked after his set and we both agreed that Cheap Trick deserves a new level of respect for putting Wayne up on stage to address their fans. Many were dumfounded but many were impressed by the motor city boy.It's never to late for the masses to learn! Kick em out. Brother Rick From Sonic

joe hurley - southfieldauto@aol.com
28-11-2003 02:16:43
Hey Francois! Good job on the site. Why don't you put as a backdrop to your opening page Fred "Sonic" Smith in his sonic smith suit? Just a thought. Joe Hurley HURLCO

Mitch Holdinghausen - mholdinghausen@msn.com
27-11-2003 19:48:15
I saw the MC 5 play in Festus, Mo. in the early 70's in a roller skating rink called "Caveland". It was a huge cave in the side of a mountain. Does anyone know the exact date of that show ? I also saw Nugent and Seger there a few years later...Any dates on that show ? Thanks !

Anders -
26-11-2003 19:57:52
From the Wayne kramer messageboard: "SONIC REVOLUTION: A CELEBRATION OF THE MC5" This week's NME called it "A rockumentary to crown all other rockumentaries." In March of this year, the three surviving members of one of the most influential rock bands of all time reconvened for a unique, one-off show. The result is the 30-minute program SONIC REVOLUTION: A CELEBRATION OF THE MC5, which mixes film of this explosive performance with atmospheric archival footage and brand new interviews telling the story of one of rock and roll's most incendiary groups. Featuring Wayne Kramer, Michael Davis and Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson--and joined by guest stars Lemmy (Motorhead), Dave Vanian (Damned), Ian Astbury (The Cult) and Nicke Royale from Sweden's Grammy winning Hellacopters--devotees, fans and friends traveled from all over the world to hear the music of this blue-collar Detroit rock group long hailed as inspirational. Modern musicians as diverse as Jack White from the White Stripes, Mani from Primal Scream, Richard Fearless from Death In Vegas and Detroit's The Go discuss the musical influence of the MC5 as well as the creative impact of both members now passed on, Rob Tyner and Fred "Sonic" Smith. BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe and Mojo Magazine's Andrew Male narrate the band's story. When: Wednesday, November 26th Where: Channel 4 Music (UK) Time: 1:00am broadcast Length: 30 minutes

alva edison - keepontrash@excite.com
24-11-2003 03:30:08
uncle russ wants you!

Michael Bolan - mbolan@comcast.net
23-11-2003 23:12:53
Hello from Michigan and we are still elated having just seen The MC5 film a few weeks ago. My photos from The Palladium in Jan.'69 were used in the film and David and Laurel and Dennis Thompson held a question/answer session afterward that was great. Laurel mentioned that they were close to cutting a deal for distribution and that the DVD would be 4 hours in length! Keep kickin' 'em out!!! Michael

tim - tim_hurley2003@yahoo.com
20-11-2003 03:52:33
Yo, Francois, Wassup with the "God is black and she is beautiful" crap? I do not read french. This is really offensive to those who know Jesus as Lord. If you are trying to make a point, I'd suggest you do it anyother way. Amen? Luv ya enough to tell ya'.

Frank -
13-11-2003 02:41:49
Great site, it must have taken alot of work to create something like this. Good job! If you get a chance, take a look at mine

mr.allin -
11-11-2003 18:13:09
hi motherfuckers!

Klaus Kleinowski - KKleinowski@hotmail.com
11-11-2003 13:04:02
Congratulations to this high informative site about one of the best R'n'R bands, who ever exsisted, together with the mighty Stooges. Bow down to early Bob Seger System and Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels

Mikko Kapanen - johnschildren@yahoo.com
10-11-2003 12:25:08
The contents of this site are simply amazing. How you've amassed all this information I'll never understand but THANK YOU for doig what you've done here!

rtx2 - rtx2_@hotmail.com
08-11-2003 08:56:20
Great site! Lovin' all the work you've done! You ARE part of the solution!

Henri Järvinen - hono_89@luukku.com
06-11-2003 19:50:19
This is best MC5 site what I've ever seen!!!!!!!

tom brinkmann - vaioduct@aol.com
31-10-2003 12:00:20
Have been an MC5 fan since the first album. Subscribed to the Ann Arbor Argus. Saw the MC5 at Boston Garden on October 25, 1969 with Johnny Winter and Led Zeppelin as the headliners. Long Live the mighty MC5!!!!!!!

Francois - makemyday@free.fr
31-10-2003 02:19:46
J.C.CRAWFORD's speech is in the MC5 GATEWAY at http://makemyday.free.fr/brojc.htm I admmit it may hard to find in the midst of all the MC5 webpages.... that's why I intend to make a real database for the MC5 Gateway in a near future. Hold out! F.H.

eastsideb billee - eastside billee
30-10-2003 15:52:35
I humbly apologize for my terrible mistake. Thanks for the correction! luv, billee

HURLCO - tim_hurley2003@yahoo.com
30-10-2003 01:00:30
ABORT MISSION!!!!ABORT MISSION!!!!!Wayne and Mike will not be able to make it to the Detroit premiere of "A True Testimonial" No one sent shit anyways....shame on you! But it should be a lot of fun! I'll de-brief you on the festivities Francois! Special not to Eastside Billee, You had it right except for one word...it's "LEMME' SEE A SEA OF HANDS OUT THERE!" Get it right son!

eastside billee - eastside billee
28-10-2003 18:35:38
Since finding this website, I attempted to find all the lyrics to The MC5 testimonial speech used prior to Ramblin Rose. I simply couldn't find it. SO - I dictated it myself and here it is for all to enjoy. luv, billee Brothers and Sisters, I wanna see ya see ya hands out there, Lemme see ya see ya hands I want everybody to kick up some noise, I want to hear some revolution out there brothers, I want to hear a little revolution ? Brothers and Sisters, the time has come for each and everyone of you to decide Whether you are gonna be the problem or whether you are going to be the solution (that?s right) You must choose brothers, you must choose It takes 5 seconds, 5 seconds of decision, 5 seconds to realize your purpose here on the planet It takes 5 seconds to realize that it?s time to move, it?s time to get down with it, Brothers, it?s time to testity and I want to know, are you ready to testity? Are you ready? I give you, a testimonial ? The MC5!!

eastside billee - Baybo272@hotmail.com
26-10-2003 14:35:34
I was AT that Tartar field show as well as many other "5" shows. What a band! Gone but never forgotten. luv and peace forever

Kirk Stauffer - kirkrstauffer@aol.com
24-10-2003 06:31:53
What a great site! Lots of good memories here. Living in the Seattle area now, but while growing up in Royal Oak, I saw the MC5, SRC, Frost, Rationals, etc. on many occasions in the late 60s. Still get the vinyl out once in a while or borrow "Kick Out The Jams" from the local library. Geez I miss those days ...

Jericho Omega - maxpower370@msn.com
24-10-2003 03:52:14
fat chicks need love too...they just have to pay

tim hurley - tim_hurley2003
22-10-2003 20:45:48
Regarding the aforementioned message: time is of the essence. If you can help, send donations to Tim Hurley @ 321 W. 18th St., Holland MI, 49423. Any amount not utilized for the purpose of getting Michael Davis and Wayne Kramer to the Detrot Premiere will be returned. Thank You

Tim Hurley/HURLCO - tim_hurley2003@yahoo.com
22-10-2003 01:17:17
Hey kids! Are you ready for some of that motherfuckin' rock n' roll motor city style? It is time to testify in Detroit, on October 30, 2003 (the 35th anniversary of the recording of "Kick Out The Jams") the Detroit debut of "THE MC5; A TRUE TESTIMONIAL will hit the screen at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Brother Francois, we need your help. Marshall your troops to pony up an offering to help us fly Wayne Kramer and Mike Davis into town for this historical night. Anything our fellow European bro-dogs can do is appreciated. this is a legit request. Francois, you know how to contact me.

luke - treehugger029@aol.com
19-10-2003 21:02:27
mc5 rules! go mc5!

ellen - ellen_ithilien@hotmail.com
16-10-2003 18:59:43
the best mc5-site i've seen!!

Craig Hughes - sales@beadabeada.com
16-10-2003 03:25:46
While looking for old Grande Ballroom posters, I stumbled onto this site. Far Out! Our band "The Train" played on the bill with the MC-5 on Jan 24, 1969 at the Grande Ballroom, and on April 7, 1969 at Olympia Stadium, and on May 30-31, 1969 at the Michigan State Fairgrounds. We always liked MC-5, and when the CD came out I was surprised to see our Grande Poster in the inside sleeve of Kick Out The Jams from Jan 24, 1969. Great memories of a great band!! Thanks Craig Hughes, flute player, The Train

Kk - Kk_675@hotmail.com
14-10-2003 16:34:00
Kick Out the Jams, Motherf*cker! What can I say. The site rules. A true testimonial to one of the greatest bands in history!

Brandon D. - wizardbrandon@hotmail.com
14-10-2003 04:05:08
kick out the jams motherfuckerrr!!!!!!

Rich P - rickyroo74@hotmail.com
05-10-2003 12:05:56
Mc5 still cool, image, sound, pretty much the whole package.

mc5scott - mc5sok66@aol.com
01-10-2003 21:18:30

tim hurley - tim_hurley2003@yahoo.com
26-09-2003 21:57:00
Hey Francois! Wassup my brother?

Michael - mbolan@comcast.net
20-09-2003 22:26:35
On Thursday 18th of September 1991 I was in Royal Oak, MI at Washington and 4th St and was waiting to cross the street and looked at a car sitting there and it was Rob Tyner awaiting a light change. I thought nothing of it with the exception that he looked about the same as when I first saw him at The Grande in '67. Later that evening he was returning from a store run and was pulling in his driveway and smashed into his garage having succumbed to cardiac arrest. Difficult to comprehend that Detroit lost The MC5's singer. I'll say a prayer for you and your family Becky.

Adam -
16-09-2003 11:43:02
MC5 make me wanna get up and move/sweat/shake! I may be from a different generation but I know for sure that their music is still powerful today, and still changing lives today. KOTJMF

tiago - mojorisin829@hotmail.com
15-09-2003 18:21:37
rock and roll revolution motherfuckers,fred sonic smith lives forever and the mc5 changed the way i saw things now you got to kick out the jams motherfucker

PHIL JUSTICE - tabatha1@free.fr
05-09-2003 21:52:25

Roger Houston - rogerhouston2000@yahoo.com
01-09-2003 13:20:53
When are we going to see a big Wayne Kramer national(of international)tour. The world is waiting.

Claudia Larsen - cl-larsen@hotmail.com
26-08-2003 02:23:01
Hi, I your site & will definitely watch them again soon ;)

paracetamol - mpgobernador@hotmail.com
22-08-2003 07:29:14
i´m from a small country in southamerica, it´s called uruguay, my friends and i play in higheneryrnrband called hablan por la espalda if any of u mc5 fans are interested in rockin´bands from exotic places i think u should check us out, i really mean it...respect the mc-5

frank legarsky - mich45acp@core.com
22-08-2003 07:02:58
Just playing some old tunes and checked out the sight!All i can say is kick out the jams!!!!!!!!!

- noemail@hotmail.com
20-08-2003 04:44:41
Wow! You must have spend a lot of time putting this website together! X0

Salvia Divinorum - info@salvia-divinorum.ca
20-08-2003 01:47:02
Hello there, I just wanted to say hello and complement you on your great website. I really enjoyed looking through it! Please have a look at my site, Best of luck to you!

Salvia Divinorum - info@salvia-divinorum.ca
20-08-2003 01:47:01
Hello there, I just wanted to say hello and complement you on your great website. I really enjoyed looking through it! Please have a look at my site, Best of luck to you!

Elvis - i'm dead - can't get email
19-08-2003 02:54:47
damned fine site here! A big thanks to whoever put together the poster gallery. Kick out the Jams! (and don't hurt your back, we're not teenagers any more)

Dollhouse TourDates!!!!!! -
17-08-2003 19:17:35
All my danish and geman friends !!!!!!!!!!! look out!!!!!!!! If you like Mc5 Check out this band Dollhouse from sweden, when they blow your town away they really kick em out!!!! They are amazing !!! Contracted to the same Management as Mike Davis and Dennis"Machinegun"Thompson www.svengirly.com Dont miss it!!!! 13/9 Copenhagen (DK) Beat Packing District w/ the Defectors **
14/9 Hamburg (D) Scandia Bar **
15/9 Hannover (D) Bei Chez Heinz w/ Torpedo girl **
16/9 Kassel (D) The Haus **
25/9 Hamburg (D) Molotow w/ Adam West

Chris -
17-08-2003 18:19:50
Mountain high!!!!!!!!! Love your page brother Chris fr dollhouse

RICK RIECKHOFF - rrieckhoff@homeinteriors.com
15-08-2003 19:21:03
I saw the "FRIENDS" episode, last night, where Jennifer Anniston sported an MC 5 T, the whole show. Somebody needs to find out the story behind that! Between "Freinds","Becker" and "Jackass" the boys are finally getting tv exposure. We do it because we have to! Brother Rick

tim hurley - tim_hurley2003@yahoo.com
09-08-2003 17:10:56
Hey Francois! Long time no talk! Shoot me and e-mail my young brother!

wakey(Thee Transmissions) - ziggystardust71@netscape.net
09-08-2003 12:05:07
mc5 forever.. the only three bands that matter to me.. 1 mc.5 2 the stooges 3 radio birdman fred smith is my guitar hero.. city slang Rocks

Virg -
07-08-2003 05:41:11
RIP Tim Hemmersley (bassist Powdermonkeys) you will be missed

Francois H. - makemyday@free.fr
02-08-2003 10:29:46
At last, here is a link to MC5 instruments TABS starting with guitar tab for SKUNK (Sonicly Speaking)made by Oskar Thornblad: "There's a lot of people out there looking for MC5 instrument tabs so I wanna encourage people to start tabbing out the 5 as I did" Direct link to SKUNK >>> http://www.mysongbook.com/tab-tab_list-id_artist=4925.htm Home: www.mysongbook.com

tom delaney - tj1204@yahoo.com
24-07-2003 18:09:26
great site, i really enjoyed it! rock on!

Jim Tattersdale - jim.tattersdale@citysun.ac.uk
21-07-2003 15:42:15
The music of the 5' changed my life forever. Thanks

BCACTION - bcaction@EUnet.yu
19-07-2003 13:44:28
hi guys my name is branko and i'm from serbia and montenegro,i found this site today and it is awsome!STAY ALIVE WITH MC5!!!YEAH

Jens - giganticmidget@hotmail.com
09-07-2003 02:31:25
Fucking awesome site, that's all I can say...!!!

Fábio Barreto - fabiostooge@ig.com.br
20-06-2003 07:38:44
obrigado !! O melhor site do MC5 do mundo !!! sou do brasil , năo sei falar ingles .... espero que vocęs me entendam bem ! ! !! kick out the jams !!!!!

Al - gypsycowboy@hotmail.com
18-06-2003 17:55:07
I can remember when the "Kick Out the Jams" album 1st came out it was banned from record stores in Detroit.We had to go to one store that was not afraid to sell it, Radio Shack. Still laughing my ass off about that.By the time we wore our copies of the second album out, it was available only as an import from England.A local band....on import from Europe,too funny.Saw them plenty of times Outdoors and Inside and it was always the wildest of all times. Nothing ever compared.Stay Alive With The MC5!

MAKEMYDAY - makemyday@free.fr
16-06-2003 13:49:32
subject: NEW SECTION - "MC5 GEAR" ... starts with MC-5's MICHAEL DAVIS' GEAR - all about the gear that Michael used during the MC-5 days from 1965 to 1972. Michael also comments some great MC-5 LIVE SHOTS. CHECK IT AT http://makemyday.free.fr/mc5gear1.htm

C9 - craignine@msn.com
14-06-2003 18:06:38
KOTJMF!!!!! GREAT site, the MC5 rules! Unfortunately I was too young to see 'em when they were around (born in '66) but I had the pleasure of gigging w/ Michael Davis in the early '90's in LA. Now, A TRUE TESTIMONIAL needs to be shown in Detroit! When will the film come to the 5's hometown?????? Rock on, brothers! Long live the MC5! C9

Den's-Chez Grem - gremtheonlyone@netscape.net
23-05-2003 23:16:47
y faudrait qu'on se choppe pour que je t'emprunte ton maxi des backyard ou il y a powerhead parce que j'aimerai bien la reprendre ; on s'a ppelle au plus tot merci et bises a femme et enfants la denise ROCK POWAA Grem

KOTJMF - makemyday@free.fr
16-05-2003 22:20:45
... the lyrics to BORDERLINE in a couple of days on this site - lyrics section ...

13-05-2003 17:31:38
A little MC5 related news.

Remco - romeck@hetnet.nl
11-05-2003 12:27:36
Looking for the BORDERLINE lyrics!!!!

Jozef Rubenovich Rafael - Jra3eb@aol.com
06-05-2003 05:45:00
This band is really a groundbreaking band. The MC5 can be seen in many new bands out there right now, like At The Drive In, they are totally the modern MC5. Its good to know that somewhere and sometime ago there were people who knew how to really Rock & Roll. Keep Kicking out the Jams!!! ~~~~~~~

Gigi - geegw@earthlink.net
05-05-2003 08:25:53
Did anybody, besides me notice, jennifer annisten [aka rachel] wearing a MC5 t-shirt on last episde of friends? Idon't even know what to say...........................

khaack -
03-05-2003 19:28:53
I miss you Bob, you next door girl from Lincoln Park.

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mugueze - mugueze@yahoo.com
28-04-2003 15:35:07
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John Gingerich - lazydog2@earthlink.net
22-04-2003 04:53:22
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I will be selling the 1968 Amboy Dukes / MC 5 postcard (your image # http://makemyday.free.fr/68/68poster16p.jpg) on ebay in the next week or so. I picked this up way back when it was going on. I tried to get as many of each postcards and posters as I was able to put my hands on. Through the years I have given many away, but still have quite a few. Please pass on the info of the auction if you can. Thanks, John

Bill Chancey - w_chancey@hotmail.com
10-04-2003 23:29:32
I first saw the MC5 when I was seventeen years old,,,,and today I am fifty two. At this time in my life when someone comments about my not being able to hear very well,,,,I give full credit to the MC5,,,,,,,I saw the MC5 and the Ambouy Dukes ( Ted Nuggent ),,,,the same night for 5 dollars ticket price. Sure miss those days...........Does anyone from Michigan remember "Silverbell" I saw many of Michigan's now classic bands there

Personal Loans - freebies_freebies@yahoo.com
09-04-2003 13:12:42
Just surfed in and stopped by to look at your site. Nice site and very unique layout too. Best regards

Thom Roberts - thomroberts@comcast.net
04-04-2003 07:50:10
did anyone see Jennifer Aniston wearing a MC5 t shirt on Friends on April 3 2003???????? TR

Kevin Clark - pwrchord247@yahoo.com
02-04-2003 20:50:50
Just one more thing.. Here's an amusing little story I thought I'd pass along-My band was one of a few opening up for Gangwar at Merlin's in Madison Wis.I was dazzled,At last I was gonna meet two of my all-time guitar heros(don't think I wasn't sweatin' that when I played).We were between sets and Wayne Kramer shows up while Johhny Thunders slips away and he was lookin'pretty trashed.I started talking to Wayne and being pretty fucked up myself said"So what's up dude,I thought I heard something somewhere that you were all cleaned up?" He said"I was,'Til I ran into this guy"(pointing at Thunders).Funny stuff!

Kevin Clark - pwrchord247@yahoo.com
02-04-2003 20:23:18
Hey Motherfuckers, I'm another survivor and it's fuckin' great to read all this and know I'm not alone.I saw the 5 many times during my misspent youth.A few times in Madison,Wisc.,only once in Detroit and more than a few times in Rockford and Chicago Illinois.Being a hardhead from the Rustbelt..anytime I heard they were playing,I was there!I love how all of the college radio musicologists out there are always using them as a reference point w/out benefit of having ever seen them or having even a nodding(no pun intended)aquaintance w/the shit the 5 had to deal with just to play a show.The Hippies fuckin' HATED 'EM.I remember recieving many a PC lecture from friends older bros.regarding the MC5's politics,attitude,flash and panache while they listened to their groovy Savoy Brown or Moodie Blues LP's.What these clowns were missing was that the 5 were about what alot of great R&B and Rock performers had been about....giving the people a great SHOW for their hard-earned $! It's funny,I've lived all over the US since those times and I usually bumped into one or two who had seen them in their Heyday and were into the whole deal.9 times outta 10 these folks end up being good friends of mine who'll jabbber w/me endlessly about music(or ended up playing with me in one fucked up band or another).It's a good thing.......Yours,Kev P.S. A time when people actually thought for themselves..imagine that!

Jamil - jamilahsan@hotmail.com
25-03-2003 02:36:54
This is one incredible website. Deserves to be THE OFFICIAL MC5 website. Very resourceful site. Keep up the great work on it, and keeping the music alive.

Dollhouse - dollhouse_99@hotmail.com
24-03-2003 21:49:33
Hi. Damned! We had a real cool time in London thanx to you guys; FRANCOIS (love ya), ANDERS Röder, Peter, Mauro, Chris, Adrian, Boris, Nicke, Mike, Dennis, Wayne, Lemmy, Dom Philips+the film crew,Milla and all you other lovely motherfuckers. We still can`t believe it. We hope that everyone who got our single were satisfied... I know Michael was. We`ll meet soon again, Peace, Brothers and Sisters

DENNIS "MACHINE GUN" THOMPSON--MC5 - dtomich@msn.com
21-03-2003 22:14:20

Roky Erickson Sale! -
19-03-2003 17:29:02
Roky Memorabilia Sale! Also, look below this for an important message. Welcome to the first installment of Roky memorabilia sale! There will be more installments but each one will have different stuff. This is no auction but a set sale and once this stuff is gone, it’s gone. First to respond gets the stuff. Any foreign folks (except Canada) add $5.00 to the cost for shipping. These are delivered costs to you. That means that the cost of securely packing, sending Priority mail, insurance is already figured in. How this works is that, if interested, you need to contact me privately at kilohegroups@hotmail.com That’s kilohegroups @ hotmail.com. Just remove the spaces to mail. You have two weeks to have the money in my hands. I’ll then send your piece out. Two weeks goes by? It goes to the next person and you can’t waste my time on future stuff. OK, have at it! See below: STUFF: Two- Roky & Aliens press kit covers, 8.5 x 11, heavy card stock. These were covers for the first Roky Erickson solo press kit. RARE! MINT! Two color, green and bright red. These covers went on top of about twenty other pages (articles, contact information) and were bound by a plastic sleeve and slip binder. These are mint with sharp corners. Perfect for framing! They feature: Roky Erickson & the Aliens with the Gremlins logo and Craig Luckin- Management below. These are the cream of the batch! Get this, Roky signs ONE! The artist signs ONE. Roky signed his on the back! Colourez signed his on the front. These are essential and the last few examples. RARE! I had two signed by Roky. One is already sold. Only one left! Signed by Roky: $100.00 Signed by Colourez: $75.00 One- Roky & Aliens poster/handbill, 8.5 x 11, black and white on heavy card stock that’s light gray. This is mint. Corners are sharp. This is for the Longbranch Saloon, 1/30/76 gig. This has lots of weird stuff on it with bat wings, pyramids, more… Mint: $50.00 One- Roky Erickson, 8.5 x 11 promo only, ad from 1977. This is on heavy paper and advertise the Rhino, Bermuda, single and the Sponge Records EP. It also says to: “Watch for ROKY ERICKSON ’77 U.S.A. concert tour.” It has a picture of a smiling Roky and a pyramid made out of dollar bills. This copy is mint. Corners are sharp.

Nick -
18-03-2003 14:03:14
I saw th eMC% play live in London last Thursday night

Smackmadam - smackmadam@hotmail.com
17-03-2003 17:29:02
hey Friday March 21st at Jumbos 3736 third st. (detroit) Smackmadam, Diegrinder, The Leghounds and Death & Taxes.

andi - andi@stonerrock.net
16-03-2003 01:17:47
part 2 .... shakin street gotta keep moving looking at you rama lama fa fa fa sister anne (lemmy sung that and played harp!!) back in the usa tonight ramblin rose kick out the jams some sun ra and black to comm!! it sounded so cool kramer still slays on guitar and nicke was smiling so brightly all the way thru the show - probbably the greatest day of his life and one of my most exciting evnings too i mean it was one of those things you never thought they would happen (like that velvet underground reunion tour 1991) i spent a whole week on the phone to get somebody to put me on the list i´m still stunned like hey did that really happen it did and i´m so glad i had the chance to be there....

andi - andi@stonerrock.net
16-03-2003 01:16:10
i waws there and it was so awesome an uexpected dream coming true yes the levi´s thing was strange (levi´s organized the whole thing as part of the promotion for their new "vintage line") and yes it is probably against everything the band stood for- but hey, that was 30 years ago and they didn´t play for microsoft they said in the press coference that levi´s asked rhem to do it and they were like "hey cool idea let´s play together again" they were wayne kramer dennis thompson michael davis nicke hellacopter and guests on vocals ian astbury dave vanian and lemmy!!! plus the two black horn olayers from high time they played songs like: skunk high school shakin street gotta keep moving looking at you rama lama fa fa fa sister anne (lemmy sung that and played harp!!) back in the usa tonight

Boris Nicolaj Buehler - eundb.buehler@bluewin.ch
14-03-2003 03:45:52
MC5 was just CULT. I am from switzerland and I enjoyed this gig as the first one in my life! Brother Wayne and his friends make kick ass ROCK AND ROLL like no one else in this world. Use guitars to make your own REVOLUTION and keep on ROCKIN YOU DO DUDES, Where ever you are in this world! KEEP THE SPIRIT ON!!! Boris

Sean - magikbatontheory@aol.com
11-03-2003 16:54:34
The be precise, it's Oxford Street's legendary 100 Club the MC5 are playing at. And it's limited to 300 people only.

Francois H. - makemyday@free.fr
08-03-2003 14:02:51
MC5 reunion show indeed, on March 13th in London - with guests, Nick Royale from the Hellacopters, Primal Scream's singer... - Michael Davis, Dennis Thompson, Wayne Kramer, Charles Moore and Buzzy Jones will be there. And the poster to this show was designed by.... Gary Grimshaw!

andi - andi@stonerrock.net
07-03-2003 23:51:02
is it true the three living members are playing a reunion gig in london next week on 3/12 ??? i heared levi´s talked them into this to present their new "vintage line" anybody know anything about this???

rick RIECKHOFF - rrieckhoff@homeinteriors.com
04-03-2003 15:26:20
Did anyone see "BECKER" Sunday night 3/2? His secretary was wearing an MC-5 Tee shirt. It only took 35 years for prime time to acknowledge the five!!!! Brother Rick

Michael Bolan - mbolan@comcast.net
23-02-2003 21:58:56
Living in Metro Detroit would seem very chic to you MC5 fans out there. Unfortunately the film has not shown here yet and my memories from '67-'71 are the closest that I can get to sharing that experience. Does David or Laurel from Future/Now Films have a buyer for the film? If I could, I'd go to Sweden to see it but we Social Workers cannot afford the plane trip. Keep up the great work at Make My Day and all you fans keep on kickin' em out!

Topper - tutank@ofir.dk
23-02-2003 00:38:54
Im 50 years now, been playing since i was 12. I think Ive seen it all, and to me, the real rock begins with the MC 5. Shure it was a shock for all of us, because they were revolutionial ( I still am), but just to hear : I give You for testimonial, the MC 5 , stil makes the hair of my neck stand up LOL. To be honest, the MC 5 was a musical revolution, I listen to all kinds of new rock, but still, theres noone like you, MC 5. Topper from Denmark P.S. still got the original kick out the jams LP, and its as good as new

Nameser Nameser - john5john@aol.com
22-02-2003 04:23:40
Hello my friend

RICK RIECKHOFF - rrieckhoff@homeinteriors.com
11-02-2003 21:57:25

KOTJMF - makemyday@free.fr
08-02-2003 10:42:12
An MC5 discussion eGroup...? Check it at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MC5_1967 " This list group is for those people that hold the MC5 near and dear to their hearts. If you lived through the actual experience or would have liked to then this is for you. Discussion is open to ANYTHING MC5. Got real stories to tell, things MC5 related to sell or just want to hangout, then JOIN NOW and lets "Kick Out The Jams!"." KOTJMF!

fuzz -
07-02-2003 02:17:12

H.H. -
30-01-2003 11:10:41
Pretty cool showing "A true Testiomonial" at the Gothenburg film festival since Gothenburg is the Motor City of Sweden. (Home of the Volvo factories and assembly plants...) Great site BTW! Cheers...

Margaux - guitardork@hotmail.com
20-01-2003 20:38:48
This site is rad. Keep Rockin'

bob - biffboffbam@aol.com
01-01-2003 23:13:47
When might I be able to see A True Testimonial in the Seattle area?...Or could I buy it on VHS or DVD?

bob - biffboffbam@aol.com
01-01-2003 23:13:45
When might I be able to see A True Testimonial in the Seattle area?...Or could I buy it on VHS or DVD?

28-12-2002 01:07:38
MC5 A True Testimonial to be shown at the 26th Göteborg Film Festival Göteborg, Sweden January 24 - February 3, 2003.

kris and kristina dorris -
27-12-2002 23:42:20
black to com motherfucker!

Eric - erpouille@yahoo.fr
24-12-2002 16:21:20
La compilation des posters est géniale. Bill Allerton, you're the rock n roll business intelligence. Eric "Holy Curse"

Kacey -
21-12-2002 07:47:32
I found this old MC5 record in my basement and It really got me curious so i dug out the record player and I put it on...All's I can say I WOW... the stuff my friends listen to is crap compared to this!(I'm Thirteen) I can't wait till this movie hits the box office... They sure don't tell you about how the government really is in school... THANK YOU MC5 FOR OPENING MY EYES! KICK OUT THE JAMS MUTHAF*CKAS

Eric Ehrmann - Dongonzo@hotmail.com
10-12-2002 06:11:55
I've been wondering for some time now why some of the characters in Elmore Leonard's "Freaky Deek" bear a striking resemblance to Grande Ballroom owner Russ Gibb, and a band and roadies reminiscent of the 5. Any thoughts?

Gerb - mbassenmacher@hotmail.com
09-12-2002 20:03:21
I dig all the people out there who are actin' as part of the solution to all the rich-ass honky shit that's been polluting our great country. Down with the creeps. It’s all about freedom. I also really can’t stand it when we get these crackpot psychopaths, attacking our country, demanding freedom ‘cause they’re jealous of what we’ve got, and they’re pushin’ all their shit on us. We need a music REVOLUTION!!!

J.T. -
21-11-2002 14:47:23
So great to see a website that's full of so many wonder people in a good vibe you know....can't wait till this movie cracks the fucking BOX OFFICE....there are so many people walking around clueless right now with all of this popular dreadful "NOW" music (rock, rap & soul music)....Yep, selling themselves to the highest bitter....but I guess you can't blame them, when your at least 14 or 18 yrs. of age fresh out of STAR SEARCH getting handed $50,000,000, a $80,000 Benz, a $10,000,000 home with a make-shift bar, some prostetic girls and multi-color "flavored" condoms I guess your mouth starts to water too.....I don't know, I'm in a band myself and I manage to hold down a gravy job, I don't know how I can do it sometimes without going crazy but I do it....my point being...stay true to yourself because, and I hope that some here knows what I am talkin' about, that when FATE finnaly realises your dreams and success, take a page out of the MC5 handbook: "ARE YOU GOING TO BE THE PROBLEM, OR ARE YOU GOING TO BE THE SOLUTION"....stay true to yourself & remember where you came from, no matter what anyone tries to tell you, because when it all comes down to it...at the end of the day...when the upward becomes tilt the whirl down and your lying in a pool of your own BILE that you created, the only person to blame is yourself....LONG LIVE THE MC5 & GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.....THANKS.....KOTJM!!!!!!

Guil Bonstein - guilbon@bezeqint.net
19-10-2002 21:24:47
Can't forget their show at the Bataclan in Paris , Nov 29 1972 .It was organised by french Tv (!!!) for tv show "POP 2" and this music tv show was based on Live stuff only . So for 5 francs (!)I ve seen so many great artists and bands at that time .But the MC5 concert was one of the best in my life and I've seen hundreds of concerts . It began 4 hours late ( borders pbls ), the venue was invaded by bikers and outside, hundreds gathered trying to get in , the vibes were over heated , the band came on stage in a fury , mostly unbelievable wall of sounds and noise and then it was total anarchy and disorders in the Venue . Fights erupted between bikers and at some point their was some clash with the band too , the crowd ran outside the venue and the disorders continued outside as the French CRS ( heavy armed Police squads ) chase us too . For the first time in my life I had a policeman in full gear runing behind me with his baton and man I just never run so fast direct into the Metro entrance , really feeling his breath behind me . Yeah , heavy heavy experience . From this concert I really love and miss so much this band . I will be happy if you can recommend me their best live recording and maybe their best LIVE video . Guil - Tel Aviv

Yoda - dollhouse_99@hotmail.com
14-10-2002 00:18:30
Just have to say that MC5 really helps me get up in the morning... I tried with another band today when I had to get up from my bed, but it didn´t work at all... when I heard Ramalama blast it´s way through my speakers I went wild! I ran all the way down to the studio where we´re recording our new 7" (out late nov / early dec ´02)!! Ramalama fa fa fa!!!

Mike Snow - miketsnow@earthlink.net
10-10-2002 08:10:57

A Square 333 - makemyday@free.fr
09-10-2002 11:20:22

aramu -
28-09-2002 12:24:38
If MC5 would still be with us, they would be the "terrorists" who are enemy of the USA. We must get out these bastards, capitalism doesnt work well. No more war. Just one war: against establishment. GORA ETA

Hurlco -
24-09-2002 08:14:49
Rob & Sonic.....Wish you were here!

Hurlco -
24-09-2002 08:13:47
Congratulations to Wayne, Mike & Uncle Machine Gun on their nomination to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame! Bout' time! Rama Lama! Hurley Brothers Detroit, Michigan

Leonardo Valvassori - leo61@sympatico.ca
14-09-2002 05:41:30
Having attended the midnite screening of a True Testimonial at the Toronto International Film Festival I must testify: This is the first rock and roll movie that I felt was honest, candid, and intimate. The editing was absaloultly the best editing I have ever seen. I can only hope that the film gets a chance to be seen by all MC-5 fans,and hopefully, by the hungry masses of children raised in the corporate rock teet; to witness such fucking balls given the times, and to actually PLAY incredible rock and roll--oh my fuck were they good--before all the templates were distilled and the origins rock music forgotten...shit, just being in the room with Dennis Thompson and witnessing the depth of emotion that such a deep commitment to his art(devotion some call it)created in him. Some one has got toget Dennis out on the road again... I have been truly rivited by the heat these guys could generate...to end; the film don't lie brother--one of the best nights I've had in years and made me feel so connected again to a place that now seems halcyon yet resonates forbodingly with our current times...kudo's and my deepest respect and admiration to the remianing memebers of the MC-5, and vibes out to Rob and Fred...ciao fer now...

12-09-2002 02:51:35

A Square 333 - makemyday@free.fr
08-09-2002 00:32:18
Hi Tim - render unto Detroiters that which is Detroiters'! By the way, see below the new MC5 stuff to come, that's for you Detroiters and all MC5 fans. First i must admit that the little one is currently taking up a lot of my time indeed... you are totally right!!! Anyway, i wish to thank all our visitors for their support and kind words and i invite you all to keep an eye on the updates because one of the next MC5 webpage to come from this site will be called "THE LEGENDS OF THE MC5" - or - quotes from people who were where the action was back in those days. If you ever attended an MC5 show FEEL FREE TO TESTIFY! Ready to testify? use our website's email address: makemyday@free.fr. "THE LEGENDS OF THE MC5" is actually as big as the "MC5 TIMELINE" page and both sections will be greatly improved as time goes by. Don't miss THE LEGENDS OF THE MC5! On line in a few months. Each contributor could see his/her credits added to THE LEGENDS... Meanwhile we keep on spreading the greatness of our rock and roll gods - the MC5.

Detroit Tim -
07-09-2002 04:56:07
Bro Francois, wasssup? long time no rave. I trust the little one is a block off the ol' chip anyhoo How come those gay blad dickheads are'nt going to premeir the MC5 film in Detroit where it FUCKING BELONGS!

crawford smith - framed@gmx.net
06-09-2002 22:01:13
Stunning website, what a work has been put in. The MC5 deserve your efforts, in spite of the passing of Rob and Fred the music of the MC5 will never die, its right at the heart of American rock n roll with James Brown and Little Richard. Greetings from Switzerland

eduardo - ekubrick@bol.com.br
06-09-2002 00:06:01
mc5 one of the bests bands of all time

MOJICA - mojicaband@hotmail.com
27-08-2002 04:58:22
I'm ready to testify,if I already have'nt. Keep on rockin'.

K.R. - voodoo743@hotmail.com
26-08-2002 22:38:37
We just saw the opening of the MC5 True Testimonial at the Chicago Underground Film Festival, all I can say is that it blew me away. The music is so powerful but watching it visually led to a whole new experience. Cannot wait till it comes to Detroit it's gonna be killer, there will be riots in the streets. It has made a huge impact on us. Stay alive with the "5".

Chris Middleman - burdenhand@aol.com
13-08-2002 03:22:04
Great site...thanks for keeping the flame burning.

Jesus - josu_olano@hotmail.com
06-08-2002 19:10:00
Re: The Oracle Ramus. I think the message posted in the Brother Wayne Kramer site was just an hoax, sadly. Last time anybody heard about Jesse Crawford? It is true the FBI being once under him? Jesse, we need to hear your testimonio again!!!

A Square 333 - makemyday@free.fr
27-07-2002 18:07:21
Brother J.C. Crawford seems to be alive and well. He recently posted a message on Wayne Kramer's board. Just an hoax? i don't know. Check it out at waynekramer.com. Anyway, Brother J.C. if you come to visit these pages please contact us! KOTJ!!!

Josu - josu_olano@hotmail.com
19-07-2002 18:39:29
Where is Brother J.C. Crawford?

wakey(thee transmissions) - ziggystardust71@netscape.net
03-07-2002 17:59:37
massive mc5/stooges/radio birdman freak...... are band thee transmissions are just finishing off are new cd for laughing outlaw records. this will contain our version of looking at you,fast mad and fuzz on frenzy. our last 12"glass flowers ep is still avalible from www.fairmountgas.co.uk thanks for reading this and all the best from the lads from england....... WAKEY.

the holc! - eyesopen2000@aol.com
30-06-2002 07:52:01
amen! i d unt the mc5 as the mc5 des unt me! wayne kramer rcks my scks!!! (my _ key is stuck) i love you soul brother amen

dennisfisher - defish@worldnet.att.net
29-06-2002 23:26:16
Where's that fuckin' movie about the 5 ?

Tom(The Kingsnakes) - deltavibe@hotmail.com
25-06-2002 03:57:27
Real Detroit rock and roll Lives. The MC5 are the greatest of all time. Dennis(if you look at this page) hope you liked the backyard jam. Fly your flags and jam the 5 as loud as you can!

Tommy D. - thekingsnakes@hotmail.com
25-06-2002 03:56:48
F'n awesome is all I can say. I hope we can live up to this Detroit R'n'R tradition. www.thekingsnakes.com

Tommy D. - thekingsnakes@hotmail.com
25-06-2002 03:56:27
F'n awesome is all I can say. I hope we can live up to this Detroit R'n'R tradition.

Mihaliz Lavdas - mihalizhellaholic@yahoo.gr
24-06-2002 21:35:20
Fantastic site!!!!

A Square 333 - makemyday@free.fr
21-06-2002 23:55:46
Hello Jon, Here are Wayne Kramer's own words as i once asked him the same question a few times ago - "...FOR REHEARSALS AND RECORDING SESSIONS WE USED FENDER GEAR. I USED A FENDER 60 WATT SUPER REVERB ON MOST OF BACK IN THE USA AND HIGH TIME." ... and as far as i am concerned i always (and still) revered Fender amps, especially the Twin Reverb Thanks for visiting this site! Keep on testifying!

Jonathan - sonofman@ican.net
21-06-2002 21:12:06
I know that Wayne and Fred used Marshalls live but I'm listening to High Time and it really sounds like Fender blackface Super Reverbs. Does anybody know what they used on High Time and Back In The Usa. The tone is amazing

Ivan - Ivan047@aol.com
21-06-2002 05:28:22
Thanks for the video clips. There are lots of people who remember MC5 here in Flint, Michigan

Stewart - Stewpooh@aol.com
17-06-2002 05:20:14
First of all, the MC5 are one of the greatest, and most unrecognized, american bands of the late twentieth century. I do have a question if anybody will read this and respond. The MC5, motor city five, were the only band to play the '68 democratic convention. The seven people who organized the protest, and who were consequentely arrested were known as the Chicago seven, C7. Is this just a coincidence or were they named in the style of the greatest and only band with the balls to play such a revolutionary set? let me know if you have any insight. otherwise, kick out the jams muthafuckas!!!!

WoodenMike - williedogproductions@lasal.net
13-06-2002 17:54:14
At 16, I bought "Kick Out the Jams" at the Woolworth's in Crystal Lake, Illinois. (1970) I went on to do a stint with a San Francisco punk band in '79 and became a rock critc for a few years after. Maybe it's time I plugged in the old Gibson and kick out a few jams of my own, eh? Damn those in our government trying to undermine the U.S. Constitution. Be a part of the solution! Let FREEDOM RING. A deciple for life. Amen

danielle - talkinsmack420@hotmail.com
10-06-2002 21:00:27
rock the fuck on.

Johan - j.forsberg@telia.com
09-06-2002 19:55:37
Visit www.tennesseebeats.com for new Oslo rock!

Mark Smith - mjsrun@hotmail.com
06-06-2002 05:19:13
I just wanted to say that it is a tribute to the 5 and I really want to thank all of you for putting this website together. I have enjoyed renewing my former enthusiasm about this group. I live in Seattle and am from Birmingham, Mi. where I grew up with the 5, The dukes, Seger, SRC. and of course Iggy and Alice. What would it have been like in Michigan without the contributions of these fine artists. I will never be able to repeat the energy these bands created for all of us. The energy is still never been equaled and may never again be equaled. I attended the one and only concert in 1970 with the 5, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, and Lee Michaels. There never was a more killer show in my mind than this one. I went to many. When I look back it is hard to imagine as a youth that we had such a variety of culture and music to love and enjoy. I keep waiting for others to light my fire such as the 5 did for me. I loved the free concerts at Huron High. Free concerts now days are not heard of. It was something to be a part of the 5th estate era of reading. I still have some of my things from that era. Not much left. These were the best years of my life without question. I just wanted to pass this on as a reminder to those who went to the work of creating this website. I made thousands of friends during these days. Wish I could still make thousands of friends these days. Sometimes it is hard making 1. Especially when we were all brothers and sisters. As Rob would say, Let me hear a little noise out there. Are you going to be the problem or are you going to be the solution. You must choose brother you must choose. I give you a testimonial the MC5....... Peace and Love from a brother Keep me on your roster for further mailings. I did not get to hear John Sinclair last year in Seattle. I did a whole lot of thinking about it while he was here doing a book review.

Brian J. Bowe - brianjbowe@yahoo.com
04-06-2002 21:52:47
John Sinclair and His Saugatuck Blues Scholars are ready to pitch a literary wang dang doodle all over West Michigan in June. The Scholars -- which feature all three members of post-punk pioneer power trio Squarefoot and Rick Slachta from The Blindsiders -- will back up ex-MC5 manager Sinclair for a pair of dates. Here's where you can catch them. -- Thursday, June 6 at the Intersection in Easttown Grand Rapids, wsg. Squarefoot & The Nastys. Doors open at 8 pm, show at 9:30 pm. 18+ welcome, 6 cover, +$2 for minors.
-- Saturday, June 8 at The Sand Bar Saloon, 141 Butler St., Saugatuck Mich. No cover, 21+ This date is the same weekend as Saugatuck's Waterfront Film Festival, one of the Midwest's premier celebrations of independent film. It should be an all-around great time! Also, on Friday, June 7 Sinclair will sit in with Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun at the Rosebud in Grand Haven. This date doesn't feature the Saugatuck Blues Scholars, but will provide a rare opportunity to see two Michigan legends together. For more information, check out the Saugatuck Blues Scholars Web site at http://www.geocities.com/brianjbowe/sinclair.html


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