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Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)
by Fred Smith
I punched and hit it , trying to get it / To do what I wanted to do / I cried and scream when I saw my dream / It was dancing all around the room / Oh baby , I sing my song / I just couldn't wait for you / Energy, energy, played its trick / And I knew what I had to do / Baby baby that's no lie / Baby baby don't ask me whyMC5 live
Take it, bake it, break it up / Build it back together again / I'm trying to drive you / Tying it off, then take where it's never been/ Sing it lewd, Try it in the nude, Try it standing on your head / Shake it, Fake it, crash it off / Now bring it on home to bed / Baby baby that's no lie / You sure find friends when your friends find time /
Flying, soaring, topping it off / Riding on the crest of a wave / Power abounding as the music surrounds you / Sonically lighting your way / Oh baby, off we go / Heading for a brand new place / The song's been sung, the deed's been done / Staring you right in the face / Baby, baby watch your step / You know you really ain't seen nothing yet

Thanks - Ken & Anders Röder and Margaret Saadi Kramer - February 22, 2005